It’s never a goodbye!

You owe it to them!

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ”—Roger A Caras.


Still, we hear cases of people abandoning their dogs because it is too much of commitment, expense or care for them. Cases of pedigree and senior dogs being abandoned are also increasing day by day. These dogs have nowhere to go, they are not accustomed to living on the streets and even if they are lucky to land in an animal shelter, they hardly get rehomed. They get lonely, miserable and pine for their pet parents. Their apathy is beyond words. It is very important that if you bring home a dog, they are your responsibility to be with them for life.


On the other hand, many puppy mills offer pedigree dogs who are sick or suffer from hereditary problems. There have been a few cases where the pup has died within a week of adoption, leaving the pet parents heartbroken and cheated. Dogs in puppy mills are kept under inhuman condition. It is thus important to ADOPT or get your puppy from the Right Source.


What is important to understand from dog’s point of view is their body language, likes, dislikes and most importantly with tenderness take care of their little hearts. Mind you, their lil’ hearts do carry a world of feelings, which we should honour, love and respect.
Life is never same after you have a dog in your life. Some pet parents often go an extra mile to ensure the well being of their pet because he is a true family member. No wonder then that a dog from France was flown to India and treated in Ludhiana for surgery. Even after the travel expenses incurred by the dog Eva and her pet parent, they saved a lot of money and were satisfied with the treatment they got here. Undoubtedly, the veterinary services offered in India are of international quality and much cost-effective. And when it’s the question of our loved one, we all can go an extra mile.


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As spring is in the air and summer is approaching, Sparkle wishes you Happy Sunshine!
Happy pet parenting!


‘Dog Beings’- our Friends 4Ever

Untitled-1Truely our best friends, our ‘Dog Beings’ give us unconditional love. They also go through varied emotional moments and it’s our responsibility to understand and respect them.


To help us co-exist and understand our little furry friends, we at Dogs & Pups have introduced Friends 4Ever campaign in schools across Delhi. Interactive workshops are conducted with school children, helping them understand dogs better. We are trying to make children empathise with them and love them.


A code of conduct with our furry friends and give them love and respect they deserve. Hence, our aim is to teach children this code of conduct to be around dogs for their safety and better co-existence. Friends 4Ever informs children on how to treat their pets, others pets and even strays. We basically help them understand situations that are safe to touch a dog and when not to, Dos and Don’ts and their basic wellbeing. With edutainment and fun children will understand their furry friends better. We know that it is our responsibility to create a harmonious relationship between human beings and dog beings. And, their unconditional love and faithfulness only inspires us more to do our best.


The New Year has begun, with a promise of new beginnings and relishing the old ones. May this New Year bring all our readers fun, joy, adventure and happiness. Let’s all celebrate the bonds we cherish in our lives and nourish them further.


Sparkle wishes you a Fantastic & Fabulous New Year!

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Towards responsible pet parenting!

untitled-1“When the Man woke up he said, ‘What is Wild Dog doing here?’ And the Woman said, ‘His name is not Wild Dog any more, but the First Friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always.’”— Rudyard Kipling (author of The Jungle Book).


Pooches are a part of our family and pet parents are always ready to go an extra mile for their health and happiness. They make our family complete – bringing in unconditional love and crazy moments of happiness.


Our pets need their daily dose of walk and exercise, for which pet parents are always willing to do. But they are not ready to clean up after their pets, which can pose serious health problems to humans. According to Environmental Protection Agency, dog poop is as toxic as chemical and oil spill. It is estimated that an average dog produces 152 pounds of solid waste every year and it is one of the biggest contributors to water contamination.


Dog poop is home to parasites like hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and salmonella. Around one gram of dog faeces contains over 20 million E. coli bacteria. Children who touch dog poop are at risk of facing several health problems. Roundworms can cause problems like upset stomach, sore throat, asthma and even blindness. So, it is the duty of the pet parents to clean up after their dogs do their business.


But it also poses several questions. There are no designated spots or bins, where dog poop can be thrown. Since plastic is not biodegradable, pet parents need poop bags which are environment-friendly. These faeces can be used in natural composting pits, thereby solving the problem of dog poop. If every pet parent becomes aware, we can reduce this menace drastically.


The winter season is round the corner…time to take care of our pooches and protect them. Give your pooch lots of love and care and enjoy lazing under the sun or cosy warm blankets. Help the strays in your vicinity to battle the winter months, by providing them shelter and food. Let’s spread happiness all around!
Happy winters!

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The amazing world of pooch!

untitled-1Our furry friends never fail to amaze us – sometimes leaving us thinking, if only they could talk in human language. If they could, I bet we would love to talk more to our pooches than anyone else. They seem to understand everything – every mood, every joy and moments of despair – they seem to replicate our feelings. There’s never a dull moment when you are blessed with a dog.


Here are a few recent news that we felt like worth sharing with our readers:


Praise over food: A recent study has indicated that pooches prefer our praise over food. So, go on to tell your adorable paws ‘How precious he/she is’.


Dog people more friendly: Another research states that dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people. They like love stories and do not shy away from expressing excitement or pride.


Doggy blood donors honoured: On the eve of World Blood Donor Day, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANU-VAS) recently honoured 17 dogs who have donated their blood.


Nothing like dog love: A medical representative in Kolkata—Raja Mazumdar—has been feeding stray dogs and cats thrice a day for 25 years. He has never bothered about the expenses incurred and has refused promotion in job to carry out his mission. Kudos to this animal lover!


Controlling stray population: Strays do not lead a happy life and this problem can be curtailed only if they are sterilised to control their population. Durgapur Municipal Corporation has decided to go in for a mass sterilisation of stray dogs in phases.


This human-canine bond is true, eternal & timeless.
In this festive season, may you and your dear ones be healthy, happy and blessed; and may Love, Light and Laughter always be with you!

Happy pet parenting!

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Celebrating 12 Years of Pawsomeness!

Shweta“After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.” –Robert McCammon, author of Boy’s Life


As Dogs & Pups celebrates 12 Years of Pawsomeness… we look back and see how much paw love we have shared with our readers and vice versa. Things have improved and our people and organisations are working towards making a better place for our pooches.


Lab animals get a new lease of life: It was a pleasant news to know that under the Beagle Freedom Bill, the dogs and cats used in research institutions will be put up for adoption, rather than euthanising them. So many dogs have found warm homes, food and love.


Dog meat festival banned in China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival has been banned in China. In this festival, thousands of dogs and cats are slaughtered and eaten. The residents of Yulin stood against this festival as they found it brutal. Besides, more and more Chinese are now having dogs as companions, after the one-child policy was implemented and children went out for studies and jobs, leaving parents alone and lonely.


Social media: An amazing tool to find lost dog: Thumki, a stray dog, ran away from her pet parents on a visit to the vet. But the family did not lose hope and put up posters and also posted on social networking sites. Thumki was found by a person, who had seen the posts and he handed her over to the pet parents. It was heartening to see so many dog lovers trying to help the sad family.


The Bark Ball for finding love: Washington Humane Society and Washington Area Rescue League organise an annual Bark Ball, where dogs come together to find their prince charming or lady love!


Pope blesses the gentle giant: Magnum, a Saint Bernard dog from the Barry Foundation in Martigny met the pope in Rome recently on a visit to prepare the Great Saint Bernard region’sUNESCO candidacy. Pope was happy to meet Magnum and he blessed him. Our pooches know how to impress one and all!


Sniffer dog Sultan gets a warm adieu: During the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, Sultan helped detect explosives, along with three other sniffer dogs. After retirement, he was living at the farm of Fizzah Shah, an animal activist. Sultan was buried, wrapped in the Tricolour.


There are so many more incidents which have really empowered our pooches and celebrate the great bond we share with our canine. In this issue, we also bring you 12 of the most popularcanine cine stars in the article Terrific Twelve Canine Movie Stars, besides other regular features.
Happy reading!


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Truly & Always for You!

ShwetaDining two-gether – We love to bond with our pets…love is extended to dining two-gether. The good news is…now we have a few pet-friendly restaurants in India, where you can smack a scrumptious meal with your pet. Delhi’s first dog café, Puppychino, offers pet-friendly yummy treats. Similarly, Doolally Taproom and ZooBa do in Mumbai. And such cafes popular in overseas cities are Coolbaby Pet Restaurant (Beijing), Besa Grill (Florida), Dog Park Café (California), SupportTNR (Taipei), to name a few.


Cool canine on a hot summer day – There’s nothing like a cool dip on a hot summer day! Well, most of us love to swim. There are a few dog pools as well to indulge your pooches. In Chennai alone, there are three dog pools like Harley & Me, Hotel for Dogs and Inji’s Boarding Kennel.


Sizzling summer care – Since summer is at its peak in most parts of India, it is very important to keep our pooches cool and hydrated. It is awesome to know that the Ballari district police provide their kennels with coolers and dogs are taken care in summer with coconut water, Glucon-D water and energy boosting drinks, to help them tolerate the heat. In a similar manner, the dog squad of Kolkata Police provides their pooches swimming exercise, oral re-hydration solutions and baths them with sponge to keep them healthy.


Honour for gallantry – NSG canine Rocky, a Belgian Malinois, will get a Sena Medal, the first four-legged gallantry award in India for his gallant action in the counter-terror operation at the Pathankot airbase in January this year. In Paris, a French Police dog named Diesel, who died during a raid on an apartment after the terror attack in the city, has been awarded ‘Dickin Medal’, described as the supreme honour for gallantry.


Dogs can adorn a number of hats and in this issue we bring you a brief about the multiple roles our pooches can take up for their human friends. Also, we bring you a special feature on the origin of various popular breeds. Read on to know more about the particular breed you own or fancy.
Sparkle wishes you all HAPPY SUMMER DAYS and reminds you to take care of your PARIAH FRIENDS! As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


“Happy Responsible Pet Parenting and Happy Reading!”


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Smart, Smarter, Smartest-Scientific Pooches!

ShwetaWe Can Decipher You – They are emotionally and socially intelligent, have great problem-solving skills, can follow human voice and gestures. Dogs have evolved with humans over thousands of years hence are capable of DECODING emotions in human interactions. No wonder they can understand our emotional expressions. Sparkle definitely knows the time to leave the room when he notices my angry emotions! Also, on my lazy days Sparkle Barks and scolds me to ‘RISE & SHINE’!


My Favourite People – The dog’s brain also has a specialised part wherein recognition of face happens. No wonder Sparkle jumps with joy, barks with happiness, joy and glee, his whole body language is happy and rolling over the bed, sofa and carpet when my sister comes home.


Me Jealous? YES! Like humans, dog can be jealous too. A research in the University of San Diego shows that when dogs and their pet parents were kept in the room, the pet parents were asked to focus on things other than their dogs. The dogs try their best to get the attention back of their pet parents… showing their jealousy. So when Suhaan was born family members were first requested to shower all their love to SPARKLE first and then come and meet Suhaan – to avoid jealousy matters!


The Gaze That MELTS & STEALS Your Heart – What’s more? University of Tokyo and Duke University researchers state that when a dog gazes at his pet parent, the same hormone – oxytocin – is spiked in both brains, which triggers the feeling of love beyond words. Sparkle and all our other Paw friends sure are MASTERS in this crime! One look and we the pet parents are TRAINED & COMMITTED for life!


Can You Help Me? Domestic dogs have lost a bit of their problem-solving capabilities and they look at their pet parents for solution, just like human kids do with their parents. I always wondered why Sparkle wouldn’t pull his leash when lightly stuck – but call out to me for help by barking. The tone of the HELP bark is different from the normal bark!


Me Eavesdropping? Yes! Dogs on judging human interaction tend to take side of their favourite people. In the family we are Happiest to notice whose side Sparkle takes – because that person is both TREASURED and PRECIOUS by SPARKLE which is an awesome feel good factor and the whole family- vies for this position!


We Can Take DECISIONS – And they are intelligent…with a mind of their own. Sparkle sure knows which route to take me for a walk, or better still when not to step out on a cold day or a rainy day. He is sure about not getting his paws or fur muddy! Our old Highness now has also started choosing the Time and Person who he would like to HONOUR to step out with!


OCD OMG! A Finnish study reveals that’s dogs who chase their tail, snap at invisible flies, pacing, etc. Maybe having Obsessive Compulsive DISORDER (OCD) gives me a new insight onto why Sparkle digs the Drawing Room floor…repeatedly as a behaviour on certain day! Nevertheless, blessed are all of us who are BLESSED with a pooch. Mordecai Siegal rightly said, “Acquiring a dog may be the only time a person gets to choose a relative.”


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Give back with GOODNESS in 2016!

How selflessly and loyally our K-9 companions have been giving protection to us and our surroundings, since time immemorial. It’s their dedicated protective Shwetanature that endorses them as the Sentry Sentinels for wildlife protection too; Madhya Pradesh has maximum number of dog squads trained by Traffic India for forest departments—five at present, asking for three more. Likewise, other states like Assam, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, Jharkhand and Karnataka depute dog squads to protect rare species from poachers in forests and sanctuaries.


It’s give back time and it’s heartening to learn that many keep lending helping hands to troubled furry friends in far and near quarters. In the recent tragic floods in Chennai, over 80 homeless puppies were rescued and adopted by the city residents in a week. The benevolent act came not only from the Chennaites but also people from other places who called to adopt the homeless puppies. In another incident, a stray named Golu at Nalasopara in Mumbai underwent skin graft surgery, after his face was disfigured due to crackers.


After dog lovers in Malad (W) in Mumbai alerted the NGO Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) about a stray named Bahubali with a 3.36 kg tumour, in a rare case, three vets at Dr Dave’s Clinic successfully carried out the surgery. Yet another caring move in Kolkata, Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation in association with Worldwide Veterinary Service (UK) and Animals Come First, an NGO based in the city, recently introduced mobile dog care truck fully equipped with operation theatre to carry out sterilisation and vaccination drive for strays in Salt Lake area.


While I write all this down, I can see Sparkle looking at me, with a satisfied expression, wagging his tail in affirmation.

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Dogs come in so many different shapes, sizes, colours, breeds, Pedigrees, stray friends… but they have one thing in Shwetacommon—LOVE, which is TRUE and ETERNAL… one cannot ask for more… because you get LOVE, which is UNADULTERATE, pure and in ABUNDANCE. It surrounds you, fills your heart and soul with joy. Eyes do say it all and there is no room for words!
Dogs are truly special and have always stolen our heart since time immemorial. They protect us and with their amazing skills, they help us in more ways than we can think. Their nose power, hearing abilities, brave-hearts enable them to do and perform so many activities, which I would say is not only HARDWORK but HEARTWORK. They feel happy in performing and pleasing us. They leave no stone unturned to help us—from jumping off a helicopter to save a life, working as search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, mobility assistant dogs, police dogs in war zones, etc.
Learning with our Friends4ever is funtastic too, because they teach us everything so naturally. With children, they have one of the best bonds – children learn so much – compassion, kindness, responsibility, communication, friendship, so much more… and most importantly, to give and get LOVE.
We have recently launched a workshop to sensitise kids to dogs’ special abilities and also how to be safe around them. Children were truly amazed on seeing dogs perform so many different activities. It was heartwarming, exciting and encouraging to see the little ones learning, laughing and enjoying… when they saw how capable their furry friends are.
We look forward to spreading more awareness and knowledge about our Friends4ever. MK Clinton (author of the popular book The Returns), truly said, “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
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Sparkle & the team wish you a SPARKLING festive season ahead! May the eternal HAPPINESS, HEALTH, JOY, PEACE, SUCCESS and MORE…always be with you!
Happy reading!