Lets Live

It is very encouraging to get such tremendous support and response from you. Your enthusiasm is very infectious and it gives the team of ‘Dogs 001&Pups’ a shot in the arm with each publication.

Life is an ongoing learning process. However, all knowledge does not come from books and experience. God gave us nature and animals, who without words, teach us so many lessons, should we pause to look and learn. Have you noticed that our canine friends are playful, they take each day as it comes, each new experience is taken for face value and enjoyed for the moment.

No grudges or sulks are carried over to the next day.

There is always an acknowledgement and a happy response when a loved person is seen. A wiggle or a wag, whatever, the joy is expressed which never fails to warm the heart of the person whom it is for! They give unconditional love friendship and loyalty.

Doing things they love most, whether it be lazing under the shade of a tree, curling up in a cosy bed, lapping up water from a pond or then jumping in it. Whatever they do to spoil themselves, they do with whole hearted fervour and zest. Lesson for us stress ridden, grumpy two legged owners!?!?

To end on a happy note – have you seen doggies ever turn down a car ride with someone they love and when in the car they stick their heads out and enjoy the fresh breeze.

In short, the lesson we learn from our four-legged friends is to live life to the fullest with whatever there is – a little or a lot – that isn’t of consequence. The thing of importance is that each moment is lived to its fullest.

So dear readers lets take the cue and live! Truly a dogs life is worth living……Especially if he is as spoilt as Sparkle!!! Bow wow, streeeeeeetch, yawn, dribble, drool.


Happy New Year

First things first, and the first item on my agenda is to wish every reader a Very Happy New Year.  May the days ahead abound in happiness and a 001sense of achievement.

To our readers, it goes without saying that you love dogs and are most likely to have one as a pet at home. In that case I guess the doggie will be in for some extra special care and attention as the New Year commences.

Unfortunately, we cannot but be totally aware of the horrible devastation caused by the tsunamis. Human life and property, animal life and ecology – all destroyed in heart-wrenching agony. There were many reported incidents that animals sensed the impending danger by detecting subtle shifts in the environment. While the human loss was catastrophic, animals that were free and unchained fled to safety. The National Geographic magazine reported that elephants were seen running away and bats flying. They also mentioned two pet dogs who refused to go for their daily runs on the beach that morning. Along India’s Cuddalore coast, where thousands of people perished, buffaloes, goats, and dogs were found unharmed. But the fact remains that thousands of animals have been rendered homeless. There are teams that have gone to rescue them but, like children, they will need lifelong care. Money is desperately needed, says Maneka Gandhi.

Along with all the alarming tsunami reports, there is a story I must share with you: Nearly two years ago, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, a well-known dog lover, stopped the killing of strays and proposed that they be trained to detect bombs and drugs. The monarch also inspired the idea of taking their help for the rescue efforts after the titanic wave engulfed coastal areas. As a result, the Thai army has deployed dogs to facilitate search in the devastated areas. I conclude with an appeal?:

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.” (Edward Everett Hale) So contribute your share to help the homeless, starting 2005 on a positive note.



Before we realize, the last and festive quarter of 2004 has crept up upon us. The party time has begun with family, friends, lights, goodies and presents. While we celebrate, our canine friends whether at home or on streets, get nervous and anxious. This year, let’s celebrate with a difference! Let’s make it a point to take extra care of our canine friends and be sensitive to their problems. Say no to crackers! Talking of celebrations, it was heartwarming to receive calls from Vandana and Manju, who were planning to celebrate the birthdays of their lil’ doggies. Both were certain that the love they got from their ‘babies’ was beyond compare and they want to celebrate the special day with the pomp and zest as any other family member’s birthday is celebrated at home. Reminds me of Sparkle’s birthday, we sure had a great time romping around, not to forget the gifts he got from all; he sure was sparkling.

Another special way to celebrate is by adopting the E1L1 (Each one leash one) concept – an idea my kid sister had to give a stray a home. What better time to start than the festive season! In this issue, we carry  a story of an abandoned  dog currently been given shelter and care by two kind hearted ladies — will someone open their home and heart to this deserted four-legged stray. A start to E1L1 would be an e-mail to sun_joshi@hotmail.com

From under my bed Sparkle pokes out his nose to wish you all ‘Season’s Greetings’. He is scared of crackers and whimpers ‘why do you guys have to be noisy to have fun’? True, celebrations should be pretty and not eardrum shattering experience! Don’t worry Sparkle, we will be together once the fireworks starts.

With that — both two and four legged animals – let’s crawl out from under our beds and go have some fun together this festive season!


Wow! !

The  enthusiastic nationwide  response  to the inaugural issue of  ‘Dogs & Pups’ was overwhelming.  Owners, doctors, breeders et al, we  the  001team can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and  support. We  take into  serious consideration your suggestions and strive to make the magazine one that you look forward to receiving bi-monthly. From  the  responses  received, it  is  very evident  that  each  one  of  us  is really  and  truly concerned  about the  well-being of our  canine friends. Our  four legged  friends  are an integral part  of  our  lives and  we   simply  adore  them, so  to  all  our  readers  big  and  small , do write  in  and  share  your  experiences  of  doggy  delights. One  often  wishes  there  were  doggy-friendly places where we  could take  our  pets to. Wouldn’t it be  great if  your dog could enjoy a vacation with you, where  both  of  you  could  just romp around,  what  a  feeling! I was lucky to have experienced one such trip with  my pet Sparkle in Shimla, completely  amazing!! In this  issue, we have  an article on ‘Holidaying with your dog’ on a Beach Camp  near Rishikesh. We hope that it will inspire you to cherish some wonderful moments together.

Sparkle woofs a big ‘Hi’ to all. We hope that you enjoy reading this issue. “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – Anonymous

Shweta Khurana