10 PAWliday Gifts for your Pooch

The holiday season is approaching – Christmas and winter fun is on the cards. Pamper your pooch with a pawsome gift this holiday season.


We love to pamper our pooches with love. Though there’s no substitute for love, a little indulgence in few gifts won’t be a bad idea after all. Here are a few gift ideas for your pooch:


untitled-301. GPS Pet Tracker: Get your pet’s location and activity sent right on your phone…you can keep a tab on him any time.


2. LED Dog Ball: Let your dog play with his illuminated ball in dark.


3. Bungee Ball: Keep your pooch occupied and happy for long.


untitled-314. Auto Refilling Dog Bowl: Your pet will never be thirsty even when you are away for hours.


5. Dog Puzzle: Keep your dog engaged for hours.


6. Indestructible Dog Toys: Let him play without worrying about ragged edges or tear.


7. Fancy Dog Collar: Accessorise your pet with a fancy dog collar.untitled-32




8. Treat Ball: Keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated with this treat ball.


9. Dog Peek Window: Make a pet-friendly window in your yard so that your pet can see at the other side.


3310. Dog booties: Protect your dog’s feet with these booties.