Bubbles 4 Paws: One-stop dog grooming salon and boarding facility

Conveniently located in South Delhi, Bubbles 4 Paws is a one-stop professional dog grooming salon andUntitled-11 boarding facility. Spread over an area of approximately 1300 sq ft, this pet care corner caters all the needs of a dog. Looking clean and groomed is a must for all pets. So, Bubbles 4 Paws offers aroma and medicated baths with a blow dry, breed specific hair clipping and basic hygiene like nail clipping and ear cleaning, all of which are taken care of by trained staff.
Bubbles 4 Paws also offers ‘day care’ along with long and short term boarding facilities. In case of an urgent appointment, attending a function or any emergency, pet parents can drop off their beloved furry buddies either for day or night stay under the care of 24 hour staff and the pets will be looked after so closely, helping pet parents enjoy tension free vacations. For further enquiries, write in at: apmadhok@gmail.com


MARS International India launches brand ‘Eukanuba’




Eukanuba Hycan 2015

MARS International India, a leading pet food manufacturer and marketer of a range of renowned international brands,
has introduced the brand ‘Eukanuba’ in India at a recent launch event in New Delhi. MARS acquired IAMS brand as well as Eukanuba and Natura from P&G last year, which subsequently added IAMS, Eukanuba and Natura to the company’s robust pet care portfolio, which also includes renowned brands like Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Banfield and Nutro. Speaking on the occasion, PVV Srinivasa Rao, MD, MARS International India said, “MARS is driven by the passion for service, pet care and responsible pet parenting. We believe that pets make our world better and our vision is to make a better world for them. Eukanuba has a wider portfolio in terms of variants, textures and flavours for special needs of the pets. With Eukanuba coming on board, we hope to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering them high quality products.”
PVV Srinivasa Rao mentioned that the manufacturing of Eukanuba pet food now in India would help MARS International India to distribute the products faster across the country. On quality control, he said the (Eukanuba) products manufactured in India will be approved by IAMS. Eukanuba enjoys 69 years of experience in scientific research in pet nutrition and manufactured pet food across 70 countries. At the launch event, a gang of well-trained dogs from Commando Kennels (of course, who are fed with Eukanuba products) showcased their endurance and skills that enthralled the crowd.

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WAHL unpacks a complete line of grooming tools
WAHL, which has helped shape the pet grooming products industry several decades ago, introduces a full line of tools to help pet parents groom their pets at home. To address the need for good quality tools, the company unpacks Five Must-Have Grooming Tools consisting of Large Double Sided Brush, Curved Nail Clipper, Slicker Brush XL, Undercoat Rake and Detangling Comb. For more info, contact at: WAHL Toll Free No 1800 3000 0765 or visit: www.wahlglobal.com


Merial introduces
Rabisin and Dermoscent productsmerial 1
Attended by veterinarians from Delhi and NCR, Merial (a Sanofi Company) has recently launched Rabisin and a range of Dermoscent products in New Delhi. Keynote speakers at the launch event were Nilekha Desai, product manager, Merial Animal Health; Michel Bichard-Breaud, international VP, Dermoscent, among others. Nilekha explained about the anti-rabies drug Rabisin, which offers long-lasting protection from a single dose.Merial
In the followed-up session, Michel Bichard-Breaud unfolded a range of Dermoscent dermo-care products. French company Dermoscent’s advanced and natural skin-care solutions are distributed in India by Merial. For further details, write in at: nilekha.desai@merial.com


Khanal Foods launches Dogsee ChewKhanal
Packaged food company Khanal Foods, run by Bhupendra Khanal in Bengaluru, introduces Dogsee Chew. Talking about the newly launched dog food brand, Bhupendra says, “My love for dogs helped me identify the fact that there were no natural treats for dogs, which in turn led to the inception of Dogsee Chew.” Dogsee Chew is a hardened cheese made of yak and cow milk, healthy  alternative to synthetic bone chews. For more details, contact at: bhupendra@dogseechew.com or 9901988577.


Pet GPS tracker from Oliver Pet Careoliver
Why should our pets be left out? In this, Oliver Pet Care Solutions brings Tractive pet GPS tracker, which helps pet parents to know where their pet is. In case of looking for a lost pet, this GPS tracker can narrow down a search area. Some salient features of this tracker (35g) include LIVE-tracking, integrated light, 100 percent waterproof, etc. Available along with the tracker is Tractive Motion (7g) to check ‘activeness’ and ‘laziness’ of your pet while you are away. To know more,  contact at: support@oliverpetcare.com


Canfel Pet Clinic in Hyderabad
A one-stop pet care corner, Canfel Pet Clinic provides diagnostics, in-patient and surgical facilities, grooming and others. This pet clinic located at Plot #74, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta in Hyderabad also provides an exclusive puppy care unit. For more info, contact Dr Praveen Kumar at: 9848046171 or canfel1@rediffmail.com


Royal Canin breeders’ conferences organised in Coimbatore, Delhi and Pune

Sharing knowledge with breeders on nutrition and reproduction, Royal Canin recently organised a series of breeders’ conferences in Coimbatore, Delhi and Pune. Dr Emmanuel Fontaine, DVM, MSc, Dipl ECAR, a graduate from Toulouse Veterinary School, was the keynote speaker at the conferences titled ‘India Breeders’ Conferences’ held in the three major cities. He lectured on Untitled-2reproduction process, which is a complex process influenced by many factors and female nutrition as one factor influencing reproduction performances. Food For Thought, How You Can Optimise Canine Reproduction Thanks to Nutrition,’ was the theme of the conferences.


The conference also marked the lunch of Royal Canin HT42d Large Dog, a product for female dogs over 10 kg (11 kg to 100 kg) from the first day of heat to the 42nd day of gestation. Female dog’s energy needs are stable during the qualitative phase, but certain nutrients are essential for the healthy development of the future puppies. The series of conferences was successfully concluded with positive feedbacks from the attendees saying the events ‘excellent’ and ‘informative’.


Pets 101 introducing an array of products in India Untitled-3
Chennai-based Pets 101 has set to introduce an array of imported pet care products in India. The new range of products from different overseas companies include: toys from All For Paws; shampoos, conditioners, oral care products from Tropiclean; fish-based dog food, treats, salmon oil, wet dog/cat food from Fish4Dogs; fibre/plastic crates, bowls, cat litter trays, small animal houses from MPS; and beds, leashes, collars, bowls from United Pets.
For more details, contact Arunodaya Reddy at 9841122223 or pets101india@gmail.com


Millennium Exports launches Pet Likes premium dog food
Chennai-based Millennium Exports has launched an ultra-premium dog food branded Pet Likes. Pet Likes is a high energy, high protein product from an Indian company. The protein in the food product comes from three main animal sources, fish, chicken and meat. With Rs 295 per kg, Pet Likes is now offered in special introductory offer to distributors at Rs 138 per kg FOB, Chennai in branded printed bags of 5 kg and 10 kg. For further details and other products of the company, visit: www.petlikes.in


Comfy stay for pooches @ Harley & Me hotelUntitled-5


Harley & Me is yet another boarding centre and club by Pets 101 in Chennai. Facilities available in this new hotel for dogs include ultra modern luxury boarding (completely
air-conditioned to allocate 30 to 65 sq ft per dog), 8000 sq ft play area with lawn, swimming pool (vet certified), grooming studio, pet store, pet cafe (soon to be opened), agility training and fun activities, rehab and therapeutic massage, workshops for pet parents and their pets, bed and breakfast for dog lovers/pet parents. Harley & Me is a subsidiary of Pets 101, a pet company running pet product retail stores in Besant Nagar and Mylapore, and pet grooming studio and training school in Besant Nagar. For more details, contact Arunodaya Reddy at 9841122223 or pets101india@gmail.com or visit: facebook.com/harleyandmehotelfordogs

‘Dogs Day Out’

Select City Walk & People For Animal organised a fun event cum carnival for pets at Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi. The carnival titled Dogs Day Out focused on pets and pet parents having fun. Pet parents got the chance to bring their pets a day out to let their pets enjoy pet cafes, dog boutique stores, grooming sessions, etc at the venue.

Vivaldis range of products launched

Prof Edurado Sanz and O P Singh at the Mumbai launch

Prof Edurado Sanz and O P Singh at the Mumbai launch

Vivaldis recently conducted its launch in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. OP Singh, chairman, Vivaldis spoke on the growing trend of petcare industry in India and abroad. Prof Yathiraj, dean, Bangalore Veterinary College and member of Global Nutrition Committee, spoke about common lifestyle diseases in pet animals, root causes and remedies.

Vivaldis recently conducted its launch in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. OP Singh, chairman, Vivaldis spoke on the growing trend of petcare industry in India and abroad. Prof Yathiraj, dean, Bangalore Veterinary College and member of Global Nutrition Committee, spoke about common lifestyle diseases in pet animals, root causes and remedies.
Dr Eduardo Sanz, scientific managing director, Catalysis and knowledge partner of Vivaldis from Spain as a speaker talked about the role of antioxidants in treatment of various lifestyle diseases.

WAHL natural shampoos offer fresh approach to ‘grooming’ problem

WAHL has welcoming news for the millions of pet parents who bathe their pets. The company that helped shape the pet Wahlgrooming products industry several decades ago is launching a full line of natural pet shampoos that, in addition to supporting demand for natural products, also addresses growing concerns of pet parents everywhere. Pet parents have raised the red flag in recent years over the chemicals used in pet shampoos. Realising the need, WAHL has created a shampoo line formulated from 100-percent-natural plant-derived ingredients deemed safe for pets and pet parents. “Unfortunately, many shampoos on the market that contain harsh chemicals are also difficult to rinse off,” said Navdeep Jayee, national sales manager for WAHL in India. “When the shampoo is not properly rinsed, it leaves a residue that can further irritate the skin—or worse,” he added.


To address the need for better rinse-ability, WAHL shampoos contain more surfactants, a natural compound that adds viscosity for rinsing effectiveness. They also contain a higher concentrate, requiring only a small amount for effective cleaning. The complete line includes: Four In One (lavender and chamomile), Puppy Shampoo (tear-free, cornflower and aloe), Odour Control (natural odour repellent – eucalyptus and spearmint) Oatmeal (oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lemon verbena), Shed Control (lemongrass, sage, oatmeal and aloe) and
Flea & Tick (rosemary, mint and cedar oil). WAHL pet shampoos are available in industry-leading 24 ounces at max price of Rs 750 and deliver 70 percent more baths than standard 12-ounce bottles. For further enquiries, contact WAHL at toll free number: 1800 3000 0765.

Events l Nov-Dec 2014

Venky’s opens animal specific diagnostic centre in Pune

Offering its services with an extended hand, Venky’s opens its state-of-the-art Venky’s Pet Diagnostic Center in Pune, catering ‘pet specific diagnostic Untitled-24services’ under one roof with all the necessary services and equipments. The new diagnostic centre is located at Shankuntal Plaza on Law College Road, Near Nal Stop. Going one step further in their support to pet practitioners, this centre will eliminate incorrect diagnosis and speed up proper treatments at the right time. Equipped with ultra modern world renewed veterinary equipments, as well as well-trained and highly qualified staff, Venky’s Pet Diagnostic Center opens from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm on all weekdays.
For further details, contact Dr Kokane, Venky’s Pet Division at: drkokanevenkys@gmail.com


Adventure for pets and pet parents in nature’s backyard Untitled-25

‘Mutt Hutt Unleashed’ – a property of Mumbai-based Mutt Hutt Café conducted their first pet camp on 8th and 9th November 2014 at an Acoustic Music Festival close to Pawna Lake at Lonavala. “Giving pet parents a chance to escape the city and experience a bond with their pets like never before, where music met an exciting camping experience in the heart of nature,” explained the overjoyed sisters Bhakti Bhukhanwala and Trupti Zaveri, founders of Mutt Hutt Cafe.

Events l July-Aug 2014

Barkers Den unveils in JammubARKERS dEN
Barkers Den is the ultimate retreat for professional pet grooming and spa centre at Jammu. Available luxurious aroma therapy bath, medicated bath, herbal massage, custom hair styling, pet hygiene or other dog grooming essentials, Barkers Den will give your cherished pet their undivided expert attention. Additionally, Barkers Den has its own boutique that offers unique dog merchandise & ‘Escapade’ –an opportunity for pets and their families to spend time together.
For further details, contact at: 09419156566 or visit: www.barkersden.in


Cell-Pet supplements and I Am Free shampoos introduced
Murti Exports (India) introduces Cell-Pet the Oxygen mineral supplements which enhances vitality, energy and should be given to all pets for general well being (a product of USA). A range of organic shampoos – I Am Free, is also available in India now (a product of South Africa). Cell-Pet is a liquid which is highly concentrated, super-energised, colloidal minerals and nutritional supplements that can be added in the drinking water of your dog on daily basis. The newly Cell Petintroduced supplements are Cell-Pet Female (improves vitality, fertility and lactation), Cell-Pet Immune-Booster (effectively reduces stress, augments humoral immunity and improves T-cell activities) and Cell-Pet Junior (improves digestion, assimilation, immunity and nurtures growth). And the newly launched shampoos are Neem & Sesame Oil (anti-bacterial, soothing and makes fur fluffy and good coat condition), Rosemary & Tea Tree (an anti-bacterial combination and repellent to fleas, ticks and other insects) and Lavender & Citronella (an anti-bacterial combination, soothing and makes fur fluffy and good coat condition). These shampoos available in 250 and 500 ml are 100 percent organic and free from harmful chemicals. For further details, contact Murti Exports (India) at: 09163364775/9811130139 or amit@cellpetindia.com,mohit@cellpetindia.com


Woof Yums’ street campaignWoof Yums
New Delhi-based Woof Yums organised Treat on Street campaign on 31st May 2014 where animal lovers across seven cities
(Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Goa, Bellary and Panipat) fed the strays & created awareness. For more details, contact at: 09650250604 or woofyums@gmail.com


New pet salon Poochez unveils in BengaluruNew Pet salon
Inaugurated on 23rd April 2014, Poochez is a new pet salon in Bengaluru. Specialised in Poodle haircuts, Poochez also provides special services like trimming/styling/scissoring; tick & flea treatments; massage; aroma bath; pawdicure; blueberry facial; and oatmeal bath. For further details, contact Rohan Kunte at: 9900026884 or info@poochez.in or Poochez, Shop #1, 1023/51, Next to Kabab Mandra, Kaikondarahalli, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru – 560035.



Pooch Party @ Mutt Hutt Poochs   
Have you ever seen your dog chug down a ‘Wooftini’ or resist the temptation of a tower built with treats? We’re pretty sure you haven’t played Limbo with them or even had a doggy dance showdown! Well these were some of the exciting party games organised by Mutt Hutt Cafe on 8th June 2014 for their Pooch Party, which was the perfect way to bid adieu to dog days of summer. For further details, contact Mutt Hutt – The Pet Café at: 09930122310 or mutthuttcafe@gmail.com


Heads Up For Tails gets a makeover!heads us of tails
Heads Up For Tails at Select Citywalk in Saket, New Delhi is revamped. “When Sara (Labrador) came into my life, in my quest to make sure that she had the best of everything, I decided to start a unique pet products line to let pet lovers like myself to pamper their pets from Head to Tail!” shares Rashi Narang. For further details, contact at: 011-41016444 or woof@headsupfortails.com



Fashion week 4 petsfashion week
Eternity Entertainment organised a well attended pet fashion week on 28th – 29th June 2014 at Bengaluru. The pets walked the ramp with models and their pet parents. Poochez was the official grooming partner for pets. For further details, contact at: 09886464803 or raaj@eternityentertainment.in


WSAVA One Health Committee launches phase II projectCancer Center
The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) One Health Committee has launched its second three-year programme of work, which aims to highlight the role of small companion animals in One Health at North Carolina from 9th –10th June 2014. Professor Michael Day from the University of Bristol, UK, gave a public lecture entitled ‘Cats, Dogs and Humans: One Medicine, One Health’. For more details, contact Dr Makarand Chavan at: 09821231287 or fsapaindia@gmail.com

Fun-filled dog show at Bareilly

To mark the 2nd Anniversary of Phoenix United Mall and silver jubilee of Pet Clinic at Bareilly, a dog show with a touch of fashion was organised on 9th March 2014 at the mall. It was a day-night show and wonderfully arranged. The show was full of fun and participants were seen enjoying every moment. For further details, contact: Dr Abhai Tilak at 09837066113.

Mutt Hutt organising Pet-Together

Mutt HuttMutt Hutt – The Pet Café’s Pet Together, a day out for family, friends and furry companions on 18th May 2014 at Annapurna, Building 7, Sector 3, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai (Opposite Nature’s Basket). For further information, call: 09930122310/09820029579 or e-mail at: mutthuttcafe@gmail.com