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Nafisa Ali

Former Miss India, national swimming champion, socialite, model, actress, social worker and….yes, a dog lover! Dogs & Pups met Nafisa Ali who is also the wife of celebrity polo player Pickles Sodhi. Nafisa has been a dog and nature lover all her life. Quite like she says, “I grew up amidst animals,” “From the earliest […]

Games 4 paws 2 play

Here are some games that paws would love to play! The fun moments spent with your pet would bring the two of you closer and establish a lasting bond. Find a treat: Teach your dog to look for his treats. Once he finds them, he sure will love it! You can also do this when […]

Teaming up with your dog

Here’s good news for all those who are looking for fun and excitement with your pet dog as a team. Team up and enter the world of obedience and agility. Relationship with one’s pet is taking new dimensions and a partnership team is emerging. Working dogs, such as sheepdogs, guide dogs and sniffer dogs have […]

Whose fault is it anyway?

Getting a dog home is only half the work done; you have to get to know them better and train them to lead a happy life. Only then will you be able to do justice to the relationship and enjoy your four-legged companion – who is the best friend one can have. Dr. Aradhana Pandey […]

For the pawfect million dollar smile

Canine dental care is often overlooked, but pets can suffer the same kinds of dental problems as humans, including severe pain, infection and tooth loss. You can help prevent these problems by learning about the basics of pet tooth care from your veterinarian. You should take advantage of recent advances in veterinary dentistry, including implants, […]

Winter warmth for the wet nose!

Winters can badly affect dogs if they are not properly cared. Some tips to keep your pets warm in winters. There are many signs in the air that tell you that winters are setting in. But for me personally—as with all the others who have dogs at home—the clearest sign of the onset of winters […]

Dalmatians:sporting the spots beautifully!

What does the word Dalmatian brings to your mind? A beautiful, friendly white dog with black patches, the hero of the popular Disney movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ and its sequel ‘102 Dalmatians’. All those who love dogs would remember watching and enjoying the movie ‘101 Dalmatians’ and obviously, all of you would have fallen in love […]

Happy New Year

First things first, and the first item on my agenda is to wish every reader a Very Happy New Year.  May the days ahead abound in happiness and a sense of achievement. To our readers, it goes without saying that you love dogs and are most likely to have one as a pet at home. […]

Dogs and Pups, November December 2004 Issue

Pick among many veritable genuine Happy New Year quotes, new year wallpapers , new year welcome wishes and Top 51 New Year’s sms and parcel more. so what are you sitting tight for simply check what you need to wish your loved ones Editorial Breed Profile Crackers!!! Too noisy…for pets Celebrating festivals safely with your […]

Ask the Expert/Nov-Dec 2004

Dr. Pradeep Rana is a well-renowned vet in Delhi. He has his veterinary degree from College of Vet Sciences, Hebbal, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. He is an expert in solving queries and curing pets. Dr. Umesh (MVSc, MSc (UK)) is a Postgraduate in Clinical Medicine. He has been a lecturer in clinical medicine at […]