Cat Food

Diet chart for an adult kitty

As cats are natural carnivores and are unlikely to willingly forego meat from their diet, it is advisable not to feed cat on vegetarian diet alone. In addition to Taurine, Arachidonic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Thiamin and protein are the critical nutrients that should be ensured at adequate level in the diet of cat. Whilst cats may enjoy certain plant foods, vegetarian diets high in fibre and polyunsaturated fatty acids may be detrimental to a cat’s health. High fibre Cat food can fill the cat’s digestive system without providing the necessary nutrients in sufficient concentrations. Following is the diet chart for an adult cat

Liver 50 g
Milk 100 ml
Fish 50
Chicken/Beef 150 g
Rice 50
Vitamin A, D & B complex +
Minerals +
Salt iodized 1 g
Taurine +
Dr. V. Balakrishnan

Diet for your senior kitty

As our cats get older, it is very important to provide them with a good and healthy diet. Here are a few tips to choose the best diet for your ageing kitty.

Good feeding plan. Setting a good feeding plan throughout their lives is the best way to maintain a happy and healthy cat who lives a happy and fit old age.

  • Choose high quality food designed for senior cats. As cats get older they are far less active and their energy decreases so they do not require the same amount of food that they needed when they were younger. Some fat is needed in the diet but this should be reduced although not totally cut out. Senior cat food takes this into consideration and provides them with the vitamins, nutrients and fat that they require.
  • Always choose food that your cat eats and enjoys. As they get older cats often lose some of their teeth and their gums may not be quite as strong and healthy as when they were younger. So, choose a diet which they can eat properly.
  • Give protein to maintain their muscle tone and immune system. Beef, poultry, fish or lamb is preferable and better than protein from sources such as wheat or corn. A cat’s system can use meat-based protein far better than plant-based protein. Approximately one-thirds of the diet should be made up of meat-based food and therefore also provide about one-thirds of their required calories.
  • Provide two or three small meals a day for a senior cat than one large meal. If you are using canned food, always remove the uneaten portion after 30 minutes to prevent the food from spoiling. Some cats, who are not inclined to be obese, can be given a little food to nibble on during the day. If you have younger cats in the house it might be wise to feed your senior animals away so that the younger animals cannot reach it.
  • No to treats and table scraps. It is not a good idea to give your cat, of any age, table scraps or regular treats.
  • Provide your cat with fresh water at all times – especially cats who may have kidney problems.
  • Watch the litter tray. It is important to watch their litter tray to make sure that their waste is not too loose as there may be insufficient fibre in the diet. If this continues for any length of time, always consult your veterinarian who will give your cat a full examination and make suggestions regarding a suitable diet to maintain good health.

(Joan Henderson is based in Australia and she has judged furry felines in many other countries including USA, Bermuda, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philippines and New Zealand)


Q: My one year old cat prefers wet food and is not eating her dry cat food. Is it ok to feed her wet food only? We are mixing the wet food with rice and feeding her twice a day. Also can I feed her fish, chicken or mutton?
-Thelma, Kottayam

Dr KG Umesh: A typical wet food contains 70-120 Kcal per 100g, whereas a dry food contains around 350-400 kcal per 100g. Both wet and dry cat food from reputed manufacturers like Whiskas are complete and balanced food, the difference being water content. Therefore cat will drink more water while eating less dry food compared to wet food. Feeding only wet food also benefits urinary tract health in cats. Feeding one format may encourage the cat to eat the other, i.e. if cat doesn’t like dry food, you can add wet to encourage the cat to eat the dry food. A nutritionally balanced diet is crucial for the healthy growth and development of a cat in order to prepare him for an active, long, and healthy life. Cats cannot thrive on the same basic nutrients as human beings due to their different physiology and the nutrients are needed in proportionately larger quantities. Prepared pet foods from reputable pet food manufacturers come with a guarantee of nutritional adequacy, quality and safety. Our research indicated that most homemade diets/foods fed to cats in our country are inadequate. Therefore do not feed any supplements or home diet while he is feeding on commercial cat food from reputed manufacturer.–ask-the-expert

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Dog Food

Healthy Diet

Your puppy depends on a number of different nutrients for his health. This article discusses what they are and how they work

Your puppy depends on a number of different nutrients in order to be healthy. Each nutrient fulfils certain needs, so the body has to get them in a specific quantity and in the right ratio. The need for energy suppliers or minerals will differ enormously according to your dog’s age and activity level. This is why it’s nearly impossible to get the “right mixture” of nutrients with home-made food. So a commercially prepared puppy or dog food is best.

Here’s a list of the important nutrients your dog needs for a long and healthy life:


Water is the most important nutrient for your dog. His body consists of 70% water, and each day he loses liquid, which must be replaced. Water is indispensable for many processes of metabolism. A dish of fresh water should always be available to your dog. Milk, on the other hand, may cause diarrhoea.


Proteins are the basic components of cells. The body needs protein, especially to build muscles. Meat and fish contain a lot of protein; however, some plants such as soybeans are also rich in protein. By the way, a dog’s need for protein is only half as much as that of a cat. This is why cats and dogs should not eat each other’s commercially prepared foods.


Fat is an important supplier of energy. Certain vitamins are “fat-soluble”, which means the body can only absorb them in conjunction with fat. Special fatty acids are important for the health of your dog’s skin and coat. But be careful; too much fat means extra pounds for dogs as well as humans.


Carbohydrates are important fuels. They are found in such starchy foods as rice, grain and pasta, and in sugar. Carbohydrates supply the body with energy, which is then very quickly converted to output. Vegetable carbohydrates have to be cooked to enable your dog to digest them and thus to use them.


Minerals are substances that are present in different body structures. Calcium, for instance, is an important component of bones and teeth, phosphorus can be found in muscles, iron in the red blood cells. Many deficiencies are caused by a lack of certain minerals. The right calcium-phosphorus ratio plays an important role in growing puppies.


Vitamins maintain the functions of metabolism. Vitamin A is important for sight, Vitamin B for nerves, Vitamin D for bones, Vitamin E protects the skin, and Vitamin K supports blood coagulation. Only Vitamin C doesn’t have to be supplied in food for dogs and cats, as they are able to synthesize it.

Dietary fibre

Dietary fibre is the term for those components of food that are excreted undigested. It supports a healthy digestion, and can be found mainly in vegetables. A lack of dietary fibre leads to constipation.

How the right diet can get life off to a good start….

We’re having puppies…

The arrival of a litter of puppies is always an exciting experience, and to make sure everything goes well you can rely on your vet’s experience, as well as that of Royal Canin, the brand – the professionals trust for over 40 years. Dogs and cats are at the heart of every Royal Canin innovation, because new foods are made for them and them alone, taking account of their real needs, based on proven scientific facts.

From the 6th week of pregnancy, the mother’s energy, protein and mineral requirements rise significantly in line with her puppies’ rapid growth and in preparation for lactation. A very rich, highly digestible, easy to rehydrate and very palatable food meets the needs of the mother and her little ones perfectly right up until weaning. Royal Canin STARTER Mini, Medium, Maxi or Giant, according to the mother’s ideal weight fits the bill.

Benefits of Mixing Dry and Wet feeding in pets

You need to feed your pet the Right Balance of Nutrition, manufactured foods like Pedigree guarantee excellent nutrition for your dog. A study has been performed which shows that a typical home prepared food for adult dogs in India was deficient in calcium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin E, according to NRC guidelines. Feeding dry and wet food provides variety, good oral health and much more.

Concerns about feeding homemade diets

Ensuring appropriate nutrition: Just as a balanced diet is important to overall health of humans, balanced nutrition made to address the specific nutritional needs of your dog or cat is important to the health of your pet. To ensure your pet is receiving proper nutrition, it is best to feed a commercially prepared food. Premium commercial pet foods are specifically formulated by nutrition experts and account for specific nutritional needs of different lifestages and lifestyles. Most are thoroughly tested and guaranteed for nutrient content, palatability, and safety. In contrast, homemade pet foods are unlikely to be tested or guaranteed.

Royal Canin’s nutritional diet for urinary disorders

Cystitis and bladder stones are two of the most common urinary diseases and lead to various clinical signs that are sometimes poorly understood by the owner. The main role of urine is to eliminate body wastes and toxic products that accumulate in the bloodstream. It also plays a role in maintaining the body’s equilibrium by regulating the quantities of water and minerals that are excreted.

Produced in the kidneys where nephrons carry out blood filtration, urine passes through both ureters to the urinary. It is released to the outside via the urethra when the pet feels the need to urinate

Foods your dog shouldn’t eat

Dogs chew almost anything. Hey, if it’s on the floor, it’s fair game, right? Unfortunately, certain foods and everyday substances that are perfectly fine for people can be toxic for dogs. Even a small quantity of the following substances can put your dog’s health at risk.

Dog Collars- KPS way of choosing the Pawfect leash

  • A thin nylon collar is more suitable for puppies.
  • Make sure the collar fits well on the puppy/dog’s neck.
  • There should be at least one finger between the collar and pet’s neck.
  • When using collar for puppy, check it everyday as the puppy could out grow the collar.
  • Use a thin leash for puppies and toy breeds.
  • Larger breeds requirebroader and stronger leashes.
  • Twin leads are good for walking two dogs.

KPS way of choosing the pawfect leash

A leash is not just the leash… it is your most important training tool and has a direct impact on your relationship with your dog. It also helps to keep your pooch safe, here’s how to choose the right leash:

  • Leather leashes are soft and strong, besides being gentle on your hands.
  • Cotton leashes are soft and are good in water. If your dog loves swimming, it is an excellent choice.
  • The length of the leash should be such that it can allow your pooch to do his ‘business’ and can sniff around, while you hold his leash in your hand.
  • While buying a leash, always remember to consider the age and weight of your pet. You can use a 10-15 mm leash for a Pug pup up to 4-5 months but you cannot use the same for a Labrador Retriever pup who will require a 20 mm leash.
  • Chain leashes can hurt your dog if it happens to get stuck in his teeth. If used for walking, remember to use an additional gripper, to avoid hurting your hand.
  • Nylon leashes are probably the most attractive ones in different hues. It is light and strong. Use a padded leash, to avoid leash burn on your hand, if your dog has a habit of pulling suddenly. If you are buying the first leash for your pup, it is a good idea.

Celebrity and There Dogs – About Famous Celebrity Dog

Boman Irani

Strict, short-tempered Prof Viru Sahastrabudhhe a.k.a. Virus around the college campus in Bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiots now comes out of the persona of the strict college principal to share his love of furry friends. Yes, we are talking about Boman Irani whose journey into the Indian cinema over the last ten years has delivered a hallmark of excellent roles in the movies like Munna Bhai MBBS (2003). Apart from being a film actor, theater artiste and passionate photographer, Boman is a keen pet lover too. He shares his glorious moments of pet parenting while interacting with Dogs & Pups.

Born on 1st October 1962 in Mumbai, Boman belongs to the Parsi community. He started selling out potato chips before photography appealed to him and then later it was the call of the theater. He worked with Alyque Padamsee in the play Roshni and Mahatma Vs Mahatma by Feroz Abbas Khan. Later, Boman was seen in TV commercials of Ceat Tyres and Smyle cough syrup. This proved to be the gateway to Bollywood. And he started receiving offers to work in movies in supporting roles.

Puppy love after marriage…

Boman’s puppy love started after he met Zenobia, currently his wife, 28 years ago. “My love for pets started growing after I got married with Zenobia,” said Boman. “To be frank, I was not a dog lover at all. As a kid, I was petrified with dogs and so have no nice memories with them,” said Boman in a thoughtful mood.

Isha Koppikar:

Be it bold ‘Khallas’ girl, petite Rajjo of Pinjar or smart Anita of ‘Don – The Chase Begins Again’… we loved Isha Koppikar in all her cameo roles. We saw her act…we love her dance…we like her style…what next. Yep! It’s her great compassion for our furry four-legged friends. Now let’s focus on her dog love only… so all tails up for Isha – a proud pet parent…woof!

Isha Koppikar is an Indian actress and model who has appeared in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films. She shot to fame with her item number – Khallas in Ram Gopal Verma’s Company in 2002. Here’s the softer side of this glam ‘n’ gorgeous gal as a poochie pal.

Me ‘n’ Mowgli

Her father introduced her to pets and now she has her own bundle of joy, Mowgli – a GSD. She loves all dogs, but has a soft corner for Dalmatians, so why just one… “I want to give best of my love and care to Mowgli…so I really don’t want many but just one and special – Mowgli. Every moment I spend with him is really cherishing. The way he goes mad and dance is really wonderful.”

Doggie’s day out

Isha loves to pamper her pet and likes to go on long drives with him. “Mowgli and I often go on road trips to Pune, Lonavala, etc. All our drives are memorable to me. Once in the car, he is impatient but soon settles with a ball.”

“He scared me once by running on the road – but since then I am extra careful and take every precaution while taking him out,” she narrates.

Arshad Warsi:

In our tryst with stars having fascination for pooches, this time we sniffed into a household where music, dance, drama, action, tragedy and of course love stories have evolved. Did we hear a circuit at MTV? Yes, we are talking about the famous Bollywood ‘Circuit’ of Munnabhai MBBS fame, Arshad Warsi, choreographer-turned actor and the gorgeous MTV VJ of yesteryears, Maria Gorreti who share the memories of some beautiful moments with their furry angels. The celeb couple—Arshad Warsi and Maria Gorreti—need no introduction. Arshad Warsi has many successful movies to his credit, the most recent one is Ishqiya and Maria Gorreti had stolen many a heart with her stint as VJ at MTV. This celeb couple is equally passionate about their furry angels.

The celeb couple—Arshad Warsi and Maria Gorreti—need no introduction. Arshad Warsi has many successful movies to his credit, the most recent one is Ishqiya and Maria Gorreti had stolen many a heart with her stint as VJ at MTV. This celeb couple is equally passionate about their furry angels. Not just canines… “I was and I am quite a nut when it comes to having pets. I had pets since I was eight years old. During school days, I had rats as pet. Not satisfied with rats alone, I wanted monkey, horse etc. as pets too,” revealed Arshad. The debutant… While spreading cheer with her dimpled smile, Maria fondly remembers her first pet member, Betty Boo, a Golden Retriever, gifted to her by hubby Arshad. “I wanted a Bull Mastiff but the moment I saw Betty, I simply fell in love with her,” said Maria. Seeing her love for canines, you won’t believe that Maria was bitten by a dog as a kid. Though this incident developed a fear in her, but gradually it disappeared with time. And today, she can’t even imagine her life without the furry angels.

Minissha Lamba:

We all love our Bollywood stars and love to know more about them. And when the star is a dog lover, we just can’t help getting closer! While sniffing for a celeb dog lover, we met Minissha Lamba and you would be glad to know that this beauty is really a doggy person – just like you and me…. Here’s what Minissha shares about her pet love Misty.

Minissha and Misty Minissha Lamba, the bubbly Bollywood star, was born in Kashmir. She is a graduate in English literature and initially aspired to be a journalist, her idol being CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour. She featured in Cadbury’s ad, which resulted in her bagging the main lead opposite Jimmy Shergill in the film Yahaan. Nominated as most promising newcomer in 2006 by the Screen Awards, she also portrayed a journalist in the film Shaurya. She is currently awaiting the release of her first film with legendary filmmaker Shyam Benegal. She will be seen in a completely new avatar as she plays role of a naughty village belle in Aaba Ka Kaun.

With her bubbly disposition and positive attitude, she is a perfect combination of beauty with brains. Outspoken and devoted to her work, she is also a perfect star mom to her long time companion Misty, an active and loving Tibetan Terrier.

My first pet…

My parents introduced us to the absolute joy of having a little furry family member in the home when they got us Lucky, a cute little Lhasa Apso. However, he did not stay with us very long as he was unable to survive a nasty bout of diarrhea. His untimely death after only spending six months with us left my mother very heart broken and she vowed never to get so attached to another canine ever again. Though my brother and I missed our puppy, we were at that age when it was easy to get over grief, so we persevered and finally convinced our parents to allow us to bring home another bundle of unconditional love.

My love – Misty…

My brother Karan had gone to kennels and as pre-decided he was going to bring home the pup that was the boldest out of the litter. That is how my pure white Misty, a holy dog by legend, a Tibetan Terrier, chose us as her future family. It’s been the best thirteen years of my life and she has proven to be the most loving companion that I could ever ask for.… And I know she feels exactly the same.


His cute smile makes most of us go weak in the knees…but what catches his fancy is not us…they are some other cutie-pies at home. Well! It’s not some femme fatales for cute Madhavan…but his loved pets – Princess (GSD), Simba (Chow Chow) and Ashley (African Grey). This enthusiastic pet lover shares his love and life with these bundle of joys and here’s more about his life with his darling pets.

Cute and young lad, who played memorable roles in teleserials like Saaya, Sea Hawks, Banegi Apni Baat, Ghar Jamai etc, eventually joined the cineblitz and won the hearts of millions with his remarkable roles in many movies like Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Ramji Londonwaley, Shanti Shanti Shanti, Kannathil Muthamittal, Alaipayuthey, Ennavale, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar, Minnale, Dumm Dumm Dumm, Parthale Paravasam and more. He also won critical acclaim for his roles in superhit Bollywood movies Guru and Rang De Basanti. He is a superstar… well, there’s another side to his personality also…he is a devoted animal lover as well. Madhavan has appeared in PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals advertising – campaigning against cruelty towards animals, and has promoted vegetarianism causes; interestingly he was also voted the “cutest male vegetarian” by an online poll conducted by the NGO, PETA. His love for animal is deeprooted. Madhavan, or Maddy as friends call him, has been an avid animal lover since childhood. He had his first pet – Prince (GSD) during early years of his life and as they say once a dog lover always a dog lover…he always has pets with him. He proudly acquaints us with his present pets, Princess (GSD, 6 years old), Simba (Chow Chow, 4 years old) and Ashley (African Grey, 2 years old). And on asking about his favorite, the apt parental reply came, “They all are close to my heart and we all love them equally,” well, that’s little diplomatic…but not an issue as our loving pooches are on the winning side.

These funny beauties – Princess and Simba – are family members at Madhavan’s place, they sleep, eat, play with them…and our smarties never skip to hop into the car to accompany their celebrity parents on long drives…and never miss a chance to play fetch-the-ball with him. They simply love to throw tantrums, when Maddy is around…quite obvious for the celebrity kids…keep it up li’l champs.

Dog Fence Guide

Dogs have this energy, curiosity (especially with their noses) and instinct to roam and wander, run and play, hunt and chase. Even some dogs will stay by the house even when offered unlimited freedom; most dogs have a natural curiosity that leads them to stray when the opportunity arises, so it is important to find reliable solutions to keep pets within your safe area. There are ways of training and variety of devices, traditional fence, dog fence and pet containment systems to keep your dogs within your vicinity, away from danger he may cause or whatever may happen when he got on the loose. But above all this systems and techniques, full knowledge and better ways of training is really the most critical component to the effectiveness of these fences.

Dog Fences:

Traditional Fences. Centuries before, walls were the most common fences. They are expensive too, digging and building cement, wires or wooden fence (including bamboo fences) around the vicinity. To prevent digging under, bury the bottom of the fence several inches in the ground or fill a narrow trench along the perimeter of the fence with concrete, and fill the holes with concrete or patio blocks when the dog established holes already. Traditional fence should be of sufficient height to discourage jumping, and for lower fence, consider a jumping harness that prevents the dog from leaping or install “barbed wire arms,” those angled steel extensions for the top of the fence.

Picket Fences. Using narrow slats of wooded nailed in a solid wood frame, you can make a strong dog fence with either tight wood arrangement as solid wall or stockable fence that don’t totally block the view outside. You need hard work to build this one, little bit expensive but they are fairly good looking dog fence.

Chain Link Fences. With series of pipe supported posts and small diamond-shaped, heavy-gauge wire fabric, chain link dog fence is the most common and strong containment system lasting for long time, with much visible view to the outside. They cost too and needs you or hire someone for hard work installing it. Zoning laws seem to allow its use where many other forms of fencing are prohibited. It hardly obstructs the view and is a strong deterrent to intruders like crazy humans or very teasing neighbor dogs.

Hidden Fence. Sometimes called as underground fences, this system uses radio frequency technology between the buried electric wire around the place and a dog collar with a receiver of the signal. If the dog continues to move towards the perimeter, the collar will give your dog a mild shock. These systems range from moderately expensive “do-it-yourself packages” to very expensive systems complete with trainers who teach the dog the boundaries of the system and monitors to signal a power failure. The main advantage of hidden dog fences is that, quite simply, you don’t have to put the time and money into building a fence. This also means you don’t have to be concerned with meeting any zoning regulations. The disadvantage of hidden dog fences is significant, however: if your dog ignores the shock, there is nothing stopping it from leaving your property. Indeed, hidden dog fences will not work with dogs that are hard to train since getting to dog to stay within the perimeter is essentially a training process. The disadvantage of hidden dog fences is significant, however: if your dog ignores the shock, there is nothing stopping it from leaving your property. Outside intruders like crazy human again and wandering dogs can easily pass, some solutions where planting trees or building physical fence too but you can design with decoration.

WiFi Wireless Fence. This system is the latest in innovative wireless fence technology, it uses the hottest micro-chip transceiver set, operating on what has now become a very familiar 802.15 wireless communication protocol. WiFi wireless fence can create a containment area up to a 200 foot radius from its transmitter, giving it a coverage of approximately 2.5 acres, that’s more than 4 times wider coverage. This Wire-Free radio frequency signal used by the Perimeter WiFi is not affected by your yard’s terrain. The Wire-Free Fence’s effective range will be reduced over hilly terrain only if the indoor. WiFi fence has two significant advantages over underground fence, it has wider range and has the ability for two way communication both from the SmartStation and the collar the dog wearing, aside from WiFi dog fence system collar uses a rechargeable 3.6v lithium battery, which should take about 300 recharge cycles which last for years. Consumer replaceable battery is inexpensive and readily available.

Still you can’t just install the fence, stick your dog outside, and expect him to stay within the invisible boundary. Right knowledge on how to use pet containment systems and as well as your efforts to train your pet properly, is the best solution to keep your dog safe inside.

For more dog fence selection visit

Dogs sniff, do you know, why?


The dogs are excellent at smelling. The dogs are known their excellent olfactory capability. At times the same capability makes the owners nose wrinkle in disgust. The dog’s digs and rolls on some thing that is buried long back. It will smell a hell, is it not? Now, the owner will have the burden of cleaning the dog once again.

It is very common sight, the dog sniffing at the owner or other people or grass or food. Many won’t know the reason. The reason is nothing but the excellent capability of its special equipment, nose. Because of the special equipment only the primitive dogs survived. The olfactory sense of the dog helped them to smell the prey from longer distance and also helped the fury companion to escape from danger.

The dogs sniff a lot. By this they can smell the presence of other dog in the near distance. One could have noticed the dog sniffing the other dogs back. The dog does this to identify whether the other dog is friend to play with or foe to be wary off. Each dog has unique smell and the smell is very different from the other dog like finger print in human beings.


There is no doubt that the dog is the best friend of the human beings. The dogs will give their life if it is required to protect the owner from any danger. The dogs can also sense the emotional state of his master and behave accordingly. The extra-ordinary olfactory sense of the dog can very well differentiate the tears of pain and tears of joy. The dog will lean on you and snug at you, if they sense that you are sad. They are doing this to offer comfort to you to over come the sadness.

The dog also sniffs the stranger to know whether he is a danger to the house or friend of the owner. The dogs can easily tell you whether the pooch is pregnant or not. The furry friend can also find out whether the owner is well or not. This ability is not by sixth sense. This ability is by their extraordinary olfactory sense which is many times better than human beings. The dogs not only find out whether a women is pregnant or not, they can also find out find out certain type of cancer and other ailments by the special equipment, nose.

As you know the dogs help a lot in policing. The dogs are very effective in search and rescue operation, all because of extraordinary olfactory sense. The dogs can find the person who is buried under rubble or snow or any other. The dogs are very useful in narcotic squad and bomb squad. The dogs which are specially trained can find out the narcotic substance and alert the police to apprehend the person. Likewise the dogs can also help in defusing the bomb by identifying the location of the bomb using the excellent smelling ability. Kudos to the furry companion for the great help extended to the human beings. They deserve it for sure, is it not?


How can dogs sense..

How can dogs sense when you are pregnant (sometimes even before you do)?

A dog’s senses of hearing and smellare much more powerful than those of a human. These would have been extremely important in the wild as they would have helped it to sense predators. It is because of these heightened senses that people “employ” guard dogs to protect their property, sniffer dogs to detect drugs and explosives, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and why dogs are also ideally equipped to take part in search and rescue missions.

This increased sensitivity somehow also enables them to sense natural disasters before they happen. There are many accounts of how animals (including dogs) acted strangely before the recent tsunami in Southern Asia, as if they knew that it was about to happen.

And when a dog detects your pregnancy, it might start acting very differently towards you. Some dogs become much more protective of the woman, and of her bump; as if they know that there’s another little person inside that they need to look after! While others may become jealous of this new rival for your affections!

It has also been reported that dogs are able to detect the subtle changes that occur in the body when cancer is present.

Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Buying Guide

The reason for an FM transmitter is to communicate a flag from a versatile gadget, for example, a cell phone to a stereo framework. Most FM transmitters will include Bluetooth that empowers a remote association with your sound gadget without the requiring an aux link.

The best FM transmitter is the overhauled Nulaxy Bluetooth FM Transmitter, which has extra usefulness, for example, rest or wake mode and four diverse music playing modes that incorporate Bluetooth, TF Card, AUX and USB.

The fame of FM transmitters has seen a substantial increment since drivers just need to tune in to their very own music rather than the radio. Without a Bluetooth or AUX, USB or TF card stereo, this has not been conceivable without the utilization of a transmitter.

Utilizing a car Bluetooth FM transmitter can be a distinct advantage with regards to a savvy answer for tuning in to your very own music. Overhauling your head unit that is Bluetooth good can be genuinely costly yet these transmitters are a small amount of the expense.

Most of FM transmitters will work with both Android and iPhone working frameworks as they utilize a similar standard Bluetooth availability.

It might entice go for a shabby gadget however spending the smidgen additional can see enormous advantages. The following is a rundown of the best FM transmitters that guarantee high stable quality and accompany a scope of highlights, for example, USB outlets and hands-free calling.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter Buying Guide

Tuning in to the radio and music that you basically would prefer not to hear can turn out to be exceptionally every day. With a financially savvy FM transmitter, you can change to music spilling of your own music with no wires or entangled setup.

In any case, it isn’t simply sound spilling that an FM transmitter can offer, it can likewise go about as a Bluetooth handsfree vehicle pack for protected and lawful telephone calls.

There are several distinct kinds of transmitters accessible and numerous that are less expensive than the ones suggested inside this article. Be that as it may, a large portion of these shoddy options utilize more established Bluetooth innovation and are not feasible alternatives for handsfree calling. Over this, they frequently don’t offer long guarantees.

Music Streaming

The primary motivation behind the FM transmitter is to tune into an unused recurrence on your stereo and match it to the FM on the gadget. This is how music is played through the vehicle’s speakers however the quality can be changed crosswise over gadgets.

In the event that you have recently acquired vehicle speakers for sound quality however you have a modest FM transmitter, it might yield mutilated music. Paying the little sum additional for an amazing FM transmitter, for example, the Nulaxy merits the additional.

The majority of our proposals use Bluetooth for sound gushing however there are different types of yielding the sound. Different modes incorporate utilizing the USB, TF and AUX input however the effortlessness and similarity with your cell phone make Bluetooth by a long shot the best choice for sound gushing.

Hot Key Buttons

The catches on a Bluetooth FM transmitter can improve things greatly when utilizing the gadget. Expansive hotkey catches that are anything but difficult to reach and don’t expect you to look down can have a colossal effect. These catches will be utilized for exchanging among melodies and noting calls without contacting your telephone.