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A Dog’s Life, permanent shelter in the drain, Lynn de Souza

Till now…?Moti, a stray dog was picked by Golu from his littermates and lands up in building ’Brindavan’. Here, he meets Tiger (another dog), Harichander (the watchman) and kind-hearted Pinto girl. During one of his puppy adventures, his hind leg gets injured. Moti is abandoned as nobody wants him in Brindavan. He becomes a stray […]


Rule 1 – Training starts on day one Since dogs aren’t born fully trained, your puppy will be looking to you for guidance. Good training plays a big role in ensuring a happy and successful relationship between you and your dog. Through puppy care and training, your dog will learn to understand what his human […]

Atul Wassan

Mr. Atul Wassan – entrepreneur, cricketer, doting father, anchor, editor and Dog Lover! Atul is easily one of the most recognized persons around today. Simple yet stylish, friendly but packs a serious punch wherever he goes, Atul loves his dog and still finds time for him amidst all social, business and family time that fill […]

CUPA: where compassion becomes the passion

Betsy is a one-year old Cocker Spaniel dog rescued by Compassion Unlimited Plus Action?(CUPA). You will be mesmerised if you look into her eyes. She is a friendly dog and loves people, especially children. Raja is a one and half year old black Pomeranian dog at CUPA. He loves to play. These are just two […]

Wockhardt:keeping ahead of times

Wockhardt Limited today is among India’s top research and technology oriented pharmaceutical companies, with a global presence. Meet Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Director of Animal Health, Administration Division and Mother & Child care at Wockhardt. Wockhardt is amongst the 50 most valuable companies in India. It has an employee strength of 2700 people. Established nearly four […]

De-stressing your dog

It may come as a surprise for some of you to know that dogs, just like humans, also get stressed out. They too need to be rejuvenated. A simple T-touch, a Kong or making him yawn, can do wonders to your stressed out dog. Read on to know more about these simple calming techniques. – […]

Paws to tango

Put on your dancing shoes, match your steps with the paws, twirl for fun, sing to the tune, share the spotlight, wear snazzy outfits and dance along……..dance lil doggy, dance!!!!!! A Dance Party, with a difference. If this doesn’t get your feet tapping think about the venue – the party is in full swing, the […]

Celebrating festivals safely with your dog

I have always been a die-hard fan of festivals. They add colours to our otherwise grey and drab lives. My countdown actually begins days before the actual festival, and my shopping list comes out with ferocious intensity, as I tick off items like crackers, sweets, candles, cakes, decoration items etc. I always presumed that my […]

Crackers!!! Too noisy…for pets

It’s festival time and the most dreaded time for animals. If given a choice, all the animals, mainly dogs and horses, would like to migrate out of India during this time. Dr. Milind Hatekar gives some guidelines to help your pets through difficult time. Festivals are so often celebrated with crackers and loud speakers without […]