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Mister Mushy – The Ugliest Dog in The Land

Aleksander L. Nordaas

As children being the most beautiful to their parents, so are dogs to their pet  parents. But life is not easy. What happens when a little girl’s dog is mocked and rejected at a dog show, just because the judges think he is ugly? Mister Mushy – The Ugliest Dog in the Land is a heart-warming book on this ugly dog who eventually proves his mettle and wins hearts.


Mister Mushy – The Ugliest Dog in The Land is second book of Aleksander L Nordaas, a Norwegian filmmaker and self-publishing author. “I didn’t really set out to write Mister Mushy – one day he just sat there. So stuck with this large, weird and drooling dog in my brain, I had to get him out by putting him into a story – a story that was both fun and exciting, and which also had valuable thematics. I wanted to create something new and preferably slightly offbeat, but it also has to be something that people can relate to – and hopefully something that sparks their thoughts,” he shares. The book is currently being crowdfunded through Kickstarter. Earlier, the book was printed in Norway in 2013 but the publisher did not bring its second print and so Aleksander self-published it.


Lively illustrations
The book is alive with lovely illustrations by Yngvill Hopen, who is a concept artist with a background in traditional art and a passion for storytelling. She finished her master’s degree of concept art for games and animation in 2012 and then co-founded the games studio Henchman & Goon AS.


The storyline…
Mister Mushy is the medieval-set story about the ugliest dog in the land, at least in most people’s eyes. Through the eyes of his little pet parent, Mushy is the prettiest and dearest dog ever. So naturally, she signs him up for a dog show, where he’s mocked, laughed at and even disqualified from the competition. But shortly after, the town is attacked by a dragon! With jaws wide open, it aims for the princess in the tower. Who can save her from becoming dragon dinner? Well! Our very own Mushy. “Thematically, the story is about anti-bullying, true friendship and self-worth – pillars on which a happy childhood and adulthood rest. All of them easier said than understood, done and maintained…perhaps especially for our kids, growing up in this strange place. When they see schoolyard bullies become presidents, where do we as adults start explaining the rights and wrongs? How do we make them choose hugs over elbows? If Mushy can help spark just a little thought, reflection or conversation, then me and him are both very much satisfied,” tells Aleksander.


Target audience…
Mister Mushy –The Ugliest Dog in The Land is primarily meant for children in the age group of 4-10 years, but it’s of course suited for children of all ages. “And I guess pet parents will like it too – who can relate to loving their dog, no matter how he looks, acts and sounds like,” adds Aleksander.


What’s more?
In 2014, Mister Mushy – The Ugliest Dog in The Land was available as an interactive eBook on App Store and Google Play. The eBook was happily chosen as a “Golden Award Winner” by Mom’s Choice Awards.

The Book of Indian Dogs

Varsha and Rocky

Author: S Theodore Baskaran, Publisher: Aleph Book Company
The Book of Indian Dogs is the first comprehensive book on Indian dog breeds in over fifty years. It features the twenty-five breeds that most breeders and dog fanciers agree constitute the country’s canine heritage. Divided into three groupings—Working Dogs, Companion Dogs and Hounds—the book provides detailed background notes to each breed, along with information on their physical characteristics, behaviour, uses, origins and history. Along with popular breeds like Caravan Hounds (or Karuvanis), Chippiparais, Mudhol Hounds, Pashmis, Rajapalayams and Rampur Hounds the book also features lesser known breeds such as Alaknoori and Jonangi. With the author’s fruit of several years of travel and research into India’s dog breeds, as well as his hands-on experience of raising various dogs, The Book of Indian Dogs is a celebration of desi breeds and this is a book no dog lover can do without.


Vinayak and Rocky

Vinayak and Rocky

Creating a safe and harmonious relationship
Authors: Melissa Fallon & Vickie Davenport
Publisher: Hubble & Hattie
Children love dogs and they benefit a lot from their company, both physically and mentally. But, it is important to have a safe and harmonious relationship between dogs and kids. This book is a visual treat and a ready reckoner for the same. There are instructional colour photographs, charts to assist with assessing and training your dog and step-by-step training exercises. Educational ‘Champ and Charlie’ illustrations help engage young children, in order to teach them about behaving appropriately when interacting with their canine friends. The book gives ideas for promoting safe interactions and how to develop lifelong friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs & Cats

Designed for every dog lover, pet parent and those who wish to be pet parents, Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs & CatsBook Review is a complete handbook on vital info about cats and dogs. Written by Dr CS Arun, veterinary surgeon at My Pet Clinic & Pet Fancies in Mysore, this book narrates the history of dogs and cats, their breeds, breeding, common diseases and cares in a brief and concise manner. This book is a perfect guidance to first time pet parents on selection of suitable breeds, their naming, puppy training, first-aids, dog shows, among many others. To grab a copy, drop in a mail at:

Raising Pups & Children

Through drawing parallels between growing children and the life cycle of pets, Raising Pups & Children written by Pali Reen helps first time dog owners understand Untitled-3Raising Pups & Childrananimal parenting and overcome their anxiety. Foreword by Maj. Gen. (Retd) Dr RM Kharb, AVSM, chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, the book has been written in a way that one can find the book an analogy of oneself somewhere or the other.

Fluffy and Me

A memoir by Anita Krishan, Fluffy and Me is a story of a lonely little girl, the author herself when she was barely nine years old, in Shimla looking for a companion. Untitled-2Then one evening comes an unexpected phone call from one of his father’s friends who gifted her a pet, a Lhasa Apso. Arrival of the pooch at her home thus begins the saga of rare and undying friendship between the two. She names the dog ‘Fluffy’ and they grow up together developing an inseparable bond of friendship and here are innumerable memories they create around the deodars of the sleepy Himalayan suburb of Shimla. Fluffy and Me is a moving, sensitive, hilarious and deeply touching story in the lives of Fluffy and his little pet parent Betu, name of the author lovingly nicknamed by her parents.

Bite this Book – the book you read to your dog

Book ReviewBite this Book by Lony Ruhmann is the first-ofits- kind book truly designed and written for pet parents to read to their pooches. Through an inner sweetness that communicates via the language of the heart, this book brings your dog peace. Published by Mirror Publishing – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can access to the book on

Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds

Book ReviewThis book is real life experiences of the authors, Tania Coates and Sam Morris, who travelled through Spain in their VW camper. Once while travelling through the country, they encountered a stray in a poor state of health at the side of the road. So, the story of Pedro’s rescue began as central theme of this book and the situation with regard to animal welfare in Spain with British government’s involvement in that to form SOS Animals UK. Published by Hubble & Hattie, the enthralling text and compelling case studies in Camper vans, ex-pats & Spanish hounds are complemented by Tania’s evocative and stirring images.
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