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Infant puppy care

It is a pathetic situation to see puppies dying without reason after prolonged stressful management of breeding and whelping. To avoid such a mishap, here are tips to ensure that your puppy leads a long and healthy life.   Understanding of development of body and its function during early infant period of puppy is essential […]

Grooming your lil’ tail wagger

Your pup looks cute and adorable and you will go to any extent to keep him that way. Regular grooming will not only keep them neat and tidy but will also keep them healthy. Bringing home a puppy means different things to different people. Along with all the laughter and joy that a new puppy’s […]

Toilet training for your dog

Nicole Mackie brings an easy method of toilet training, which is sometimes called house, or potty training your dog and can be taught to puppies or dogs of any age. Of course, the sooner the toilet training process is taught, the better for everyone.   You can start this training the moment your puppy or […]

Puppy training made fun

A well behaved dog and a happy owner make a perfect combination. Behaviour and training always go together. Training always leads you to understand your dog and also helps you communicate better with him.   Apuppy’s first day at home is very exciting. But after a few days of excitement and joy, starts the actual […]

Petcare for your pup

Just as with humans, the environment in which a puppy is raised, influences her behaviour in adult life. The early socialisation period, is very short lasting for only few months. During this time, puppies learn how to behave with other dogs and humans. Four to eight weeks is a tender age for pups and special […]

Protecting your pooch from diseases

Puppies are hard to resist. Once you have got your new pooch home, it is vital to take care of his health-related issues. Dr. Deepa Katyal gives an overview of these important issues. Protecting your puppy: Love’s not enough. Your puppy needs a preventive health care program, too. Every new puppy faces a variety of […]

Guide to selecting your puppy

Whether you have decided to bring home a mongrel or a pedigree dog, few things should be kept in mind. Yashodhara Hemchandra of Yashbans Kennels gives tips on getting your best friend.   There is no better joy or happiness (other than your kids, of course) like having a pet at home. You can laugh […]

Getting ready for the new family member

Keeping a pup is a responsible job, almost as responsible as having one’s own baby, if not more. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure you are getting the four-legged creatures home for all the right reasons, with all the commitment that they deserve — and more!!! It’s a wonderful feeling to get a pup […]


Dreams often come true, simply go ahead and chase them – you might just catch one some day! Nostalgia overwhelms me as I review the past 12 months. I dared to dream and the 6 issues of ‘Dogs & Pups’ that lie on my table, prove that the dream has turned into reality. Calls for […]

In Memory of the beautiful Bark

There is no pain in the world as that of losing the one you love. I still remember the day when I lost my dog to an illness and it felt like every ounce of life had ebbed out of our lives. Nothing seemed to hold any interest anymore, and I had withdrawn myself from […]