Why God made dogs?

Sparkle’s cuddle made me think- Why God made dogs? – the answer was simple for Happiness and Hugs, Love and Loyalty, Friendship and Fun, to Give and to be Grateful. Our Furry Gurus teach us a lot more- Mindfulness, Compassion, Perseverance, Never Give up Attitude, Express – wag when you’re happy, growl or give warning signals when you’re not. Simply put – Be true andUntitled-34 be you. Sniff for the daily dose of happiness in simple things. Enjoy the cold nip, snuggle in the blanket, give soulful looks for the things you want. Be demanding and most of all – Have fun! Lift our spirits, make us laugh, bark our blues away…with their numerous antics keep us amazed and alive. Most important – learn to say NO – if you don’t want to do something- don’t do it (this happens on a cold day when Sparkle refuses to go for a walk!).
Truly our best friends who not only give us the emotional support but since time have been helping humans in so many activities- herding, sledging, detection activities- bombs, drugs, health issues, helping people with disabilities, being a confidante to all – helping children, supporting the elderly – so many amazing abilities in one package – the dog!
A child who is brought up in the company of a pooch knows that he is responsible for his dog’s needs and thus develops compassion for all beings.
“The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic.” – Henry Ward Beecher (1813 – 1887)
Some New Year resolutions by our loving pet parents: Varuna Divekar from Mumbai says, “My resolution is to buy more dogs and a farm house.” In Secunderabad, Manoj Khurana decides to sterilise more colony friends, already 100+fixed. Similarly, Nishi Chand of Lucknow goes for more awareness of adoption & sterilisation and Oindrila Ray will help stray dogs get some shelter, food and medicine in Pune. And in Delhi, Deepti Shukla’s dog Zoonie will share her food with street friends. Sanjana Ganguli in Ahmedabad and Ranjeeta Nath Ghai in Assam plan to reduce weights of their pooches. In Kanpur, Manisha Dubey says to have lots of fun and love each other more and Vatsala Shukla in Delhi gets set for longer morning walks and soaking up the morning sunlight with her pooch.
Sparkle and the team of Dogs & Pups wish you Furry happiness – have a fun-filled 2014!


Beginnings & Happy Memories

The first day of your pup/dog is very special. Happy homecoming is possible only with planning and doing the right thing – read, talk, explore. A lot of activities happen before the arrival of the pup- and a lot of work afterwards. It’s a new environment for him – people, smells, places to explore – they need extra love, care and attention. It requires patience, time and loads of love, but believe me, it turns out to be one of the most rewarding experiences and memorable memories.

My three canines – Beauty who looked like a bear cub, Teddy – the001 grizzly bear- a Pomerian with tonnes of attitude and Sparkle – were all tiny when they came. The excitement when we first met them was tremendous but each would miss their mom and littermates- and howl. But they easily settled in with lots of cuddles, warmth and of course work. Soon they were at their wagging, exploring and don’t mess with me- Best! Lots of patience and love gave them the confidence and kept them happy.

Beauty, my Labrador always wanted attention from my mother first. I specially remember an incident, when she actually pushed my sister off my mother’s lap to make room for herself – as if telling my mom – it’s me FIRST! My Black Beauty, as we used to call her, was an attention and sympathy seeker too. Once she got hurt and had her front paw bandaged- she came to each one of us and showed her bandaged paw. A boundless ball of energy-who my grandmother tried very hard to train- but Beauty had better ideas and would zip in our garden, always trying to evade her. All these memories really lighten and liven up the moment and make the heart smile. I see the same magic between Sparkle and Suhaan – my six-year-old son. The beginning of the day what three of us look forward to most is cuddled up canine moments! Sparkle is Suhaan’s self appointed alarm clock- feels delighted to wake him for school and once he’s up –Sparkle enjoys all the cuddles…

Children bond well with pets and are ever so excited- recently was a pleasure to see three-year-old Zaisha bond with Bingo- all of four months – a zesty Golden Labrador. Zaisha- took charge- her only care and concern Bingo. Not only that when Zaisha went for a three weeks holiday- she missed and worried only about Bingo.

In this issue, we have collected experiences from pet parents about the first day of pup at their home and much more. We are sure it would revive all your past memories and make you prepared for another beginning.
Dogs & Pups  team and Sparkle wish you a Magical, Sparkling & a FUNtastic year ahead.


Sparkle struck!

A new breed of pet parents has emerged- those who get trained by their dogs and their hilariousEditorial habits. But if you think of it- which I am pretty sure- Sparkle must be finding each and every habit of mine hilarious. The habits, I am sure, he likes of me are when I take him out, food time or play time. Otherwise I wonder what he thinks. My son keeps telling me that it would be so nice to know what Sparkle thinks… so many of us might have thought this at some point of time. It sure will be fun. In fact, toymaker Takara in Japan offers a canine translator called Bow-lingual which can decipher your pooch’s barks and growls as human emotions.

Sparkle is stubborn- we do share a chemistry and that too a funny one, while on our walks- we walk on one side of the street- but on the way back- mind you- my senior (he just turned ten- touchwood), has a mind of his own. He does not want to walk on the same side and wants to walk on the other, traffic which is zooming at us is of no concern to him. No amount of cajoling, pulling and sometimes even tugging can change Sparkle. He just stands there rooted and I have to give in… making me a laughing stock of the passersby.

Sparkle gets his way – when he decides to go for a walk, he leaves no stone unturned… never gives up and goes to every potential person at home or at work. If one candidate says no, the other one is targeted immediately, his strategy changes in a fraction of a second. Come to think of it… he has mapped our characters so well that his brain analyses and knows who will give in. He is also very vocal of what he

wants- which comes out loud and clear! His evening walks are the funniest- he watches each movement with precision. Sparkle is like a dancing dog around the targeted candidate and if there is emergency and he needs to go out soon- he is like this barking, dancing dog!

Sparkle the office going dog- he takes his work and walks very seriously. Not to forget the chaos we share everyday while on our way to work and back with him or the times which is the India Gate time- a long story again!

I bet all pet parents have their own stories to share. Write to us about your experiences and let us all join in the fun! Sparkle with the team wishes you all a Sparkling festive season ahead.


Magical Nine!

Dogs make our life beautiful! The moment you open your heart to them…there is no looking back. You getEditorial completely smitten by the melting eyes, the wagging tail, the happy gait, the demanding bark…. The joy you experience in simple things is beyond comparison. Each antic is a story to tell; each achievement a feather in your cap.

All the jumping, tearing, chewing partially leave you exasperated and partially in awe of the little monster who you have let in. You try to calm them, soothe them, keep them busy and most of all happy. And in reality what is most important is your time and the things you do together. At each moment of the day, we all are Responsible Pet Parents.

Responsible Pet Parenting is the core of Dogs & Pups and this is how we started with an idea 10 years back- and it’s a wonderful feeling that with our 9th Anniversary Issue, we share the same love, feeling and sentiments…but we are not alone…there are so many pooch lovers across the country who share the same passion and compassion, which have helped us in our endeavour to spread pooch love across.

A recent survey in Vienna reaffirms this and says that the bond between dogs and their pet parents is highly similar to the deep connection between young kids and their parents and we all would definitely nod in agreement. We have never differentiated between our kids and pets – in fact our children grow up, but our pets continue to be the little one for us throughout our lives.

To celebrate our 9th Anniversary, we have few very different and interesting stories in our Pandora’s Box. The feature on La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc talks about the strength and endurance of our pooches and most of all the bonds between the musher and canines. You can also read about the various dog sports- and ensure you engage your tailwagger in sports activities. Tiny Paws – a special feature on puppies would be liked by all pet parents who have either brought home a pup or are planning to bring one. This special feature will help you to keep your canine friend happy and keep boredom at bay, besides teaching them right behaviour.

The canine-human bond is everlasting… and centuries old… every second you spend with them is an investment of many magical memories. And with these thoughts in mind, we go another year older or shall we say experienced in the world of pooches!

“Happy Magical Nine,” Sparkle wishes to all!


Unforgettable in every way!

Like the jingle Har ek friend zaroori hota hai, friendship takes us forward. Expression &Editorial care is the key. We are even luckier to share this bond with our four-legged canine friends in our homes and around us. While growing up, I shared my heart and home with Beauty and Teddy. Beauty, a black Labrador, was like a little black bear when she came to us and grew to be a lady of charm. Teddy on the other hand was a fluffy white GRIZZLY protective Spitz – who took it upon himself to be our guard – he would not even allow our parents to enter our room. And now Sparkle takes the cake too – he demands whatever he wants and ensures he gets it ASAP – no room for patience. We create many precious memories every day. We call him Sparkle – the office going dog!

Also to remember our precious four-legged friends around us who are always so excited and eager to meet and greet. Many of us are lucky to have these angels around the place we live or work. Sparkle and I share our lives with Kaalu – as the name says a beautiful black dog who is around our office and always so happy to see us. At home – there is Goldy, with his glistening fur who has been Sparkle’s friend for years – he only wants a pat, a brush against the leg and love. Then, there is a newcomer called Starry who knows he is a rock star, with his sparkling golden eyes… he actually escorts me and Sparkle for our morning walks and feels so happy doing so. Not to forget Cranky – who keeps whining for food and attention – he got hurt and when we nurtured him, he has made our home area his base- welcoming us with his whines – the moment he spots us. Then there is this adorable talking dog – called Fatso…you talk to him and he talks back, he truly is amazing! And as the name suggests – well-fed, pampered pet of the colony. There’s Lady – who has the best wag! Then, there’s another special friend who meets us on our walks with his awesome white fur and chocolate brown eyes – both Sparkle and I feel our day is made when we meet him. Not only does he jump with joy but Sparkle and I are prancing too….that’s the effect he has on us. To passers by… it seems like madness!

Enjoy each day of your togetherness with your little one…every moment is precious. Take care of them and be compassionate towards those on the streets.

Happy summer and stay cool, says Sparkle, who has himself made a permanent seat right in front of the AC, in every room he goes!


Abundant energy, love & intelligence!!

All those who are blessed with a pooch would definitely agree that pooches are more thanEditorial smart – not only in their looks and mannerisms but also emotionally and intellectually. They know when we are home, they are there to greet us at the door. They know when and how to plead to get their favourite treat or a walk down the street. They keep us on our toes and teach us not to be lazy.

These tailwaggers know when we are happy; they know when we are sad. They somehow know when we need their company and when we need to be left alone. They can actually gauge our emotions and act accordingly. They never hesitate to lick our tears or to wag their tails in our joys.

They are the first ones to know when our home is in danger, and also the first one to try save us from that mishap…. We are their family and they would do anything to protect us from the looming danger.

Dogs can be a guide and a helping hand to people who are physically challenged; they are a source of peace and joy for the mentally challenged. They bring in new hopes for the sick and unhappy. Then, there are working dogs who help nab criminals and find bombs, besides helping in rescue operations in case of disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, wars, etc.

Pooches even help children in enhancing their reading abilities. They are truly a blessing to a child who is growing up, he learns so many lessons of life from his little friend – love, compassion, care, companionship, to name a few.

We can train our pooches to do many tricks, which makes others look at them with awe. More recently, three SPCA (Auckland) rescue dogs, Monty, Porter and Ginny, got behind the wheel of a MINI Countryman Cooper S and proved you can teach old dog new tricks.

In fact, our pooches are smarter than we can think of…they are a source of abundant energy, love and intelligence. No doubt, we say, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”


Jump with joy – with Pooch love!

New Year is not just the beginning of a new calendar, but it is much more – new hopes, Editorialnew aspirations, new resolutions, etc – in fact, it gives us an opportunity to jump with joy and start afresh.

A UK survey was recently conducted to find how important pets are for pooch lovers, especially women and there were some interesting findings. As many as 25 percent women would dump a man if their pet did not like him…. hmmm… whoever said women can be wooed with hearts and chocolates should think again! And 50 percent women say their first ‘hello’ to their pet when they are back home… no wonder why pets are so excited to welcome them at the door! Not only this, 33 percent of women would sleep on the floor besides their sick pets. Other findings indicate that almost half of the pet parents are ready to incur any expense on their sick pets and 60 percent celebrate events like birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Days with their pets.

We recently conducted an opinion poll on Facebook on a select group of women (pet parents) who are dedicated to their furry babies and here’s what we found: Almost 100 percent women say ‘hello’ to their pooches first when they get home… there are no two answers about it. Similarly, all we interacted agreed that they love to talk to their paw friends.

Pets are always a part of celebrations at home…that’s a fact that all our respondents shared. What about pets and partners – Nishi Chand says, “I already told him before our marriage that I love animals and can never live without them… thank God he is also an animal lover.” While Ranjeeta Nath Ghai puts it, “You have to be on the same track if you have to live together…”

We also posted a question wherein we asked if they would sleep on the floor if their pet was ill and we got some really interesting responses. As Stephen Game shares, “Ill or not, I only sleep on the floor… I sleep on the floor for them and them only!” While, Manesh Krishna, Vatsala Shukla, Alka Paul, Tanvi Nagpal and Sahana Saran say that their pets sleep with them every day on their beds. Now, that’s what we call pooch love… kudos to all our pet parents!

Let’s all woof into this New Year 2013 and Sparkle is refusing to step out for walks as temperatures are dipping in northern India. Take care!

Friend for life

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, big or small, young or old. He doesn’t care ifEditorialby, Shweta Khurana you’re not smart, not popular, not a good joke-teller, not the best athlete, nor the best-looking person. To your dog, you are the greatest, the smartest, the nicest human being who was ever born. You are his friend and protector.”
– Louis Sabin

We all know how true it is…we are the world for our pooches…we are their life…their love…and so are they. Life becomes beautiful when we share our life with a furry friend…they listen when we talk…they wag their tails when we are happy…they are sad when we are sad…and most importantly, they are happy when they see us…day in and day out.

For all these little but wonderful things they do for us…they ask for nothing more than our love and concern. Their life depends on us – we provide them food, shelter and care. Like children, we need to nurture them for their life. Any neglect on our end may become critical for our pooch.

A young reader of Dogs & Pups, Kanupriya Agarwal, has beautifully summed up what it means to have a dog:

“Enough time for his healthy upbringing
Enough space for him to move around in the house
Enough people in the household to look after him
Enough money for his wholesome rearing
Enough energy to keep up with his demands
Enough patience to deal with his pranks
Enough compassion to look after him when he is sick
Enough perseverance to train him properly.”

Yes… that’s what makes a responsible pet parent! And we are proud that our younger generation is compassionate enough to feel so much for their pets. It is a scientifically proven fact that children who grow up with pets are more compassionate towards living beings. If you have a child at home, gift him a friend for life – a pooch. Just make sure your pooch is well-cared for and is suited to your home and family.

We with Sparkle wish you a great festive season ahead and a very Happy New Year!


Happy pet parenting!


Masters in the art of communication

Its a wonderful life – specially when you have your amazing paws who constantly keep aEditorial watch over your every move, emotion and action. The jingle of the cupboard keys – gives them a clue – that you are about to go – so here they come and stand right next to you expectantly – if you are going somewhere – I AM GOING WITH YOU – with a loud woof, tonnes of excitement and that adorable wag. ‘Wear your sneakers’- and we all know those watchful eyes have already decoded your next move and know exactly that you are ready to go for a walk- the whole symphony of TAKE ME ALONG starts again. Pack your bags and if you are not taking your paws- your heart melts at those soulful eyes and lonesome look. Eating something delicious and not giving them amounts to CRIME. Not to forget that every move you make – enter home or simply wake up in the morning – their zest, happiness and love to see you in unlimited.

Sparkle and I love our morning walk where he keeps a check on me – the continuous turning of his head to catch my gaze is heartwarming and I am just three steps behind him – holding his leash!

All occasions are shared – happiness and sadness. When you are happy… your pooch becomes jubilant too and when you are gloomy he will just cuddle with you wondering the reason for the same. Angry or irritated they just sense the vibes and leave the room! Your emotions become his emotions in no time. It is because your pooch looks at you and tries to gauge your emotions with your body language and the tone of your voice. Your actions speak louder than words and these canines are truly the masters in the art of communication. Even while walking if you tighten the grip on the leash seeing dogs approach from front- your pooch will immediately recognise this behaviour and react accordingly. If you are relaxed and speak to him reassuringly so will he be. The communication between us and our pooches is strong – not limited by the speech!

In this issue, we have discussed the people who have understood canines as they are and not as we want them to be. They are truly masters in the art of canine communication- a salute to them. Female vs Male is an age-old bias – people only want male puppies – let’s do try to change this.
Now that festivals are near… take care and enjoy with responsibility. Also, we all – with Sparkle leading – thank you for your overwhelming response for the Anniversary Issue of Dogs & Pups… it actually keeps us going!

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Happy reading!

Saare Jahan Se Achha! Hindustan Hamara!

Excellent 8!

Excellent to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Dogs & Pups, the magazine committed toEditorial responsible pet parenting. The number 8 itself is mystical – in Hinduism, it is the number of abundance… In Islam, eight angels carry the holy throne of Allah in heaven while in Christianity, they believe in the spiritual Eighth day! Even in Chinese culture, number eight is considered auspicious.

But we believe that the number 8 is special for its visual appeal as well, it looks like upright infinity symbol…which means that we would continue to share infinite tales of pooch love, spread the message of responsible pet parenting and celebrate the infinite human-pooch bond.

Undoubtedly, the journey has been phenomenal…we have been touched by the paw-tales shared by readers from time to time…some have been hilarious or inspiring while a few have been really sad…but each tale has shown the love we have for our pooches and their unconditional love for us. We have started a new column ‘Inspiring Tails’ wherein readers can share the inspirations they derive from their pooches…yes our pooches teach us some important life lessons.

Pet parenting is an art and a science…there’s no room for the myths surrounding it. We have consulted a few specialists and listed out the myths and facts surrounding some important aspects of pooch care – health, training, breeding and grooming.

We have always tried our best to bring in like-minded readers and pooch lovers to help make this magazine the best in the industry. Your feedback is significant and has helped us bring the right kind of information you need, mixed with all the features that make the magazine an interesting read.

Sparkle comes to office daily and he has been a noteworthy part of our journey. He ensures quality, converting even the non-dog lover staffs into dog lovers with his innocent look and lovable anecdotes… pooch love is infectious…and dog lovers would definitely agree!

Happy reading!