ARF: Supporting the animal welfare organisations

A major obstacle in running an animal welfare organisation is the lack of funds. To address this need, Animal Rights Fund (ARF) collects funds to support such NGOs.

Incident that changed life…

Twenty-seven years back (1982), one bright morning while reading my newspaper; I heard a crow’s cry. I saw a crow crying in vain to free itself. It was entangled in a thread (coated with glass powder – manja) of a kite on a coconut tree. My sister immediately called an Animal welfare NGO (Cartman), who came and rescued the crow. The joy of seeing the bird free triggered me to start working for animals and birds. This is how my journey for Animal Rights Fund started.

Animal Rights Fund…

Apart from concentrating on my career I also started working as a volunteer in different AWOs (animal welfare organisations) in Bangalore. We realised that AWOs faced acute shortage of funds. Thus, Animal Rights Fund organisation was set up in 1999 to collect funds to support other animal welfare organisations. We wanted to become the nodal agency and make sure that all animal causes got adequate fund, food and medicines from ARF. Over time, our involvement spread to include myriad activities relating to ensuring rights of animals; rest is history.

At that time, BBMP would catch and electrocute street dogs and puppies mercilessly. We managed to get the BBMP to stop merciless killing of street dogs and started ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme to control street dog population in Bangalore. In 2007, we switched to CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release) technique from ABC. CNVR is humane, safe, simple, friendly and effective. Street dogs are released on the same day.

Activities a ARF…

ARF has an ‘Animal Helpline’ between 8 AM to 4 PM which treats sick and injured street animals. We also promote veganism, fight legal battles for animal causes, and last but not the least—ARF is also going to start a disaster management programme for helping animals in disaster: this involves wild animal rehabilitation and gene bank management. Vaccination camps and free check up camps for large animals (cattle, horse, etc) are held in rural areas of Hubli – Dharwad.

We also carry out Awareness building and Educational programs on animal behaviour in rural areas. We have successfully opened many branches all over India with more than 100 employees working for the cause of animals.

ARF accolades…

ARF has been fighting legal battles for animals. In our first case, we got a ban order for five animals in circus from the Supreme Court. Besides, High Court of Karnataka has given out the order of prohibition of camels in Karnataka. Apart from these, we have also won in three dog cases in High Court of Karnataka.

Challenges faced…

First and foremost, it has always been a difficult hunt to find motivated staff to work. Also, rescuing animals like camels, cattle, etc slated for slaughter created threat for the ARF team. It’s a big struggle to fight for animals. Besides, funds are also one of our main problems.

Incident that touched my heart…

Recently we found one abandoned six-year-old pedigreed dog. We took the dog for rehabilitation but the dog stopped taking food, water and was not responding to medicine too, as she was missing her master. As per our observation, the dog tried to harm herself by hitting herself hard against the kennel walls. The entire ARF team tried to save the dog, but we were not successful.

Motivation to keep going…

My love for animals and birds has always been the force to keep me going. The gory fact behind dairy and leather industry converted me to a vegan. I would like to conclude by saying that be kind to animals, birds and all other living beings and follow veganism. For more info, visit:

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