Meet Shweta Rohira the artist, writer and pet lover

Life is complete with pets… and Shweta Rohira seems to have taken it to the heart. She is blessed with two dogs, huge fish tank, nine white mice and two hamsters and she still has room for more. Here’s more on her love for pets.


Shweta Rohira is known for her paintings, ingenious writing and working as a community worker with ‘Selfie With Police’ and her association with beauty and health makes her totally exceptional in her own intelligence of fine art. She has really come a long way and achieved it effectively in her grand inventive profession. Little known is that She is in love with pets as well.


Pets in her life…
“I never had pets in childhood though I was very keen. But, now I have many pets.
My dogs, Dollar and Bhagheera, are my two lovely kids while I have a huge fish tank which has lots of colourful fishes. Then, my white mice couple Ratatouille and Stuart and there with their seven children. I am also blessed with my hamsters, Ki and Ka. And that’s not all! I would love to have more pets,” she shares excitedly.


Favourite pet…
Like a responsible pet parent, Shweta says that there is no favourite, she loves all her pets but as Bhagheera is the youngest, he gets more pampering.


Incident that touched her heart…
“Once, when I was hospitalised, Dollar had given up eating and once I was back, I was on bed rest for few days. Dollar did not leave my bed side and it would be so tough to send him for his daily walks. Even when I would be asleep, he would be just staring at me and there used to be so much sadness in his eyes as if he too was experiencing my pain. He was my constant companion…he made me feel so special, I can’t even express it,” she shares.


Crazy antics…
There’s never a dull moment in a house with pets. As Shweta shares, “As soon as I enter my house, Bhagheera gets a sudden sugar rush and he starts running in the whole house and his running is so fast that many a time he slips.” Another special antic Shweta shares is that Dollar has a very special habit for eating. “Before eating his food, he wants me to eat first and then only he eats. Also, he does not eat in his bowl though he drinks water in any bowl. He needs a plate identical to what I use. If I change my crockery, one plate and a bowl is kept separated for him,” she laughs.


Spending quality time…
“My morning cup of coffee is with them. I also play with them in the morning. Dollar and Bhagheera and I have our breakfast together. At night, Bhagheera sleeps with me and Dollar waits till I sleep; only after I sleep does he go to his bed,” shares Shweta. “I would love to go for vacation with them but Dollar has motion sickness and Bhagheera enjoys running in the garden more than travelling. But, he enjoys his trips to the swimming pool,” she adds.


What she loves about her dogs…
“I really love the way they pamper me with their affection and unconditional love. They are the ones who totally understand my silence,” she shares.


What her dogs love about her…
“I think they love the toys that they get and the time when we eat together. Bhagheera loves sharing my pillow and blanket too,” tells Shweta.


Caring for the pets…
Shweta is very particular about her dogs’ exercise and nutrition needs. “With Dollar, I need to be very careful as he is a foodie and hates his walks and exercise. He tends to put on weight fast as well as he has asthma; so, we need to be very careful with him,” she adds.


Favourite dishes…
“Both Dollar and Bhagheera love chicken and ice-cream is very special treat,”
she tells.


Tips for readers…
“I feel that whenever there is any stress or tension, we should be careful and not to talk near them as they tend to take too soon at their heart. It is also very important that when we scold them to bring in discipline, we should show our affection and care. Communication is very important; we should spend quality time by talking to them and if required explain them. When we chat with them, they reply back with expressions and actions. I believe that we should spend quality time with them and also learn to understand their silence,” concludes Shweta.

Wake Up Kerala! Wake up to the apathy of stray dogs!

Gurpreet Singh Chawla

Directed by Gurpreet Singh Chawla (Monty) and Utkarsha Naik—avid animal lovers—who decided to let the world know the incidents of mass stray dog culling in Kerala, Wake Up Kerala is a movie based on the inhuman act.


So, we worked together, made a script and then we approached Shraddha Joshi and Gahna Verma, who were eager to work in the movie, tells Gurpreet. It took approximately two months for writing, screenplay, dialogues and shooting of Wake Up Kerala.


Every small thing counts…

Utkarhsa Naik, Gahna Verma with Fluffy

What’s more? “We approached few theatre artists from a college and they were ready to work in the same. We even have some real-life people (characters) working in the movie. For example, the character of coconut seller in the movie is a real one, not an actor. When we told him about the movie, he was initially reluctant to support us as he was also in favour of culling dogs. However, after explaining him about dogs being killed brutally and how it will impact Kerela, he agreed to act. After completing the shooting, he told us that he has also become a dog lover and started feeding stray dogs in his area. That was our real win,” explains Gurpreet.



Only a dog lover can do that…
“Killing dogs is like killing your best friend,” says Utkarsha Naik, who is also a massive animal lover who feeds stray dogs in her area and also rescues injured animals. The reason she got involved with the movie was that she wanted to tell people how kind dogs are. Utkarsha and her actor daughter Gahna Verma are blessed with three-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Fluffy.
“Dogs are human’s best friends and let’s help our best friends,” says Gurpreet Singh Chawla, founder of HALT – Stop Animal Abuse (an NGO). “My entire family is crazy for animals. My mom feeds more than 150 dogs every day. I have been fighting for animal cruelty cases across Mumbai. I got involved in such cause because I wanted to show people how bad is dog culling,” he says. Gurpreet is blessed with four dogs— Blacky, Billo, Romeo and Bumblee, all of them Indian breeds.


“Let’s make Kerala more beautiful by helping animals,” says actor Shraddha Joshi, who is always ready to fight for the rights of animals. She helps around 100 stray animals near her home. “Dogs are loyal to humans, let’s be loyal to them,” says Gahna Verma, an upcoming actor cum model and an ardent animal lover.


Behind the scene
July 09: To curb dog bite menace, Kerala government announced to cull strays; and vigilante groups in the state in turn started killing stray dogs in the following days.
July 26: Activists started staging #BoycottKerala campaign.
Sept 14: Taking strong note of the merciless killing, Supreme Court (SC) ordered the state government to file its response with details of the action taken on the offenders.
Sept 19: Social worker Jose Maveli arrested for heading the culling drive.
Nov 17: SC restrained all the vigilante groups responsible for culling the strays and distributing subsidised guns.

Heartthrob for all!

Every dog lover would agree that dogs carve their ways into our hearts. They even turn a non-dog lover into a dog lover. Celebrities across the world love to show off their pooch love…pampering them and even making red carpet entries with them.


Here we have compiled a few Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities who love their pooch pals, as much as we love them.


untitled-20Shreyas Talpade
A Bollywood actor, best known for the film Iqbaal, who feels that playing with dogs is de-stressing and joyful.
Pooch pals: Don & Knight (Labradors, 7+ years)


Jay Bhanushali
untitled-21Known for his film Hate Story-2 and TV series Kamayath, Jay feels that dogs do not have mood swings and they are indeed the Man’s Best Friends.
Pooch pals: Figo (Shih Tzu, 6 years), Tim Tim (Shih Tzu, 6 years) and Katori (Pug, 2 years)



Mika Singh
Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter, composer and performer, Mika Singh is an avid animal lover. He has a farmhouse for dogs, horses, etc. He feels that dogs are his closest friends as they can gauge his mood at all times.
Pooch pals: Various breeds


untitled-23Tanishaa Mukherjee
Bollywood actress and theatre artist Tanishaa Mukherjee feels that dogs bring a positive impact at home.
Pooch pal: King Leonidas (Lhasa Apso, 5 years)



Nachiket Barve
Renowned dress designer Nachiket Barve feels that dogs should never be gifted as they are like family members.
Pooch pal: Sir Theodore Goldenridge (Labrador, 9 years)


untitled-22Debina Bonnerjee
Popular TV actress Debina, best known for her role as Sita in Ramayana, is an avid dog lover. She and her husband Gurmeet Chaudhry provide home to an abandoned Ladrador Lucky, who completes their family.
Pooch pals: Dexter (Boxer) & Lucky (Labrador)


Kylie Jenner
Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner is blessed with numerous pooches, the latest one being Penny.
Pooch Pals: Many including Penny, Norman & Bambi (Greyhounds)


untitled-24Tom Hardy
Oscar nominated British actor Tom Hardy, best known for the film The Dark Knight Rises, loves dogs for their loyalty and sensitivity.
Pooch pal: Woody (Mutt)




Amanda Seyfried
Popular Hollywood actor known for her films Mama Mia and Ted 2, Amanda fell in love with Finn, who she once rescued. Now, she can’t imagine her life without him.
Pooch pal: Finn (Australian Shepherd)



Liam Hemsworth
Liam, yet another popular Hollywood actor known for his blockbuster movies, Hunger Games, The Dressmaker and The Independence Day: Resurgence, rescued two dogs – Tani and Dora. He feels that if anyone wants to adopt a pet, they should go for rescue a dog.
Pooch pals: Tani and Dora


untitled-25Cara Delevingne
Suicide Squad actor and supermodel Cara recently got a dog to satisfy her maternal cravings.
Pooch pal: Leo (Husky cross-breed)

‘Pets are gift of god to me’: Sherlyn Chopra

untitled-16We love Sherlyn Chopra for her looks and curves. According to her, being loved is a greatest feeling and she makes sure that she reciprocates the same to those, whom she loves the most. And no prize for guessing it right! Yes, all her love is for her FURRY ANGELS. Here she shares more about her love for her pooches.– by Smita Dwivedi
Pets…since childhood!
Sherlyn love for pooches is eternal; she always wanted to have pets. On asking about the initiation of poochie-pal love, she shared, “When I was a little girl, I had an Alsatian who was raised by my late dad. The pet was more attached to my dad than to anybody else in my house as it was my dad who would attend to all the pet’s needs and wants. I got little annoyed by this as a young girl and today I am a proud parent of three little bundles of joy.


On current pets…
“A few years ago, I desperately wanted to have pets in my life as I missed being alive, playful, bubbly and chirpy like the way I was when I was a child. So, now I am blessed with two Maltese, out of which, one is 7 years old and the other one just turned 1. I also have a Chihuahua who is 6 years old. The youngest of my three pets is my favourite…her name is Cherry and she is super naughty,” she added further.


Eternal furry bond!
Sherlyn feels that her pets are gift of God to her. “Even in my dreams, I cannot think of having a day without them. My pets add great joy to my life – all day and every day. The little things that they do – make my heart melt. My sunshine doesn’t come from the sky; it comes from the love in my dogs’ eyes,” she shared.


House…full of antics!
A household full of cute canines must be a lively place 24×7; on asking her about the cute antics and activities, she lovingly said, “My miniature pets love to wrestle with each other when they are super excited. And often, it’s the youngest one, Cherry, who wins hands down as she’s a great bully! Watching my pets play is a sheer delight! I enjoy taking them along for a drive and getting them yummy, healthy treats, upon seeing which, they sometimes do a crazy tap dance! Adding more about her fun filled activities with four-legged friends, she said with a smile, “My pets love it when I’m playful. Our favourite game together is hide & seek. But most times, they don’t give me enough time to hide.”


Caring and sharing!
Now, to explore her parenting skills, we asked her about how often they go on vacations and outings to which she explained, “My pets are prone to motion sickness. So, I don’t take them to faraway destinations. I generally take them in my car to Bandra Sea Link and on the way back home, I buy them treats. My pets go on a walk twice a day and eat healthy food. They have a caretaker who takes care of them 24X7. They visit their veterinarian once in two months for a general check-up.”


On a concluding note…
“When we begin to treat our pets as our extended family, a sense of duty compels us to take care of them on a regular basis. What I love most about my pets is their unconditional love for me. The best part of my day is coming home to a wagging tail,” concluded Sherlyn.


Favorite activity together:I enjoy grooming my pets.
Annoying habits: My pets love to play with my cosmetics. Every time I get annoyed with them for misplacing my cosmetics, they lie down on the floor with a baby face and I end up bursting into laughter!
Qualities you love: I love their playfulness and also their emotional understanding.
Funny/ crazy antics: My youngest pet throws a huge tantrum every time she’s taken to the washroom for a shower. After the shower, she makes an angry face that makes her even cuter! She’s quite a handful and keeps her nanny on her toes all day!