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Ask the Expert/July-Aug 2004

Q : My 2-year-old pet is itching very badly and is not even able to sleep well. Please help.

Dr. Rana : Itching is the most common reason for pets visiting a veterinary clinic. There can be many reasons for itching, since itching in itself is not a disease, but only a symptom of an underlying cause. One will have to systematically approach to solve this problem. Check for fleas, ticks and lice. The saliva of a flea is very irritating to your petÕs skin, causing skin infection, superficial and deep bacterial infections. Skin mites too play a major role in giving your pet sleepless nights. Allergy to perfectly natural environmental components such as grass, plants or even to foods causes itching skin. Let your vet diagnose the cause and then treat the pet accordingly. A piece of advice – be patient for it may take a while for your vet to find the cause.

Q : Why does my dog vomit whenever I take him in a car?

Dr. Rana : Vomiting and dribbling is a sign of motion sickness. This is quiet common in young pups. If you expose your pet to frequent and short car journeys, their balance mechanism evolves to cope with this type of motion. Sometimes, in stubborn car sick cases, you might have to give your pet an anti-vomiting pill.

Q : My dogÕs name is Jinny, who is a 9 month old Dalmatian male. Jinny gets aggressive with other dogs. How do I solve this problem?

Mr. Bhatt : The above problem shows that your dog is a dominant nature male and wants to show his superiority by showing aggression to other dogs. Also, at the age of 9 months, the male hormones starts producing, which naturally makes a dog more dominant. You need to establish proper control by training and simultaneously start socialising him with other dogs and animals

Q : My dog Sparkle, a 5 month old Springer Spaniel, obeys sit and stay commands but does not responds to ÔcomeÕ.

Mr. Bhatt : Come is the top command in training. Make your dog understand the command ÔcomeÕ and make your dog feel great by giving him a treat or a toy to play, every time he obeys it. This would help your dog to understand the meaning of ÔcomeÕ. Only once he will understand the come command, it is then that you can force him to come to you even when he is not willing.

Q : Does dry nose mean my dog has fever?

Dr. Rana : IÕve had patients coming with wet noses showing 106oF temperature while some, having dry nose showing perfectly normal temperature, so what does it means – NOTHING! The state of the nose depends upon what a dog is doing or has recently been doing as well as the climate. Sleeping dogs generally have dry noses and while exercising, their noses are usually wet. Wet nose is useful because scent molecules are trapped in moisture, enhancing the animals scenting ability. If the pet has fever, you should rather rely on symptoms like lower levels of energy and appetite rather than the nose.

Q : When I enter my house, my dog Commando, a German Shepard, greets me with a jump. How do I solve it?

Mr. Bhatt : This is a common problem with all dogs. Being a member of the pack, a dog gets excited with some expectations, seeing the members of the pack returning home. This habit starts when the dog best cheap laptops under 2000 dollars is a pup or 6-10 weeks of age. We encourage this habit by praising/showing affection to a pup. When the same pup grows, this becomes a problem. To solve this, surprise your dog by pushing him away effectively and at the same time giving him a treat with a sit command. In a few days time, your dog will understand to greet you with a ÔsitÕ command and expect a treat. Use this from day one when the pup comes home.

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