The Lil’ Yoga masters!

Dan Borris is a well-known photographer, widely recognised for his portraitures, which have appeared in many leading magazines as well as used by many corporates. Interestingly, Dan didn’t get into dog photography (other than personal photos of his own dog!) until he started on the Yoga Dogs project. “That was about four years ago… and I’ve learned a lot since then!” he said.

The million-dollar idea…

The idea rolled suddenly. “A friend of mine thought it would be funny to do photos of her and her English Bull Terrier, Otis, while she was practicing yoga. Otis was always sniffing around or licking her while she was in a pose. I laughed and said wouldn’t it be funnier if Otis was doing yoga. That was the beginning,” he shared.

The first calendar…

“The first calendar was the 2009 Yoga Dogs published by Brown Trout in the US. I had sent sample images to them with the idea of making a calendar. They thought it would be great… and it has been! The first shoot I did was with our dog Mela, a yellow Lab-Golden Retriever mix. Alejandra worked with Mela while I shot the photos. We had made a plan for the shoot, and Mela was pretty easy to work with, but of course Mela had some other ideas!” he shared.

The exact pose…

But how does he get the exact pose? “I start with many photos of the same dog. Alejandra gets them as close to a position as possible. We always, always make it fun for the dog and never pressure them. The process of shooting the photos can be pretty funny as you can imagine. I then go to the computer and edit until I find the right combination of shots to make the pose. It’s a long process in Photoshop,” told Dan.

The 2011 calendar…

The 2011 calendar is based on the theme of Yoga puppies and Yoga kittens. It is available for sale at

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to have the pictures of these lil’ performing artists, grab your copy now!

Conversation starters

Our furry friends are considered to be the best conversation starters who help their human friends know each other. There are instances of people even getting married through conversations started by their pooches. Let’s find out how it happened!


Conversation-startersDogs are man’s best friends. I’m sure that many a time you must have come across this term. But have you ever heard of people saying ‘Dogs are best conversation starters’? Let me tell you why. On your daily walk to the park, give a little attention to fellow walkers who come along with their dogs. You will notice that they are the ones who exchange the most number of ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ and they are the people who wear smiles permanently even with sweats dripping down their jaw lines as they exercise. Dogs, irrespective of their breeds and looks, tend to attract conversations. Being a canine companion, I have made friends with people who have approached me just to pat my dog. I also know a couple who fell in love and got married through these ‘doggie’ conversations.

Wedding planners…

Sarika was a weight conscious woman who bought a dog, Cujo, thinking that the pet will motivate her to go on daily walk and also be a companion to her lonely life. Companion and motivation had certainly been what Cujo turned out to be. One day, on their regular high-intensity walk, Sarika noticed an average looking, trying-hard-to-exercise guy, jogging passed her. On the third day when they crossed paths, the guy (Manoj) shouted out a “Hey!” With knitted eyebrows, Sarika shot back a look and said, “Do I know you?” Pat came the reply, “No, but I was talking to your dog, what’s his name?” “Ask her directly”, said Sarika. But even before she realised, Cujo was wagging her tail and extended the handshake for friendship. With another exercising companion, Sarika, Manoj and Cujo cemented their relationship…three years later; Manoj and Sarika are happily married and Cujo stands as a testimonial for conversation starter.

There are many instances where pet owners would use ‘doggie’ topics to break the ice. Vivek, a running enthusiast said, “One has to note the body language of their pet as well. I remember my daily walks with my German Shepherds, Sheeba. None of the girls would want to talk to me for the fear of Sheeba, but now I have a cute Cocker Spaniel, Goldy and when she is with me, I have more people talking to me because she is super friendly…and yes I have loads of walk friends now, that too girls! (winks). But I still maintain that Sheeba was a super dog.”

No more loneliness…

Loneliness is the first thing that will be ruled out once a dog steps in to your life. From single people to families with children to everyone with dogs in their lives show willingness to get out there and make friends and may be smile at strangers.

Adolf Hitler too had a dog named Blondi. The dictator that he was, he also felt the need of having a companion, someone more than his human followers. Hitler was very fond of Blondi, keeping her by his side and allowing her to sleep in his bedroom in the bunker, the affection not even shared by his girlfriend. It was learnt that Hitler would talk to Blondi on a day-to-day basis.

Recollecting how she made friends for life because of a dog, Saina, a PR professional said, “I used to live in an apartment and being a single woman I didn’t go out to make friends, I used to notice a Rottweilers in my neighbourhood. As I had been wondering about the furry friend’s owner, one day I met someone talking about the dog whose name was Tiger. Tiger was the sole reason for us to start a conversation and we have been best friends since then.”

So, next time you hear a greeting directed at you when you are accompanied by your dog or if you make friends with like-minded people through such conversation, don’t forget to give your dog a much deserved tight hug. It’s good for your soul.

A page from the diary of a doggone doggy!

Dear Diary,
It’s time to type out my TV trauma. My two-legged parents call it ‘idiot box’. Yet they gather in front of it every night… hypocritical hawks! Grrrhmphhh…! My two-legged siblings call it ‘time-pass’. After all, to not be tuned in to the latest sporting drama is a faux pas.
Coming to the point… My opinion of the good ol’ television…I call it ‘Temptation Island!’ Yes it’s even better than a belly rub! Well…almost…(wag-wag-wag-wag-wag wag-wag…! WAGGG!) Oh no, not because of the latest canine couture on ‘Poo TV’. Not even because of the visual feast on ‘Top Chef’…oooh yummmeaaaah! (Excuse the drool.)
I call it ‘Temptation Island’ because television is like fantasy land…Rather, it is utopia.
I ask you… where else does it rain balls day and night? Add to it…the replays and highlights!
Last month it was the T20 World Cup. Then the FIFA drama showed up. Talk about
topping off the double chicken burger with a splash of ketchup… Not  to forget the Wimbledon mania! (Chicken burger… sigh…back to drooling…hic-hic-hiccup!)
Nowadays all I see are cricket balls, soccer balls, tennis balls…even
golf balls juggling around me! And it’s driving me crazy! C-R-A-Z-Y!
They throw, they fetch. They kick, they catch. They hit, they head bang.
They shoot, they smash. They also trip, slip and crash.
What fun! It sure looks like living heaven! How I wish someone would invent a TV where I could jump in and join the real action… Or maybe even initiate a sporting event called Canine Catch Cup? What say? All those in favour, yell HIP HIP HURRAY.
Or Waka Waka woof woof in your own special way!

The mythical canines!

Man’s association with dogs dates back to centuries. The ubiquitous dog has been considered man’s best friend for as long as this universe existed. So, have our Gods also felt the canine love? Sure, here’s more on our legendary canines!

Pooches in Hindu mythology

Animals have played a significant role in Hindu mythology. Almost all Gods and Goddesses worshipped by thefeactures fun and frolic Hindus have been associated with some animals or the other. Lord Ganesha has the mouse as his vehicle, Lord Yama is seen riding a buffalo, Lord Vishnu flies on Garuda, the eagle, Lord Shiva has a snake wound around his neck, while a peacock carries Lord Subramanyan and Goddess Kali has the royal tiger to take her around. And here’s more about the Gods and their canines:

Lord Shiva’s various incarnations: Bhairava is Shiva’s fierce manifestation, who is accompanied by a dog. Feeding and taking care of dogs is another way of showing devotion to Lord Bhairava. So, devout Hindus on a pilgrimage to Kasi (Benares) visit the temple of Kalabhairava without fail and they believe that the best way to seek His divine blessings is to feed sweetmeats to 11 dogs every Saturday.

Another incarnation of Lord Shiva in other parts of India known as Khandoba, also had the same attributes. Legend has it that Khandoba rode on a dog. Deities such as Rudra and Virabhadra, both incarnations of Lord Shiva, were associated with dogs, and a soubriquet describing Rudra characterizes him as ‘shvapati’ or ‘master of the dog’.

Lord Dattatreya: Lord Dattatreya has four dogs, considered to symbolize the four Vedas – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda and Sama Veda. They follow the Lord as “hounds of heaven -and watchdogs of truth” and are owned by Datta, the greatest hunter for the souls of men.

Yama: Who doesn’t know Yama, the God of Death, who had two ferocious dogs, the offspring of Samara, which guarded the herds of Indra, the king of gods? These dogs reportedly wander among men as messengers of Yama. They also guard the roads leading up to His abode.

Yudhishtira: The last part of the Mahabharata narrates the story of Yudhisthira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers, during his journey to heaven. At the peak of Mount Meru, Yudhisthira met Indra, who refused to admit Yudhisthira to heaven because he insisted on bringing along a stray dog, which according to Indra, was an unholy creature not worthy of a place in heaven.

This dog had been a faithful companion to Yudhisthira throughout his long journey on earth. When Indra questioned, “You can leave your brothers behind, not arranging proper cremations for them…and you refuse to leave behind a stray dog?” Yudhisthira replied, “Draupadi and my brothers chose to leave me, and it is not I who left them.” Saying thus, he refused to go to heaven unless the dog was allowed entry by the sentry. At that moment the dog changed its form into God Dharma, Yudhisthira’s father, who was only testing his son.

Kunnathurpadi Sree Muthappan temple: Have you ever heard of a temple where two majestic dogs guard the royal deity? Yes, I am referring to the Kunnathurpadi Sree Muthappan temple in Kerala’s Kannur district. Dogs are considered sacred at this temple and one can see plenty of dogs roaming inside and around the temple. Devotees feed these dogs and the camaraderie between man and his best friend is very much in evidence here. Bronze temple dogs guard the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, which is a concrete structure with tiered roofs that is supported by pillars and decorated with elephants. Even today, the glorious legend of the dog is carried forward by the devout, who care for the animal and feed it religiously at least to cleanse their sins and guarantee a berth in heaven, if not for the love of dogs.

Shirdi Sai Baba – a dog lover too: Anyone who has visited the holy shrine of Shirdi will not miss the divine sight of scores of stray dogs roaming freely within the temple premises unmindful of the lakhs of devotees milling around them. It is believed that Sai Baba loved dogs immensely.

Thus, dogs have a sacred place in our hearts and lives and when they are associated with our Gods, they are divine!

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Our gorgeous pets have exciting names. Here are a few and the reasons behind these exquisite names…

    • My female dog Miu is a Bujop Chi Mollosser breed from North East India. Since she is a Himalayan breed, I gave her the name Miu meaning doll in Tibetan.
      –Ravi VS Prasad

    • I have named my Chow Chow breed Koda because he is huggable and lovable like the bear in Brother Bear movie.
      –Amethyst Jamiro

    • My Labrador was named Allan because it is customary in our religion while assigning name to a baby to take first alphabet from our holy book. Starting with the alphabet ‘A’ which is a variant of the name Alan (Old German) and Allen (Gaelic) and the meaning of Allan is ‘Precious’ (as he is precious too).

Rush in your pooch’s name and reason behind it; send in the entry with your address at and win exciting ribbed non-skid dog bowls by:

feactures fun and frolic

Your K9: the whiz kid!

If you think, humans can only understand arithmetic, then you are wrong because our pooches can count upto five and do simple arithmetic calculations as well!

If you have a two-year-old child and a pooch at home, you must have felt it many times that both are equallyfeactures fun and frolic intelligent. Well, it is now a proven fact. At the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Stanley Coren, a well-known expert on canine intelligence at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, stated that our dogs are capable of understanding upto 250 words and gestures. Not only this, they can count upto five and can even perform simple calculations.

The intelligence level of the pooch will undoubtedly depend on its breed as well. For example, Border Collies and Retrievers are two of the most intelligent breeds while Hounds and Terriers are the backbenchers.

Nevertheless, our K9s are intelligent and we all know that…

On common grounds

While many of you, would be counting what you and your beloved pooch have in common, here are a few scientifically proven facts about the similarities we have with our pooches.


  1. On-common-groundsOnly two of us have prostates: Dogs and humans are the only living beings who have prostates. What’s more, even the canine prostate gland and its diseases are very similar to that of humans.
  2. We both can be a lefty or righty: As per the Institute for the Study of Animal Problems in Washington DC, dogs, like people, are either right- or left-handed. And we just wondered whether our baby would be a lefty or righty! Do you know whether your pooch is a lefty or a righty – no, so, what are you waiting for? Just check it out.
  3. We play the same game to woo our women: How many of you males have let girls win, even if you could have easily won the game? For most of you, a game lost now is love earned; our pooches also let their lady love win.
  4. We behave the same way: Our pooches are the best models for understanding social behaviour. We share similar traits like co-operation, attachment, ability to imitate, etc. And this is all because humans and dogs have been friends for time immemorial and they have lived together for centuries.
  5. We both feel jealous and hurt: Jealousy and feeling hurt are universal emotions and guess what our little pooches feel the same way to. So keep this in mind, handle his heart with care.

Pawsitively precious
My pooch is my baby; here are reasons why I can’t live without her.

  1. Warm hearty welcome: She is always happy to see me when I am back home. She always welcomes me with a wagging tail and a happy mood.
  2. Unconditional love: She is always there to love me and listen to my woes.
  3. No complaints: She never complains about bad weather, people or any other thing.
  4. Companionship: She always gives me good company. She is a companion I can rely on.
  5. Free spirit: Her zest for life is contagious. Whenever I am with her, I remember to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Pawsitively mine
My pooch’s valuable possession

  1. Me (her most valued possession!)
  2. Her favourite toy (my soft chappals!)
  3. Her dog bowl (of course full of her favourite treat!)
  4. Her daily walk in the park (where her crush also comes for a walk!)
  5. Her comfy bed (of course my bed!)

Top ten doggie flicks of all time

Spend the lazy summer afternoons, watching a doggie flick which both you and your pooch would like. Here’s a list of top 10 most admired doggie movies.

Summers have set in…the scorching heat deters you and your pooch to spend more time outdoors. But despair not for there would just be few things which could be more fun than curling up on the couch with your furred friend and bond over a movie. Choose from the Top Ten List of Pooch Flicks–all of which are sure to be loved by adults, kids and canines alike!

Lady and The Tramp
Love knows no boundaries

This Walt Disney classic is a delightful watch for the whole family. The story revolves around the unlikely romance between a pure bred and uppity female Cocker Spaniel (Lady) and a free-spirited, rebellious male mutt (Tramp). Lady feels hurt and neglected after her pet parents Jim Dear and Darling bring home a new baby. The movie is both touching and funny; and also has a strong message for pet parents who are expecting a new addition in the family. One gets to see things from a dog’s point of view and learns how a pet dog feels when the family equation is suddenly altered one day.

Lassie Come Home
Love you always

Touted as one of the all-time classic dog films, this is a heart rending story about a loyal Collie named Lassie. Her poverty-stricken family is compelled to sell her off to a wealthy duke. But Lassie would do anything to get back to her original pet parents. Lassie’s love and loyalty epitomizes what all dogs are about. This tear jerker is sure to melt your heart. The success of this movie inspired several sequels and even a television show.

Old Yeller
A moving story of love and loyalty

Old Yeller is the finest among early Disney dramas. This classic dog movie is a sensitive and evocative tale of a stray mutt called Old Yeller. Little Travis is hesitant to adopt Yeller so much so that he flings rocks at him. However, he undergoes a change of heart after Old Yeller proves his mettle as an ideal dog. The dog helps the boy get over the grief of losing his first dog Belle and the movie traces a journey of personal growth in both of them. The climax of the movie is sure to make even the toughest of men shed a tear. Watch this with a bundle of tissue papers and a bucket. Even after decades of its release, Old Yeller still remains in the heart of many a dog lover.

A hero

It’s difficult not to love that shaggy-haired mutt known as Benji. Benji is taken in by two kids – Cindy and Paul but their father is strictly against having a stray dog in the household. One day, Cindy and Paul are kidnapped and nowhere to be found. Already a favourite among the townsfolk, Benji transforms into a true canine hero after tracking down and rescuing the two children. Even today, many owners name their pooches after this intelligent mutt, Benji.

Eight Below
We are the brave hearts

Eight Below is an inspiring story about brave sled dogs. Jerry shares an intense bond with his set of six Huskies and a couple of Malamutes. He treats them like family members. However, during an expedition, foul weather demands that the loyal dogs be left behind. A long and tumultuous journey in the Antarctic snow begins and the courageous and adorable dogs battle against all odds to survive. In the meanwhile Jerry looks for funding and means to get back to Antarctica to save them. This touching story is inspired by a true incident that took place in 1958. The dogs really steal the show by displaying their unique personalities and facial expressions.

Love finds its way

This slopy but lovable pooch has inspired many kids to ask for a pet dog as their birthday present. Beethoven is a St. Bernard pup whose clumsiness often results in a comic mayhem. Beethoven escapes from the clutches of dog-nappers and lands up at a Newton family’s residence. The kids immediately fall in love with the adorable pup but their dad resists the idea of letting the dog stay. Since nobody comes to claim the pup, the father has no choice but to relent. Beethoven grows up into a lovable, slobbering and messy dog who helps the kids cope with the pains of growing up. Trouble crops up when a cruel doctor wants Beethoven for a dangerous experiment…see the movie to know the climax!

Homeward Bound
The action heroes spring up into action

Homeward Bound traces the adventurous journey of a Golden Retriever named Shadow, a Bulldog named Chance, and a Himalayan cat named Sassy. The trio is separated from their family following a course of events. It takes a lot of stunts and surprises before they can be reunited. The animals put up a commendable act throughout the movie and the action stunts are worth watching.

101 Dalmatians
Spotted beauties steal your heart

This Disney flick centers around a cuddly bunch of spotted puppies and their loving parents Pongo and Pedrita. The Dalmatian couple lives with caring owners and is enjoying their first brush with parenthood. Trouble brews when the quintessential vamp Cruella Devil naps the puppies to make expensive coats out of their fur. Pongo and Pedrita have faced with the challenge of rescuing their children but it turns out that there are 99 puppies in all waiting to be freed from Cruella’s cruel clutches!

Air Bud
Learning the pooches way

Air Bud is a high-flying entertainment extravaganza for kids. This dog tale is packed with silly antics, goofy baddies and loads of adventure. The movie centers on the relationship between a fatherless child Josh and a tortured, abandoned dog named Buddy. Josh soon finds out that Buddy is no ordinary dog- he can perform all sorts of acrobatic stunts and can slam dunk like a pro! Most importantly, Buddy helps his new master deal with the grief of losing his father and begin life afresh.

Watch this movie and enjoy the bond of love loyalty and friendship between human and canine.

Turner and Hooch
Friendship with a comedy twist

Touted as one of the most delightful ‘cop and dog’ movies, Turner and Hooch features Tom Hanks as detective Turner and a French mastiff named Hooch. The sleek sleuth ends up with a mischievous and incorrigible dog to jointly investigate a murder mystery. The awkward relationship between the detective and the dog makes for some good laughs and their progression to close bond of friendship is quite touching.

My World

A sneak-peek into my world what I love and what I don’t.


My-WorldLong walks: I really love to go for my walks all day, everyday and any number of times. I make it a point to keep people around me busy and insist that all my needs are met— especially my walks. For me every moment is a walk moment, I enjoy the outdoors. If people around me are busy, I just don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. I am very vocal about my needs. I go to my dad, throw a tantrum and ensure that he understands.

Lovely drives: Whenever we go for a car drive, I just love it. I love to stick my head out of the window, which is a strict ‘no-no’ by my mom. But just try putting your head out for sometime and you will love what you are missing in life!

Sinful food: I enjoy dog food, chicken, fish, mutton et al. But I really love the smell and taste of those lip-smacking momos and tandoori chicken too. How I wish I can dig my paws and teeth into them at least once a month!

Rocking parties: I am a pawfect party animal. And I definitely love people and parties as I can smuggle in a scrumptious snack or two. My mom keeps an eagle eye on me but to tell you the truth the soulful looks to guests always work…

Loving guests: I like only those people who love dogs, who love me and know my rules and if they can play ball or fetch with me, it’s simply awesome! Other people bore me and I simply prefer retiring on my bed when they come.

Smell like yummy food: Smells like chicken, mutton and fish feel like heaven. Keep the perfume bottle and the room freshener hidden, I simply hate them.

Well-mannered kids: I love to play with children only if they are nice to me and do not poke and pull. Thanks mommy dear for taking perfect care of that and ensuring that kids pet me gently or do not pet me at all.

Where’s the green grass? Have you ever smelled the grass, rolled and romped on it. If you haven’t, you are missing one of the biggest pleasures in life. I love to rub my back on the grass which is better than any massage in the world. I really miss it in the city life.

Vacations: I wish there are more dog friendly places. I have been to Naukuchiatal and Shimla and had a blast. Even vacation at Jim Corbett National Park was exciting but I was not allowed to go into the forest (naturally for my own safety).

Swimming delight: I love streams; you should see me dive and swim. I could beat Michael Phelps…at swimming. I am so natural…I can stay under water for long and my USP is in picking up pebbles from under water. We were playing a game of fetching pebbles when I discovered this inborn talent and boy I loved the experience. I would just dive in the water, swim, fetch the stone, enjoy myself and best part is everybody else loved watching me too. So I simply put my best paw forward and had a splash…

Mountain air: You will agree that mountain air is simply refreshing. Every breath you take is so delicious…let’s have more vacations at such places.

Chasing monkeys: I hate monkeys and try to drive them away by barking but my dad hangs on to me at that time. It is my basic instinct to chase them and I love doing that.

Sibling rivalry: My younger brother is two legged. I am getting used to him and occasionally when he displays good behaviour, I reward him with a wag and a kiss. He tries to take me for a walk but I simply don’t budge. He should be aware of my seniority…

Home alone: Even though my parents leave me with my grandparents when they are not at home, and my grandparents simply adore me and take full care of me, I sulk as I don’t like being left. Secretly, I love to be pampered in my parents’ absence.

Don’t be a chatterbox: Human love to talk but get angry when we bark, isn’t it unfair? I must say when we are out for a walk, I don’t like to stand and talk to a passerby who might be a friend.

Sleeping beauty: My bed with my spider man pillow is the best to cuddle in, especially in winters…

Music, nah! It’s noise: Please turn down that radio, television and music in the car, my ears cannot take loud music.

Office: I love to go to work. They say I’m an office going dog. I am the boss at work, I get my walks, pats and cuddles all by demand.

Visit to vet with family: My vet is a doll but still I am so scared of those medicines and equipments. So much so that as we reach his area, I refuse to get out of the car and have to be carried inside by my mom or dad. I also don’t like to see other four-legged patients who come to the clinic with domestic help. At such time, only your family should take care of you.

Stones: I also have a fetish for stones of all shapes and sizes. In spite of all my squeaky toys and fetching balls, I just love stones and every walk time makes it a point to pick a precious one and get it home.

Let’s go: I love the word ‘Let’s go’. I guess it gets out the gypsy spirit in me as I love to roam.

Last but not the least I love my mom & dad and must say I have trained them well. They certainly do dance to my tunes.

feactures fun and frolic

New Year’s resolutions of a pet parent

The old year, for better or worse, is gone… the New Year has arrived. Here’s our chance to start fresh, to have another shot at success…at glory…at just accomplishing what we resolve to.

We all love our doggies…we pamper them and try to give them the best, but sometimes we forget to take care of their basic needs…we are either too busy or ignorant about some of their requirements.

As a pet parent, here are some of the New Year’s resolutions I would like to take for the love of my pet:

feactures fun and frolic


  • No matter how much I love my sleep, I will get up in the morning and take Jimmy out for his daily walk.
  • I will be careful not to leave anything around that seems harmless to me but can be harmful to my doggy. In short, I will pet proof my home now.
  • My friend Jimmy is a Pomeranian but there are many facts about him that I still do not know. I will try to read more about the Poms and be a better pet parent (though I think I am a fairly food pet parent!).
  • Even thogh I love to groom my pet, I sometimes just let Jimmy have his way due to dearth of time. But now, I will groom him everyday.
  • Though I never leave Jimmy alone, still I will put an identification tag around his neck, just in case he decides to explore the streets alone.
  • I will teach a new trick to Jimmy, which can be fun for both of us.
  • I will spend atleast one hour of unadulterated fun time with Jimmy.
  • I dread visiting a doctor but still I will take my Jimmy for his regular check-ups to his vet.
  • I will make a resolution not to give him table scraps, which are not good for his health.
  • I will feed a stray animal everyday. After all, they also need our love and care to live in this world…and not to forget, they guide our housing societies in return of nothing.

New Year’s resolutions of Jimmy, my canine friend

  • I’ll remember that the ‘oh so tempting’ dustbin contains things to throw and is not a plaything.
  • Before entering the home, I will shake off rainwater off my coat and clean my paws on the doormat.
  • I will not look at my pet parents with adorable eyes when they are eating that delicious kebab cake.
  • I will not chew the ever-delicious crayons or pens.
  • On a drive, I will not insist on having the car windows rolled down.
  • I will remember not to pull on the leash even if I see my beautiful Jane passing by.
  • I will not run out every time the gate opens (though I would love to!).