My Best Friend

In our quirky new section, witty kids and their equally smart dogs share their eccentricities. Join us kids to tell everyone why you are so happy with your buddy, confirming our doubts of being Pawsitively Pawkids.

‘My Best Friend’
A dog loves one,
Without asking questions
Without wanting an explanation.
I can talk, talk and talk,
He listens, listens and listens.

A friend listens and loves,
But also wants to question,
It’s a matter of give and take,
One has to do something, For each other.

We need both-
One to give solutions, To think and to reason
To support and help, This is my friend.

But we need a dog, To give solace –
Someone, whom we know,
Who will just love and love,
Slurp! Lick! Jump! Wag!
– Vrinda Sant, Delhi

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