Alone Again!

Dogs are abandoned due to various reasons by their pet parents, some common reasons for abandonment are: I am relocating to another country; 001we are shifting to an apartment/area, which does not allow dogs; the dog has behavioural problems; the puppy was bought home because the children wanted him and now they have lost interest; the puppy is giving trouble, he is biting, jumping, making a big mess in the house; my schedule is very busy, I don’t have time for my pup/dog; I have to walk my dog everyday, which is exhausting; my spouse does not like my dog; my parents are objecting; my dog has a disease and he cannot be cured; my dog is old and I want to get a new pup; I am having a baby, I have to let my dog go; I cannot afford my dog anymore, it is too expensive; etc.

The list is endless. The abandoned dog sits waiting to find lost love, but only a few are rehomed and lucky to find loving families. The setbacks that the dog/puppy suffer emotionally and psychologically are immense – if suffering from a disease/old age, the dog loses his will to live. In the hour of need, apart from medical attention and care, all they need is the loving arms of their family and home.

One dog named Tomy was abandoned by his pet parents in their house in Kerala. It so happened that the family suffered losses in the business and they shifted their base, leaving behind Tomy. It has been almost three and a half years and Tomy is still waiting for his parents to return. That’s how a loving pooch is…whose love for his master doesn’t dwindle even if the master stops caring.

We all should remember that dogs are our responsibility and when we bring home a dog, we bring home a bundle of joy, a commitment and ofcourse unconditional love. We owe it to him that we will take care of him in health, sickness and in old age, when he needs us the most. Also training your pup from day one to be a part of your family is vital, which helps in avoiding behavioural problems later in life.

So, to welcome new puppies for the right reason, commitment, love and responsibility, we bring here a Playful Puppy Special, with a hope that it will help you bring home a perfect puppy, one who will be loved and who will love you in return. Sparkle wishes you all Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year, do take great care of your bundle of joy, baby, family and friend…forever.

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