Let’s live together in harmony!

As the ongoing Russian attack on Ukraine continues, causing horrifying destruction to life in every aspect, keeping hope for PEACE are some stories emerging… One of them is a heroic Jack Russell Terrier named Patron who assists the State Emergency Service of Ukraine to clear out explosives in the war-torn country.

Since the Russian invasion on Ukraine on 24th February, many pets from Ukraine have fled to Ireland with their pet parents. Ireland and other EU countries have waived normal bio-security and pet travel requirements in light of the ongoing war. So far, around 618 dogs and cats from Ukraine have arrived in Ireland. A Ukrainian family in the war-torn Kharkiv city rescued a pregnant dog and they have re-homed her in a safe place. It’s an amazing example of compassion and generosity of people who love pets in such unprecedented war times.

When it comes to messiahs, who come out to rescue our furry friends in troubled times, an 11-year-old boy Evan Bisnauth at the Animal Care Center of New York City goes the extra mile to connect with dogs by reading to them. During the pandemic, he started making video animations that he drew, voiced, and posted to help get shelter dogs adopted by showcasing their traits and talents.

In the Siddipet district in Telangana, more than 100 stray dogs in Thigul village were poisoned and dumped in a well. The horrific incident came to light after a pet dog from the village went missing. Animal activist Adulapuram Goutham lodged a complaint against the village sarpanch and secretary, alleging that the duo hired contract killers and poisoned the dogs. Animal welfare organisation People for Animals India has condemned the brutal act in Siddipet and urged the Chief Minister of Telangana to take appropriate action. This is not the first time that mass killing of stray dogs has been reported from Siddipet. In 2019, around 100 dogs were killed by the municipal staff in the town, triggering an outrage from animal activists and pet lovers.

Let’s live together in harmony! Our furry buddies need all the love and happiness we can give them for a life of contentment and wellness. Meet Toby Keith from Florida who has been recognised and honoured as the ‘World’s Oldest Dog Living’ at the age of 21 years and 66 days by the Guinness World Records. His pet parent Gisela Shore describes him as the ‘sweet, gentle and loving’ pooch.

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Best is yet to be!


Magic & Moonshine, Sparkle & Serendipity… this goes to our adorable paws who get so much more meaning in our lives. When you fall in love with a paw, you fall in love fur-ever, when you look into their eyes, it is trust and friendship beyond care. When they sit beside you, it is warmth till eternity. Do have a magical Christmas and a cosy New Year – cuddled close to your paws, look into their eyes and tell them you love and cherish them, trust me they will understand each and every word, tone, gesture & action. There are moments I still do miss sparkle but his memories, eyes, nose dots, always keep my heart warm… I was lucky that I was his! My new heartthrob is a beautiful stray cat – whom I call Mau, she commands me for affection and food and orders me to pat her while she purrs, I everyday look forward to her love and paw-sitivity.

Recent research shows our super sleuths can recognise our human emotions through our facial expressions and make choices based on this. The study involved 90 dogs observing two actresses who were trained to have joy, anger and neutral facial expressions. When the dogs could interact with them, the actresses had neutral expressions with a jar of treats. Our decision-maker dogs interacted with the one who was happy earlier and completely avoided eye contact with the actress who had been trained to be angry. Choices and decisions – only the dog way!

A Pet Homelessness survey in nine countries by Mars Petcare India on a scale of 10 gave India a low ranking of 2.4, Germany 8.6, UK at 7.0 and US 6.4. Ganesh Ramani, Managing Director, Mars Petcare India, said, “Until now, there was no way to measure and track the scale animal homelessness across the world and in India. The index is a call to action and we welcome partnerships with the government, NGOs and individuals who want to ensure all companion animals are wanted and cared for.” Stating a reason of higher relinquishment levels in India, our appeal is to adopt and a pet is family and responsibility for life!

A big congratulations to Dr Thinlay N Bhutia, who has worked towards the creation of a rabies-controlled state in Sikkim, is the recipient of this year’s World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) One Health Award. A prestigious global award, it is presented by the WSAVA’s One Health Committee (OHC) to an individual or organisation which has promoted an aspect of One Health relevant to companion animals.

Wishing you all a magical Christmas and an enchanting New Year! As we bring in 2022, keep yourself and your paws happy, safe & healthy. Do enjoy our festive edition articles—All I Want for Christmas is ‘Bow’, Furry Friendly Fervor of Festive Gifting, and Pawsitive Love Forecast 2022. We bring to you a special feature on itch in the article Decode Itch Cycle, Causes & Solution. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, Celebrate paws…Celebrate love…always!



We are ALL4PAWS, always have been and always will be. It is fantastic and fascinating to see communities reaching out and making a better world for our paws. It is our paws who give a whole new world, from the moment they enter our lives to each second of the day they enrich us in so many ways. The city of Mumbai reached out to vaccinate more than 300 community dogs against rabies and other ailments in Malad (W) with funds donated by Rotary Club of Mumbai West Cost and individual donors. Main purpose of the drive was to raise awareness of the welfare of our stray paws.

We all know the divine sniffing powers of our paws. Kolkata Police recently recruited 10 new sniffing Lab members from Haryana to join its dog squad. The new recruits will take the squad’s strength to the designated 48 posts. Two of the chosen members in the squad are experts in detecting explosives. In Tamil Nadu, a sniffer dog, two drones and two kumkis (elephants) were part of the operation to capture a problematic tiger at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) in Nilgiri Mountains. Kudos to our divine sniffers!

Sometimes some of our paws are too clingy! Why is it so? One of the major factors is the emotional attachment. Dogs are emotionally sensitive beings, so they tend to get clingy and some of them love to stay all the time with a particular pet parent and feel comfortable being around. Pets start getting clingy when pet parents devote all their time to the pets in the early days of getting them home. This eventually causes separation anxiety, under-confidence and other issues. To know more on this, read the article titled ‘How to ease your pet’s separation distress?’ in this issue.

After all, our paws live short lives. This is the pang of every pet parent. For everyone who has lost their beloved paws, actor Anushka Sharma recently shared a moving post titled ‘Why dogs live less than humans’—a story that narrates the pain and devastating loss when our pets pass away. The story from a vet’s perspective tells about a child who comes up with the perfect answer to why his family dog lived a short life. Anushka is pet parent to her pooch named Dude and had lost their pet Bruno last year.

Actress Kriti Sanon is petrified of dogs and she has developed a soft corner for paws. The actress is pet parent to two dogs—Disco and Phoebe. She enjoys posting a glimpse of her paw pictures and moments on social media. She feels that every paw brings such a positive energy to her. As we are ALL4PAWS every one of us tends to forget all our misery and stress.

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As we embark on our 17th Anniversary Issue and 103rd Issue, it is with love we celebrate both our canine and feline members. In every issue and article we have focussed they are a part of our family, homes and heart. The pandemic has deepened our relationships with our pets because of the time which we got to spend with them. The calls, zoom meetings, household chores done with them beside us, conspiring for our attention & time.

Do read our article Perfect Pets in which you can explore how intelligent, affectionate and conniving our furry darlings can be. All they want is love and affection, some would paw you, look with soulful eyes… or simply go for the laptop table! Many pet parents and pets have enjoyed this quality time, friendship during the uncertain pandemic times.

As we start stepping out with safety our pets might go through separation distress. In order to maintain their overall wellness it is important to watch out for signs which might range from defecation, urination, vocalising, chewing, lack of appetite, etc. It is important to note as a pet parent you need to take care of all—mental, physical and emotional needs of your pet. It’s very important to provide exercise according to their breed and age. Playtime is also an important activity to be done with fun, positive reinforcement and in short spells to keep your pet mentally engaged and happy.

Ensure you and your family members interact with your pet to keep the feeling of loneliness at bay. Set a routine and a structure, it gives them a sense of stability and reduces stress and anxiety. Always watch out for the body language—the little signs give you the insight into your pet’s stress levels—which causes the behaviour. A threshold is a stage in which a pet reacts, when the pet is comfortable it is a below threshold and when the pet is stressed it is the over threshold and would need help to calm down. Learn to notice the factors causing stress and speak to a professional trainer to help cope with the situation.

Be aware of your own departure cues. Locking the cupboards, wearing shoes or sneakers—these are the cues a pet understands and realises that separation time is near. Practise separation and if you step out for longer period invest in a webcam or any device which gives you a correct picture.

Love them more as they love you even more. As we celebrate our 17th Anniversary Issue, do read the articles: 17 Sensational Signs for a Miraculous Connection, 17 Essentials to Welcome Home Your New Furry Baby, Shower Love on Your Pet This Monsoon in 17 Sensational Ways, NOSE TO TAIL—17 Ways to Complete Wellness and Wellbeing for Your Furry Darling and 17 Promises of Unconditional Love and Friendship Forever.

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LOVE the Pandemic Puppy Perfectly

Furever Heart & Home

#Adoptdontshop is the theme for our 101st Issue, which our cover girl Anuja Chauhan, a famous Indian author, supports and also works towards finding furever homes for homeless furry darlings. Along with her sister Nandini Bajpai, a Boston-based novelist, who has fostered puppies with the organisation ‘Rescue Without Borders’ for years they have rescued more than a thousand puppies from India and the Middle East and got them placed in carefully chosen homes in the US. Nandini was helped by ‘Rescue Without Borders’ & Siva from ‘Global Pet Relocation Agency’ in this noble endeavour. The magic is the same–unconditional love, beady smiley eyes, tails wagging with gusto and cheer, love which lifts your heart and soul. Read our article With Adoption Sniff Your Way to Furever Love in this issue.

It is so heartening that Virat Kohli has been thoroughly inspired by Anushka Sharma who is a huge animal lover and constantly advocates for animal rights. Through the Virat Kohli Foundation, Virat has now set up an animal welfare project in Mumbai city. He has collaborated with Vivaldis Animal Health, Awaaz (Voice of Stray Animals), a local NGO in Mumbai, to set-up two animal shelters. The centres will be in Malad and Boisar respectively and will be run by Awaaz (VOSA). The shelter in Malad will be a temporary rehabilitation centre, where animals (small animals/dogs & cats) will be admitted for a temporary period until they recover. The centre will provide medical assistance to wounded and injured animals. The centre in Boisar will be a permanent shelter, which will keep animals who are blind/paralysed, will also provide permanent shelter to animals with permanent deformity (dogs/cats). Virat will sponsor ambulances, while Vivaldis Animal Health will complement their healthcare needs.

Virat Kohli said, “Looking after the welfare of animals is a cause very close to my heart now as Anushka is very passionate about this issue. Her vision to help stray animals across India is truly inspiring for me and since I have met her, I have tried to understand more about animal rights and the urgent need for medical assistance for strays. It is our dream to create a safer space for the stray animals of our city and I’m happy to be taking on this project with Vivaldis and Awaaz, and working with like-minded people to create some facilities to help these animals”.

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ALWAYS and FUREVER—Celebrating 100th Issue!

From the dream of a dummy magazine to reaching our iconic 100th Issue it has been a phenomenal journey. When the first magazine got printed and reached our office the excitement was incredible. And as we send our 100th Issue to press a sentiment of pride sparkles. Little did we think with the first magazine that we will achieve this milestone, but we all did persevere with persistence and pawssion to Promote Responsible Pet Parenting to all corners of our Incredible India. With our magazine, social media, digital platforms we reached to more than 6 lakh 50 thousand passionate people even during the pandemic.

Pets are family—this being the first breath and soul of our magazine. The sanctity of unconditional love they provide us beyond compare. For the best of our darling pets we have worked tirelessly and partnered with professional experts at each step for content which is informative, interactive and a platform where they can confess their love equally for their darling paws.

Due to the love and support paws have given their pet parents, it was noticed that the bond during the pandemic only got strengthened and pet parents ensured the happiness of their precious paws. During the pandemic the pet care segment was a recession free sector. According to an Alltech’s 10th annual Global Feed Survey which represented 142 countries, the pet food production has grown by 8 percent in 2020.

Dr Saurabh Shekhar, MD of South Asia Nutreco, shares that pets helped kids and families to overcome social isolation, making pet parents more comfortable during this crisis. According to him, India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and the growth is seen in all categories including pet food, supplements, pharmaceuticals, accessories and grooming. Industry estimates suggest that the pet care market is valued at more than USD 350 mn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14-15 percent.

Hope you all adore Charlie in the article An Angel of Love Called Charlie, our adorable Koko and Kaito who have given us the honour of gracing our 100th Issue covers respectively for both Dogs & Pups and Cats & Kittens. We love you (paws) more too—let’s take this 100th Issue to promote Indie Love as we have some incredible stories of Zui and Delhi who have found their forever homes and Sunil Kaushik of IndieLove who helps Indie’s finding forever homes.

Love always to all the paws who gave us a true connect to value—ALWAYS and FUREVER.

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Namaste@Ninety Nine—Celebrating 99th Issue!

ur team is very happy to bring you our Special 99th Issue where we have always celebrated LOVE which is Unconditional, Timeless & True. And as we rocket towards January-February 2021 issue—our Century (100th) Issue, to mark these two special editions we bring to you a series of articles with 50 ways to love and behold in the 99th Issue and 50 more ways to love and behold in our next Century (100th) Issue. Follow Train & Gain 50 Amazing Training Tips for Your Playful Pooch and Breathtaking Benefits of Grooming with 50 more tips for each in the next issue.

The article Incredible Gems of India is about celebrating our gorgeous and magnificent breeds of Indian origin who need awareness and need to be cherished to ensure they have a long way to go to carry the rich heritage of our country.

It’s time to sniff our pawsitives with our pets and celebrate their presence in our lives, explore the article Celebrations Galore—Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets and enjoy simple pleasures of life–and keep safe during these testing and trying time.

What’s also exciting and fabulous is the US President-elect Joe Biden’s pet Major, a German Shepherd, was adopted in 2018 and will be the first rescued dog who gets to live in the White House. His partner in this powerful position is Champ—the other German Shepherd. The family also plans to adopt a cat as reports state—simply pawfect Power Pets and soon to be Presidential Pets. Sniff the article Mr Presidents & Their Presidential Pooches.

This also signifies the power and importance to ADOPT and not SHOP, something which we believe from our heart, hope we all can follow.

It’s a refreshing thought that 2020 will soon be over and as we all step into 2021 with new dreams, hopes, magic, serendipity and more—wishing, hoping and praying that the turmoil and trauma of 2020 will be a thing of the past soon. A year we all will never forget, a year which made us grateful for our basics and a year in which unconditional love given to us by our paw buddies was and is an anchor for many.

The presence of our pets in our lives gave us hope, a routine, sense of wellbeing and wellness. For many it is our pets who motivated us to take care of them and take care of ourselves too. Adhering to routines, discipline, workouts, all became pawssible because of our precious paws. They showed us that hope is pawssible.

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Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year…sprinkling magic in each and every moment of yours!


It’s Time for Unconditional Love