Ask the Expert..Mar-April 06

Q?:?I noticed my dog uncomfortable and rubbing his backside on the floor. Why does this problem occur and how do I solve it?
–?Sarika, Bangalore

Dr. Umesh?:?Considering the symptom, he seems to be suffering from anal sac disease. The anal sacs are located on either side of the anus and connected to anus by means of small canals or ducts. These sacs produce and store dark, foul smelling fluid (organs that a skunk has, to scare away its enemies). If the anal sac aren’t emptied properly, the fluid builds up, solidifies, and becomes infected or impacted causing irritation to the dog. Scooting or dragging his bottom on the floor could be a first sign of this problem. Therefore the treatment is to express (squeeze out) the sacs and clean out the solidified material. If anal sacs are infected or has developed abscess, antibiotics or surgical draining may be required. Regular examination or cleaning of anal sacs can prevent recurrence. Please take him to your vet for examination to identify underlying causes (anal sacs or rectal diseases or parasites).

Q?:?I want to keep a female dog. Please advise what care and management should be taken to prevent unwanted pregnancies?