Wake Up Kerala! Wake up to the apathy of stray dogs!

Gurpreet Singh Chawla

Directed by Gurpreet Singh Chawla (Monty) and Utkarsha Naik—avid animal lovers—who decided to let the world know the incidents of mass stray dog culling in Kerala, Wake Up Kerala is a movie based on the inhuman act.


So, we worked together, made a script and then we approached Shraddha Joshi and Gahna Verma, who were eager to work in the movie, tells Gurpreet. It took approximately two months for writing, screenplay, dialogues and shooting of Wake Up Kerala.


Every small thing counts…

Utkarhsa Naik, Gahna Verma with Fluffy

What’s more? “We approached few theatre artists from a college and they were ready to work in the same. We even have some real-life people (characters) working in the movie. For example, the character of coconut seller in the movie is a real one, not an actor. When we told him about the movie, he was initially reluctant to support us as he was also in favour of culling dogs. However, after explaining him about dogs being killed brutally and how it will impact Kerela, he agreed to act. After completing the shooting, he told us that he has also become a dog lover and started feeding stray dogs in his area. That was our real win,” explains Gurpreet.



Only a dog lover can do that…
“Killing dogs is like killing your best friend,” says Utkarsha Naik, who is also a massive animal lover who feeds stray dogs in her area and also rescues injured animals. The reason she got involved with the movie was that she wanted to tell people how kind dogs are. Utkarsha and her actor daughter Gahna Verma are blessed with three-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Fluffy.
“Dogs are human’s best friends and let’s help our best friends,” says Gurpreet Singh Chawla, founder of HALT – Stop Animal Abuse (an NGO). “My entire family is crazy for animals. My mom feeds more than 150 dogs every day. I have been fighting for animal cruelty cases across Mumbai. I got involved in such cause because I wanted to show people how bad is dog culling,” he says. Gurpreet is blessed with four dogs— Blacky, Billo, Romeo and Bumblee, all of them Indian breeds.


“Let’s make Kerala more beautiful by helping animals,” says actor Shraddha Joshi, who is always ready to fight for the rights of animals. She helps around 100 stray animals near her home. “Dogs are loyal to humans, let’s be loyal to them,” says Gahna Verma, an upcoming actor cum model and an ardent animal lover.


Behind the scene
July 09: To curb dog bite menace, Kerala government announced to cull strays; and vigilante groups in the state in turn started killing stray dogs in the following days.
July 26: Activists started staging #BoycottKerala campaign.
Sept 14: Taking strong note of the merciless killing, Supreme Court (SC) ordered the state government to file its response with details of the action taken on the offenders.
Sept 19: Social worker Jose Maveli arrested for heading the culling drive.
Nov 17: SC restrained all the vigilante groups responsible for culling the strays and distributing subsidised guns.

Heartthrob for all!

Every dog lover would agree that dogs carve their ways into our hearts. They even turn a non-dog lover into a dog lover. Celebrities across the world love to show off their pooch love…pampering them and even making red carpet entries with them.


Here we have compiled a few Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities who love their pooch pals, as much as we love them.


untitled-20Shreyas Talpade
A Bollywood actor, best known for the film Iqbaal, who feels that playing with dogs is de-stressing and joyful.
Pooch pals: Don & Knight (Labradors, 7+ years)


Jay Bhanushali
untitled-21Known for his film Hate Story-2 and TV series Kamayath, Jay feels that dogs do not have mood swings and they are indeed the Man’s Best Friends.
Pooch pals: Figo (Shih Tzu, 6 years), Tim Tim (Shih Tzu, 6 years) and Katori (Pug, 2 years)



Mika Singh
Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter, composer and performer, Mika Singh is an avid animal lover. He has a farmhouse for dogs, horses, etc. He feels that dogs are his closest friends as they can gauge his mood at all times.
Pooch pals: Various breeds


untitled-23Tanishaa Mukherjee
Bollywood actress and theatre artist Tanishaa Mukherjee feels that dogs bring a positive impact at home.
Pooch pal: King Leonidas (Lhasa Apso, 5 years)



Nachiket Barve
Renowned dress designer Nachiket Barve feels that dogs should never be gifted as they are like family members.
Pooch pal: Sir Theodore Goldenridge (Labrador, 9 years)


untitled-22Debina Bonnerjee
Popular TV actress Debina, best known for her role as Sita in Ramayana, is an avid dog lover. She and her husband Gurmeet Chaudhry provide home to an abandoned Ladrador Lucky, who completes their family.
Pooch pals: Dexter (Boxer) & Lucky (Labrador)


Kylie Jenner
Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner is blessed with numerous pooches, the latest one being Penny.
Pooch Pals: Many including Penny, Norman & Bambi (Greyhounds)


untitled-24Tom Hardy
Oscar nominated British actor Tom Hardy, best known for the film The Dark Knight Rises, loves dogs for their loyalty and sensitivity.
Pooch pal: Woody (Mutt)




Amanda Seyfried
Popular Hollywood actor known for her films Mama Mia and Ted 2, Amanda fell in love with Finn, who she once rescued. Now, she can’t imagine her life without him.
Pooch pal: Finn (Australian Shepherd)



Liam Hemsworth
Liam, yet another popular Hollywood actor known for his blockbuster movies, Hunger Games, The Dressmaker and The Independence Day: Resurgence, rescued two dogs – Tani and Dora. He feels that if anyone wants to adopt a pet, they should go for rescue a dog.
Pooch pals: Tani and Dora


untitled-25Cara Delevingne
Suicide Squad actor and supermodel Cara recently got a dog to satisfy her maternal cravings.
Pooch pal: Leo (Husky cross-breed)

‘Pets are gift of god to me’: Sherlyn Chopra

untitled-16We love Sherlyn Chopra for her looks and curves. According to her, being loved is a greatest feeling and she makes sure that she reciprocates the same to those, whom she loves the most. And no prize for guessing it right! Yes, all her love is for her FURRY ANGELS. Here she shares more about her love for her pooches.– by Smita Dwivedi
Pets…since childhood!
Sherlyn love for pooches is eternal; she always wanted to have pets. On asking about the initiation of poochie-pal love, she shared, “When I was a little girl, I had an Alsatian who was raised by my late dad. The pet was more attached to my dad than to anybody else in my house as it was my dad who would attend to all the pet’s needs and wants. I got little annoyed by this as a young girl and today I am a proud parent of three little bundles of joy.


On current pets…
“A few years ago, I desperately wanted to have pets in my life as I missed being alive, playful, bubbly and chirpy like the way I was when I was a child. So, now I am blessed with two Maltese, out of which, one is 7 years old and the other one just turned 1. I also have a Chihuahua who is 6 years old. The youngest of my three pets is my favourite…her name is Cherry and she is super naughty,” she added further.


Eternal furry bond!
Sherlyn feels that her pets are gift of God to her. “Even in my dreams, I cannot think of having a day without them. My pets add great joy to my life – all day and every day. The little things that they do – make my heart melt. My sunshine doesn’t come from the sky; it comes from the love in my dogs’ eyes,” she shared.


House…full of antics!
A household full of cute canines must be a lively place 24×7; on asking her about the cute antics and activities, she lovingly said, “My miniature pets love to wrestle with each other when they are super excited. And often, it’s the youngest one, Cherry, who wins hands down as she’s a great bully! Watching my pets play is a sheer delight! I enjoy taking them along for a drive and getting them yummy, healthy treats, upon seeing which, they sometimes do a crazy tap dance! Adding more about her fun filled activities with four-legged friends, she said with a smile, “My pets love it when I’m playful. Our favourite game together is hide & seek. But most times, they don’t give me enough time to hide.”


Caring and sharing!
Now, to explore her parenting skills, we asked her about how often they go on vacations and outings to which she explained, “My pets are prone to motion sickness. So, I don’t take them to faraway destinations. I generally take them in my car to Bandra Sea Link and on the way back home, I buy them treats. My pets go on a walk twice a day and eat healthy food. They have a caretaker who takes care of them 24X7. They visit their veterinarian once in two months for a general check-up.”


On a concluding note…
“When we begin to treat our pets as our extended family, a sense of duty compels us to take care of them on a regular basis. What I love most about my pets is their unconditional love for me. The best part of my day is coming home to a wagging tail,” concluded Sherlyn.


Favorite activity together:I enjoy grooming my pets.
Annoying habits: My pets love to play with my cosmetics. Every time I get annoyed with them for misplacing my cosmetics, they lie down on the floor with a baby face and I end up bursting into laughter!
Qualities you love: I love their playfulness and also their emotional understanding.
Funny/ crazy antics: My youngest pet throws a huge tantrum every time she’s taken to the washroom for a shower. After the shower, she makes an angry face that makes her even cuter! She’s quite a handful and keeps her nanny on her toes all day!

Jennifer Winget & her life with pooches

Jennifer Winget has stolen many hearts through her mesmerising looks and acting prowess on the small screen. Little do people know that this young lady’s heart is stolen by Breezer, her pet dog.



Beautiful actress Jennifer Winget has appeared in many Indian TV shows like Kkusum, Kahin to Hoga, Saraswatichandra, to name a few. She won the Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Actress Critics for her leading role in the Star Plus romantic series Saraswatichandra. Eastern Eye placed her at 21st position on its list of World’s Sexiest Asian Women for 2012. Much has been written about this young lass but there’s more.Breezer.



A warm hug

A warm hug


My first pet….
“As a child I remember how I always wanted a pet but mum never let me have one. She was afraid of dogs and still is but now with my Labrador, Breezer that has changed. He is the child she loves the most now and gets along with him excellently,” shares Jennifer.



What makes my day?
Every pet has a unique quality or antic, which just melts our hearts. On asking Jennifer, she replies sweetly, “ He makes the cutest face when he wants a chewy to eat. He looks at me and tilts his head a little bit. It’s the cutest face I have ever seen.”


Life with my pooch…
“I enjoy driving with Breezer and simply hate leaving Breezer behind every time I go to shoot. I guess I am the one with separation anxiety when it comes to him. He is six now and unlike most dogs, thoroughly enjoys a drive, popping his head out, with the wind on his face. Though neither of the two of us are early risers, an occasional Sunday early morning is marked for me to take him on a nice long drive followed by his walk,” she tells.


What I love about my pooch?
“Definitely his eyes. He speaks straight to my heart with them. I believe that there is just so much unconditional love that dogs, or any other animal for that matter, can give you for the little that we give them in return. You get a glimpse of this love through their eyes, like a doorway to their soul and they’ll always let you in,” tells Jennifer with a twinkle in her eyes.


What my pooch loves about me?
“I, no matter how naughty he’s been, I will always melt with one of his characteristic puppy-dog looks and also that I let him snuggle on the bed and sleep with me,” tells Jennifer.


Vacations together…
“The two of us have both been on a sabbatical this past year and have been enjoying a relaxing time away at my new holiday home in Goa. He loves it there and I was surprised how easily he made himself at home. The beach is in close proximity so he enjoys his long runs, chasing the waves. What he couldn’t get enough of, though, was swimming in the pool on the property. Every time we got him out, he couldn’t wait to jump right back in,” shares Jennifer.


Taking care of pet’s needs…
As a responsible pet parent, Jennifer makes it a point to take care of his pet’s exercise, nutrition and other needs. “Though I’m not as disciplined as I should be with myself when it comes to the right nutrition and exercise, but with Breezer, I’m like an over-cautious, nit-picky mom. As he grows older, I’ve grown even more careful and make sure he eats and exercises better than I do. Labs tend to get overweight with age and touchwood with regular vet checks and routine exercise, Breezer’s weight is ideal. He’s been prescribed a certain supplement for his bones and he surprisingly laps it all up along with his regular food, like a good boy. I try to play with him in my garden as much as I can; it’s a stress buster for me too,” replies Jennifer.

Yawning together

Yawning together


Most difficult thing about being a pet parent…
Being a pet parent is not easy…a pet is like a family member, who needs your love, time and care. “I know Breezer loathes it when I leave him for a couple of days during outdoor shoots. He lives with my mum on those days; but misses me. Once I was preparing to leave for a few days, he understood from all the packing that I wasn’t going to be home with him that night. That sad look on his face is now etched in my mind because just as we were loading the luggage in the car and he came down with me to see me off, he ran and sat in the boot of the car and refused to get out. My heart breaks every time I have to leave him,” tells Jennifer.


On a concluding note…
“To me, Breezer is family, my most prized and cherished member. We’ve been through great memories and hard times together and though my emotions have their highs and lows, his love for me is unconditional and consistent. It’s the one thing that comes, rest assured, when anything else isn’t going your way,” concludes Jennifer.


Pix courtesy: Cover photo courtesy and all images in Ikat off white kurta: Sehban Azim
Hair & Make up: Aditi Mehta
Jewellery: Riddhika Jesrani
Wardrobe: The Ikat Story by Chandni Sareen
Styling: Ojas Kolvankar for Simmerouquai

Pic courtesy: Lahari Gowda
Styling: Simone Nicole D’cruz for Simmerouquai

Karuna Pandey and her eternal poochie companions

sssKaruna Pandey, a Bollywood actress, who acted in films like The Bypass (2003), Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015) and Bollywood Diaries (2016), is talented, dignified face of the small screen too. In her busy life, the only thing that gives her  immense pleasure is her love for animals. Dogs & Pups discovers her happy soul with happy heart…brimming with compassion for the animals.


Karuna Pandey is most often remembered for TV series like Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali, Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli, Bhaage Re Mann and many more. Here, she shares her love for canines. To begin with, we asked how this eternal journey of poochie companionship actually started, and she revealed that she has always been an ardent animal lover.


Sherry – my love
Getting nostalgic about her first pet, she narrated, “My dad was in theUntitled-13 army and we used to get big bungalows to live in, so I loved that time of having pet. Dogs by nature love mud, grass, open space, etc. During that time, we had many pets which included dogs, cats, deer, rabbits and birds. Both my parents were also animal lovers.” Her love for Sherry, a GSD (her first pet dog) was eternal…remembering her fond memories, she shared, “When my dad got posted to Chennai, we got Sherry. She stayed with us for 12 years. And strangely, the moment my dad was diagnosed with cancer, she silently passed away. We feel that she realised that now we are going to get busy taking care of dad, so she left for heavenly abode without asking for any care from us.” On asking about any special moment she shared with Sherry, she added, “Sherry was divine, she was so wonderful. She never complained about anything. My dad used to get posted to new places after every two years and she used to travel on bus, truck, train and airplane without showing any tantrums. She was a part of our lives; every morning she went to garden with my mom to collect flowers for puja. She was part of our family, we loved her very much.”


Smitten by paws!
Today, Karuna is blessed with three canine kids. “My pets Romeo, Barbie and Maw brighten my mood at any given time. In general, I am an animal lover, so I try to take care of stray dogs as well. Hence, the mere presence of them around me makes me happy. Animals are great companions and I love spending time with my pets. My favourite thing to do on film sets, besides shooting, is to spend time with them – before, after and in-between shots,” she shared. She also brings food for strays to the shooting sites from her home every day!
To know more about her current pets, we asked her to share a story of their homecoming and she explained, “Barbie and Romeo are like my son and daughter; I can’t imagine my life without them. I belong to them. Romeo had hip dysplasia when I adopted him and Barbie too was suffering from skin infection, she was three and a half months old. Both of them are fine now and have actually brightened my world.”


Caring ‘n’ sharing
On asking about taking care of them, she said, “My maids are always Untitled-14there to take care of my pets and I love the fact that they are also equally compassionate about them. Moreover, my husband is a film director and he has his office at home, so most of the time he is there at home. We have this policy to never leave them alone at home.” “I take extra care of their food needs. They are getting regular  rooming sessions at Tailwaggers and Dr Talwarkar (in Mumbai) is always there to take care of their health issues, including regular vaccinations,” she added.


She is a compassionate animal lover, who believes in giving natural environments to animals and feels that natural instinct of dogs should be nurtured by us. Dogs by nature love space, grass, mud and water, so we must take initiatives to give them all those necessities, which they love naturally,” she added. On asking about Romeo and Barbie, she shared, “My dogs love freedom…they are enjoying all the luxuries. We take them for walks every day on Malad Road in Mumbai. When we have time, we take them for camping. They enjoy vacations at pet resorts… my babies are well pampered.”


Message to pet parents!
“Love your pet like your own children. Dog lover is a special person and no other person can feel the same love as we do,” concluded Karuna.

Lifetime furry companions of Hunar Hale

Hunar Hale, the smiling beauty of Indian television is loved by all and the secret of her happiness is unconditional love… for our four-legged furry friends. Dogs & Pups finds out more about this beautiful soul, who just loves to embrace pet parenting and enjoy and companionship communication with pooches.


Hunar Hale is known for playing the lead role of Aditi Jaiswal in Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat and currently,Untitled-4 she is playing the role of Nandini in Ek Boond Ishq on Life OK channel. She first appeared on television with Star Plus show Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii in 2007. After that she did Grihasti as Soni Khuraana and essayed the role of Ankita in Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara on Sony India.


A love for life!
Hunar claims that her love for dogs is as old as herself. There was never a time in her life that she was without a pet dog. On asking how this all actually started, she shared, “My first memory of having a pet was when I was three years old. I got a lovely puppy named Whoopie – a Lhasa Apso. As per my parents, he was scared of me rather than me being scared of him. The moment he saw me, he would hide under the bed. I would pull him out and hug him. I loved him so much that I always wanted him besides me. He was with me for only four months.”
She still wonders, what might have happened to him, “Sometimes, I think what might have happened to him, he got lost…or met with some misfortune, and these thoughts still haunt me. So, recently, I brought a new Whoopie to my life, my pet.”


Life’s OK!
Having so much fun growing up with furry angels, she couldn’t imagine her life without them, and sharing about her current pets, she explained that she has her homes in Delhi, Mumbai and Punjab and all homes have pets. The best part is that all pets at all houses are looked after by her family members. As soon as she visits any one of the homes, the pets stay with her. “I want to be surrounded by my loving pooches in all the places I belong. So I have pets at all my homes, including Mumbai, where I stay most. Whenever I am with my pets, I feel less burdened no matter what the situation is. They make me feel positive and all my negatives vanish,” she says.


Poochie-coochie bond!
She is such a genuine dog lover that she asked us not to give any special importance to any of her pets, to her every pet is special in some or the other way. So, she purposely not mentioned the names and breeds of her dogs as she feels it’s all about love and nothing else. “I had so many pets over the years, of different breeds but one thing which is common to all is unconditional love. I am a difficult person to handle but my pets understand my emotions without saying anything,” she adds.
Sharing one of her experiences, she said there was a time when she was completely heartbroken and depressed but she was behaving normally externally. “When I entered my room, my pet Beagle who otherwise was so noisy became mum and kept looking at me. When I sat on my bed, he sat next to me and started rubbing his body against me, as if he was saying don’t worry, everything would be just fine. This incident was truly amazing as it’s quite difficult to explain your condition to human beings but being animals, pets understand it without telling them,” she shares.


Momma’s company!
On asking about outings and fun together, she shared that they go on regular walks on beaches but not on vacations. “In Mumbai, they are always in my car riding along. At times, they accompany me to my film locations, so they are aware of my routines,” she replies.


BOOKing happiness!
Another thing she shared was that she loves to read a lot but the moment she wants to read something, her pets don’t like it as they feel that she is ignoring them. “The moment I pick up my reading glasses, they start barking and jumping all around. So I have to get extra pair of glasses and a nice pictorial book so that I can settle them first and I can enjoy my reading uninterrupted,” she shares.


Message to pet parents…
“I want to appeal to all who just love to give sweets to dogs to stop doing so as sugar is quite harmful to our furry angels. Although it’s a nice gesture to do so, but unknowingly we are harming them. If you really want to help them, feed them healthy stuff and most importantly save them from loud noises. Pets are so much scared of loud noises, so we should be sensitive about them during celebrations, especially during festivals like Diwali. I request everyone to stop using crackers as they not only harm our environment by creating air and noise pollution, but also harm our pooches,” concludes Hunar.

Designer duo’s divine love for dogs

Aprajita Toor is one of the designers who will be collaborating with PETA India for an exclusive vegan collection. She will also give away a percentage of the proceeds for the welfare of animals. Here, she shares about her love for dogs.




Aprajita Toor and Harshita Deshpande will be collaborating with PETA India – India’s animal rights organisation, and making an exclusive collection where a certain percentage of the proceeds will be given to PETA. The collection will be completely vegan which means nothing will be derived from animals. PETA will be creating a tag design that Harshita Deshpande and Aprajita Toor will use in their collection that will state that they support PETA and the amount of proceeds that will be going to the organisation.


Aprajita Toor is a bespoke footwear designer who endeavours to design footwears that offer a perfect amalgamation of contemporary trends and our deeply etched tradition. Her designs are about reviving traditional art of footwear, making and transforming them into statement pieces. Aprajita’s collection embodies very strong yet different designs with a vast variety of products that are purely handmade.


She has collaborated with three designers at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Fest 2014 (Neha Aggarwal, Love Birds, Gaurav Jai Gupta). She has also designed the shoes for Masaba Gupta’s winter collection at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and collaborated with jewellery designer Vasundhara at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015, Nikhil Thampi at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2015 and Swapnil Shinde at New York Fashion Week. In addition to this, she also showcases her collection at various stores all over India like Jabong.com, Aza – Mumbai & Delhi, Bombay Attic – Bangalore, The Project – Hyderabad, Amalya – The Leela Hospitality, Liwan – Kuwait, to name a few.
While, Harshita Deshpande works with handwoven sustainably sourced ahimsa silk (non violent silk), where the silk worms are not brutally boiled down to use the yarns spun by them.


Pooch love…

Needless to say, both the designers are dog lovers and have one as their family member. Here, Aprajita shares more about her love for pooches. “Yes, my life has always been blessed with a four-legged member in my family whether it was during my growing up years or in my married life. My first four-legged companion was a dog who we brought home from the streets around our house,” shares Aprajita. “Over the years I have shared my life with four dogs, of which the two continue to be a part of my family today.”


Any favourites?
“Picking and choosing a favourite would be akin to identifying a time in my life which was better than the rest of it, something no dog lover would be able to identify,” laughs Aprajita.


Memorable experience…
“Every small incident has created a memory. But one incident that brings a smile to my face is when Tiny (my French Mastiff) bit my husband during a mock Holi we were playing at home. That day I realised how protective my dogs were of me,” tells Aprajita.


Special antics…
Every dog is special and has a peculiar habit. On asking about any special antic of her dog, Aprajita shares, “Hugo (my Pug) has a habit of following me around every step I take at home. To me, he is the perfect epitome of the Vodafone ad “Wherever you go our network follows.”


“Tiny and Hugo have this amazing ability to comprehend and understand my words and emotions. I talk to them like I would to a normal human being and their response and understanding of my words amazes me to no end,” she adds.


What my dogs love about me?Untitled-4
“My love for them is unflinching and I know they understand that,” she replies instantly.


Spending time together…
“My pets Tiny and Hugo are as much kids to me as my daughter. Although giving them time during the day is not always possible due to my professional commitments, my evenings are spent petting and playing with them. My daughter who is equally in love with them leads the frolic and the fun spills over into mock fights, chases and running all over the house,” she briefs.


Time out…
“When Tiny and Hugo were younger it was easy taking them along on vacations, however as they have aged, considering the health implications of spending long hours on the road, we are not able to take them along. I am blessed that my entire family is well suited to long drives and my dogs took well to drives too. The most memorable experience was when we drove to Goa with Tiny and came back with Hugo joining our family at Goa,” she shares.


Caring for the canines…
Aprajita makes sure that her pets are given nutritious food and sufficient exercise. “We make it a point that they walk at least 15 minutes four times a day. They love to eat chicken stew and rice and as a special treat they love ice cream,” tells Aprajita.


On responsible pet parenting…

“Having a pet is as big a responsibility as having a child. In a city like Mumbai, considering the size of apartments that one inhabits and the time one spends away from home, one should be very clear about how one intends to give space and time to a pet,” concludes Aprajita.

Dogs & Dances in Kunwar Amarjeet’s Life

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is a contemporary dancer and an Indian television actor. He came into limelight with the dance reality show Dance India Dance-Season 2. He was last seen in the youth-based show Dil Dosti Dance aired on Channel V. He is not just a fun loving actor and youth icon but also an equally passionate animal lover. Read on to unfurl his wonderful tale of poochie-pal.


Kunwar Amarjeet, born in Indore (Madhya Pradesh), started his career as a dance teacher and taught freestyle and hip hop to Untitled-45kids at a school in the city. Although he had no formal dance training, he auditioned for Season 2 of Dance India Dance and reached upto fifth position as one of the finalists. He was also seen in Nach Baliye Season 5 along with his girlfriend Charlie Chauhan. He loves dancing, but the only other thing that makes him happy…is spending uninterrupted free time with animals and having fun together.


Doggy delight!
Since childhood Kunwar was fond of pets and so were his parents. Sharing about his eternal comradeship with pets, he narrated, “Yes I had pets with me since I was in school. My first pet was a Pariah dog. He was a very cute puppy who ran after my dad when he was visiting a village to do some work. Dad liked him and brought him home. I have great memories together.”
Further adding to the same, he shared, “I had five pets in my life till now and all were dogs and the most surprising thing is that all were gifts to me. I love all kind of pets, we have rules and regulation otherwise I would have even shared my life with horses, elephants and tigers. I have so many special memories with my pets, especially with Troy, who is very cute. He always sleeps or sits next to me and the way he looks at me when he needs something, is an absolute killer.”


God’s connect!
Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is a highly spiritualistic person so he feels that one needs to respect each and every religion. He shared, “It’s important to never forget to thank God! I treat God as my friend and so I share all my thoughts with him – whatever I did in the whole day, my mistakes, and achievements… almost everything. I don’t visit temples on daily basis but I do make it a point to pray every day and keep the love of God in my heart. And I feel our four-legged companions also share same bonding with God.”


Friends forever!
Kunwar feels proud of being a pet parent and he is so happy being with his pet and shared, “My pet is really obedient and well-behaved furry friend. I spend almost my whole day with my dog when I am not working, I take him for walk, play with him whenever I can, and give him shower too. We just love each other’s company.”
Having a busy lifestyle and managing pets is really a juggling act. But Kunwar does it well. “Whenever I go out, my biggest concern is my dogs. So I either keep some of my family member to stay with them or I take them with me,” he shared.
“Not only am I concerned about all my pets grooming and other needs, I do special cooking for them as well. All the dogs love chicken and so give them chicken as the special treat of regular basis,” he added.


Message to pet parents…
On a concluding note, he shared a message, “I would like to tell all per parents to understand them and understand their needs and love them. Don’t keep them as show piece in your home. They have a soul too…which is far more beautiful and pious than some humans.”

Mark Tully’s love for the Labs

Sir William Mark Tully, popularly known as Mark Tully, needs no introduction. This multi-talented personality has been an excellent commentator, traveler, journalist, broadcaster  and an author. Here, Dogs & Pups discovers his eternal love for dogs… especially Labradors.

Mark tully1

Mark Tully

Sir William Mark Tully has been a household name in India for his quality commentaries about happenings in India for many years….way to the 1970s. Former Bureau Chief of BBC, New Delhi, he held the position for 20 years. Tully was awarded the Padma Shree in 1992 and in 2005 he received the Padma Bhushan. He and his partner Gillian Wright have few things in common – books and pooches being the foremost.

FAB Labs!
On asking about the beginning of this eternal pooch bond, Mark shared, “As a child, there was never a time when I was without a dog. Later, when we shifted to India from Britain in 1972, we got a Labrador and named him ‘Bahadur’. He was General Maneckshaw’s (popularly known as Sam Bahadur) dog, so we called him Bahadur. He was a magnanimous dog, full of vibrancy. Ever since after him, I have several pet Labradors until we faced a series of mishaps. One of my pets died due to overeating, one we lost while swimming and another one died by consuming poisoned water. So, we decided not to have pets ever again.”

Pet love is eternal!
Though Mark and Gillian (his partner) were busy with their regular lives, they felt a void in their lives. It was a lacunae created due to the absence of a pet dog. This time, destiny played its role in bringing joy back to their lives. As Mark fondly narrates, “After a year, one of my friends was shifting and he had two sweet Labrador puppies. He decided to send them to shelter but was worried about their future. Since he was aware of my love for dogs, he requested me to bring them home and this is how I got my current pets – Misthi and Soni, both Lab girls.”
Sharing more about them, he further added, ‘Misthi was earlier called Missi by his French pet parent. She is so sweet, so we named her Misthi (sweet), and it sounds like Missi. Soni is a beautiful dog and that’s why her name, which means beautiful.”

Being a responsible pet parent!
Mark feels incomplete, if they are not around. So, they are allowed to roam all over the household, and they are really well behaved pooches. As they are sharing home with two writers/authors, they are very well aware of the fact that they have to be calm and quiet at times. On asking about how they spend time together, Mark shared, “Both my dogs are cynosure of every eye, they are loved by all. They love to roam all around our house and are pampered by all members of the family.”
On asking about taking them out, he shared, “We want to take our pets out on trips with us, but they both hate traveling. So, they remain within city. I often take them out to Lodhi Garden in New Delhi for strolls and every day they go for walks in the morning and evening.”

Message to pet parents!
“Never have a pet, if you don’t have enough time to take care of him,” concluded Mark Tully, the happy and responsible pet parent.

So much fun for Esha Gupta with pooches!

Beautiful Esha Gupta made her Bollywood debut with Mahesh Bhatt’s Jannat 2 opposite Emraan Hashmi in the lead role and won million of hearts with her sweet girl look and for some she is Indian Angelina Jolie. She loves to spend time with her family and most importantly her pet. Here Dogs & Pups chats with her to explore her PUPPY love for pooches.


Esha started her career as a model, and came third in the Femina Miss India in 2007 and went to compete in the Miss India International contest. Esha Untitled-20appeared in Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar in 2010. In 2012, she was signed by Mahesh Bhatt for a three-film contract with Vishesh Films and made her screen debut in Kunal Deshmukh’s Jannat 2 which was commercially successful, and followed it with Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3D and Prakash Jha’s Chakravyuh.
She was born in Delhi. Her father is a retired air-force officer and her mother is a homemaker. She was studying Mass Communication from Manipal Institute of Communication prior to auditioning for Femina Miss India, and got a law scholarship at Newcastle University, but she pursued a career in Bollywood instead.


Pooch affaire!
To start with, we asked Esha how it all started, to which she shared, “I have had pets all my life. And luckily I have parents who love pets more than anyone. My first ever pet memory is of having rabbits. Over the years we have a couple of rabbits, and dogs. But before I was born we’ve even had a monkey and a parrot. So, my pet companionship started even before I was born…I feel I am blessed.”


Treasure trove!
Having so many pets over the years as pets is a testimony to her fathomless love for animals. On asking her about any special favourites, we got the expected reply, “All of them have been special. But our first ever dog, Grazy, she was a Dachshund, she made me into a caring person even as a child. And she was partner during my growing up years. A cherished childhood memory is about Crystal (Indian breed), who had her litter; I was amazed, when she gave birth to her puppies.”


Candid moments!
She feels lucky to have a company with her current pet Nawab, who is a bundle of joy. When she is in Delhi her day revolves around him. To add more about her day, she added, “When I am in Delhi, Nawab is always at home with me, even travel in the car with me. I just love when he makes an innocent face to get his work done. And it’s so much fun having a pet.”
On asking about what she loves most about her dogs and vice versa, she laughed and added, “I just love their unconditional love and they just love luxuries of my home.”
We asked her to share about any memorable experience of taking pets on vacations and she shared, “We took our first dog to Harsil, a hill station at the foot of Gangotri. She learned how to climb up and down the stairs there.”


Canine care!
Esha feels that she is lucky to have parents who are also pooch lovers and promote animal welfare. “Since I am not with my furry angels, my father takes care of everything and my mother also looks after them. We all are pampered by our parents. My mom gives them special treats. And we never give anything to them which is not advised.”


Don’t feed them human food. And give them enough love. They will love you forever!


Favourite activity together
Sleeping and cuddling.
Annoying habits
They wake me up when they are up!
Qualities you love Everything.
Funny/crazy antics
They know how to get their way around; they are too smart and cute.