Eternal pet adoration of KEITH Sequeira

Dogs and Keith are inseparable…they just enjoy being together… we have seen a bit of this wonderful man-canine relationship on television show ‘Heavy Petting’.
So, it won’t surprise our readers, if we share that he is a big time animal lover and is a comrade of real life furry friends too! Dogs & Pups discovers this furry bond in a tête-à-tête with Keith Sequeira.


Keith Sequeira

Keith Sequeira

Keith Sequeira, a known face on television, often seen petting dogs, made his big screen debut with the film Sixteen as a main lead. His famous stint was as VJ with B4U music channel. Post which he became a lifestyle presenter and did shows for other premium channels like AXN, NDTV Good Times, Star Plus, VH 1. Later, he shifted his focus to sports and was a presenter with NEO Sports and Star Sports. He has also featured in popular commercial ads for Raymond, Femina, Dabur Honey, Maruti Wagon R, Timex, etc.


Well begin is half done!
Once a dog lover always a dog lover! His love for animals is as old as he is, and on asking about beginning of this comradeship, he replied, “Yes, I always had pets since childhood, my mum really loved and cared for animals, so we had dogs, cats and injured birds as pets around and I clearly remember my first pet dog named Sandy (adopted). In total, I had seven dogs, cats in and out and some birds who were let loose once they were nursed back.”
On asking if there was anyone special, he replied that it’s not fair, “All have had a special place…‘Blonde’ who passed away three years ago was the matriarch of the current lot.”


“Bingo, a black cross bred played with me when I was young. We dropped a bottle of milk on the floor while playing and so we both hid under the bed to avoid getting caught by mom and dad. Each time someone would come to get me out, he would growl and come closer, so no one would touch me…we lay there ‘hiding’ for almost three hours,” he chuckled.


On responsible pet parenting…
As per Keith it is very important to know your pet and understand their temperament, that’s how they communicate. “Also make sure to give them plenty of exercise. Never over-feed your pet and also groom them well…that’s like getting fresh clothes every day. Talk to them, they understand more than you think,” he concluded.


Rapid fire round
Spending time with your dogs: I have three dogs
and when I’m at home, I spend most of the day with them.
What you love about your dogs: Their love and affection…
Also they remind me of special moments in my life.
What your dogs love most about you: I play a lot with them.
Your pet’s favourite dishes: Chicken soup with carrots.
Special treat for your dog: Occasional spoonful of ice cream
Favourite activities together: Playing hide n’ seek and
fetch the ball.
Annoying habits: Licking my face when I’m asleep in the morning.
Qualities you love: Their unconditional love and temperament (they are like buffers after a stress filled day) plus they
don’t judge.
Funny/Crazy antics: When they are upset, they need to be hand-fed and pampered.

World for all – STARS on Awareness & Adoption of STRAYS!

World For All has revolutionised the adoption of stray dogs and cats from Mumbai streets and it runs an active population-control campaign, provides SOS treatment and conducts awareness drives. A brief.


Established on 17th January 2010, World For All was started by Ruchi Nadkarni and Taronish Bulsara, enterprising college students with the cause of animal welfare close to their hearts. “It all started with a single puppy called Angel who went through a leg amputation surgery and had to be released after post-op. Because the puppy was a handicapped orphan, leaving her back on the street didn’t seem like an option. At the time, Facebook was fairly new and a FB group was created for Angel’s adoption. The pup eventually did get adopted and surprisingly a number of people were interested in adopting Indian breeds. Our personal finances were also not permitting us to do animal welfare on the required scale and hence we decided to create an organisation for animal welfare with our main forte being animal adoption,” shares Ruchi.


Journey so far…
“Running an organisation on the lines of social entrepreneurship has been extremely challenging on a day-to-day basis. Nevertheless, while we started off as two young individuals with very little work experience, today World For All runs a functional office, adoption programme, feline post-op centre and three ambulances which take care of animals in distress,” adds Taronish.


What keeps them going…
“At World For All, every animal who gets adopted, and every life that gets saved is an achievement in itself. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to see an animal who otherwise would not have made it, healthy and happily homed. This in itself keeps us going and encourages us to continue serving these animals. We are extremely passionate about our cause and enjoy doing what we do,” shares Ruchi.


Message to readers…
“We do understand that not every individual would feel as compassionately about our four-legged friends. However, they have as much right to life as any of us and hence should not be discriminated or treated badly. It requires basic humanity to call in and report an animal in danger. If you can’t help a needy street animal then the least one could do is arrange help for it and if you cannot help then do not harm it,” concludes Taronish.


World For All #WhyAStray Calendar 2015 by Sahil Mane

  • Unveiled by Dino Morea. 
  • Shot by celebrity portrait and fashion photographer Sahil Mane. 
  • Theme: ‘Every star has a reason for why a stray’. 
  • Stars portrayed – Arunoday Singh, Dino Morea, Imran Khan, Isha Koppikar, Kalki Koechlin, Kunal Khemu, Mandira Bedi, Sarah-Jane Dias, Shreyas Talpade, Siddhanth Kapoor and Erika Packard, Soha Ali Khan and Vivek Oberoi.
  • Stars call attention to only 12 of the many reasons why Indian-breed animals are just awesome!
  • Priced Rs 400 each, for both the wall and table versions.



  • 6000+ successful adoptions of pups and kittens.
  • 90 percent adoptions of Indian breeds. 
  • Largest annual adoption event, Adoptathon, gets 100+ animals adopted over a weekend. 
  • Ambulance service takes care of street animals in distress. 
  • Approximately 10-15 animals treated on a daily basis. 
  • Spays/neuters 45 dogs and 60 cats every month. 
  • Other projects – Meow Mumbai, 100 Happy Meals, Mini Adoption Camps, Animal Know it All Conference, Fundraiser events, Awareness marches, etc.

Stars & Strays Calendar

World For All’s stunning #WhyAStray Calendar 2015 by Sahil Mane has 12 big Bollywood stars in support of stray animals. A must-have for all animal lovers this New Year!


The World For All Calendar is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever before! The calendar last year captured the candid moments of pet parenting with

Ruchi Nadkarni, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Sahil Mane, Tara* Kaushal have fun behind the scenes.

Ruchi Nadkarni, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Sahil Mane, Tara* Kaushal have fun behind the scenes.

celebrities like John Abraham, Nimrat Kaur and Bruna Abdullah, this year has each celebrity’s reason for #WhyAStray, as closely related to their public personas as possible. And kudos to the lovely animal-stars who’ve come out in support of the #WhyAStray cause: Vivek Oberoi, Imran Khan, Kalki Koechlin, Dino Morea, Kunal Khemu, Mandira Bedi, Arunoday Singh, Siddhanth Kapoor-Erika Packard, Shreyas Talpade, Soha Ali Khan… does it get any bigger than this?
Celebrity photographer Sahil Mane, who has worked on the project with Tara* Kaushal (the producer and art director of the project), says he hopes so. “By making the calendar bigger every year, we’re just doing our bit to spread awareness and raise funds for the movement Because we have six Indian breed babies of our own.”
World For All works towards the adoption of stray animals from Mumbai’s streets, through ongoing efforts and at the annual Adoptathon. Ruchi Nadkarni, who co-founded it along with Taronish Bulsara in 2009, says: “We still encounter reservations and misconceptions about strays, and a campaign like this—with star endorsement, a product we are proud of, the support of big brands and the media—will make a huge difference to on-ground perceptions.”Untitled-3
Dogs & Pups too shows its support for the cause, and brings you some exclusive pictures from the calendar and the excitement behind the scenes! While the star-studded launch of the calendar is at The Leela on the 27th of November, you can pre-order the calendar now at



 Stars in the calendar tell us their reasons for #WhyAStray


Imran Khan

Imran Khan

“They’re Unique”
No two stray animals are alike, unlike those bred for uniform looks and characteristics. This makes each one of them unique and distinctive. They come in all shapes and sizes, in a whole range of colours, hair lengths, and, of course, personality types.
Imran Khan’s family has always adopted strays. His first pets when he was a toddler were a dog called Luke and a cat (who he imaginatively) named Kitty. Over the years the family, where animals are always “multiplying” (now: six cats and three dogs), has found ways for the dogs and cats to grow happily together. The new dad to little Imara also says he has always wanted his kids to grow up in a house with animals—they develop a sense of compassion. “Adopt a pet and make it a part of your family.”



Mandira Medi

Mandira Medi

“They’re Desi”
The stray animals on our streets are as uniquely Indian and ‘sons of the soil’ as they get! Mandira Bedi celebrates their Indianness, as she does through her eponymous brands of sarees.
She narrates a beautiful story about her first dog, who she got with husband Raj Kaushal. Buster was old and ailing when Mandira was pregnant, and she bid him farewell before leaving for the hospital for her C-section. “I was told later that he died half an hour before my son was born… I like to believe his soul is still with us and that he’s Veer, he’s my son!” she laughs.
About strays, she says, “Like Narendra Modi, I am proud of our country and its heritage.” When the whole world is acknowledging the greatness of all things Indian, should our great Indian street animals be far behind?


“They’re Simply Magical”

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi believes that stray animals “are able to reach out deep inside the human inside us and bring that human out.” The crazy dog lover elaborates: “The kind of smile that automatically comes on your face when you see a little puppy, the sense of urgency and care that even a child feels when he sees a puppy trying to dodge vehicles to cross the road…”
The dog at his farmhouse was a stray, and he describes their connection. “She just walked in and decided she would be part of the family. She was just incredible. ”He finds strays sharp and street smart, perceptive and communicative.
“The relationship they build with you—that is pretty special.” He believes that when you rescue a stray, it is your life that fills with magic.





“They’re Strong”

Arunoday Singh

Arunoday Singh

Animals on the street have undergone the process of natural selection over thousands of generations. As a consequence, they have incredible immunity, and are generally healthy and resilient. In addition, being indigenous makes them most suited to the conditions in our country. This makes them live, on an average, longer than all breeds, greatly reducing your worry and vet bills.
Arunoday Singh, who has had animals his whole life, also believes that strays sense that you’ve gone out of your way to give them a home and are grateful, making for a stronger bond with you and the home. “It’s just that there’s a lot more love,” he asserts. “It can’t be explained, you have to experience it to believe it!” he says of the “amazing thing” that is adopting a stray.

Tanishaa Mukerji’s pooch affairs

Tanishaa Mukerji, an Indian actress, has recently gained a lot of fame with her stint in the popular television reality show Bigg Boss 7, where she ended up being first runner up. She considers her mother, actress Tanuja, as her lifeline whereas Kajol (multi-award-winning actress), her elder sister and her brother-in-law actor Ajay Devgan are real buddies in her life. Undoubtedly, she is the youngest and most pampered one in the family; yet she herself loves to pamper her poochie pals. Here Dogs & Pups brings tidbits about her pooch affairs!Tanisha Mukherjee


Hailing from a prominent film industry family, Tanishaa Mukerji is an Indian film actress, known for her work in several Bollywood flicks like Ssshhh…; Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao; Tania; Tango Charlie; Neal N Nikki, etc. She has also been part of Marathi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil films. Her recent appearances on TV in reality show Bigg Boss 7 kept her in news for many months. But still a few would know about her pooch love.


Pooches…since childhood!
“I have had pets all my life. I was gifted my first pet at the age of three. He was a black Pomeranian whom I named Bimbo. Over the years I have had lots and lots of dogs. I lose count thinking about them but they have given beautiful memories and some great times,” shared Tanishaa.


Having countless dogs over the years as pets is a testimony to her fathomless love for dogs. But there is always one or two who must be really close to her heart. On asking her about any special favourites, we got the expected reply, “I cannot make any one my favourite as they all were members of my family and each one was special in their own sense. But yes, there’s one fond memory of my first dog. I used to have birthday parties for my first dog Bimbo as a child. My great grandmother used to make little cakes and we would invite all the dogs in the building.”


Doggy dairy!
She feels lucky to have company of her new found canine love – her current pet named Leo. Her day revolves around him, when she is at home. Sharing more about her day with Leo, she added, “The way Leo jumps up every time I come home is really admirable. He cuddles and sleeps with me all the time. There’s nothing more beautiful than having a loving and caring pet.”


According to Tanishaa, the unconditional love that one gets from the four-legged companion is matchless. She feels it’s the only love that makes this relationship wonderful. “My dogs love the way we play, do crazy things together. And in return I get loads of love and pampering too,” she added.

She also loves to take her pets on a vacation, but only if it is comfortable for the dog. “I only take my pets to Lonavala because we have a family home there. I don’t travel on flights with them as not only is it inconvenient for me but more so because it’s uncomfortable for them. We have a great time together,” she told.


Paw parenting!
Being a pet parent for long, she knows all the dos and don’ts of pet parenting. And as per her, she is a responsible pet parent, who herself takes care of all her pets’ exercise and nutrition needs. “Leo loves to gorge on chew sticks,” she shared.


Message to pet parents…
“When you have a dog, take care of him like a family member,” she concluded.

Arunoday Singh: The hero who loves ‘Daku’

Arunoday Singh is a well-known Bollywood hero. And when we discovered that there is just one love, which he is following since childhood we wanted to know more. So, here, Arunoday shares his story of love and compassion for pooches.  


Arunoday Singh was recently seen romancing Nargis Fakhri in David Dhawan’s Main Tera Hero. He Arunodadebuted with Sikandar and has given some great performances in Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi and Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2. According to him, it was after watching actor Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront that he decided to become an actor. He also shared about his constant companions, who were there with him all through his life. No price for guessing, they are his DOGS & PUPS.




Pooch lover…since childhood
Grandson of Arjun Singh, an Indian politician, and belonging to a reputed family from MP, Arunoday always enjoyed opulent childhood. He shared good times with numerous pets and dogs. As per him, “I had dogs throughout my life. It is really difficult to remember a moment without them. And similarly, it’s hard to imagine my life without them.”
Till now, he has been blessed with 10-12 pets and there are no favourites…all are equally special in their own way. But suddenly, he shared with a smile, “At my parent’s place, we have one big dog Leo – a Collie, he is really big. He is most loving and loyal dog with a big heart.  There’s also a miniature Pomeranian named Tuki. They both have great temperament, they are really sweet.”
There are endless stories about Arunoday’s pets, which he cherishes till today. He feels that out of all the pets that he has had over the years, his current pet Daku – a Rottweiler – is his very own. “My earlier pets were all my family pets. There were many people, like my mother, father and sisters, who were looking after their all needs. But one which I am having with me in Mumbai is my first very own pet as I am responsible for all his needs. It’s a special feeling.”


Doggy Daku!
They both have great fun together. “My dog Daku doesn’t like to run or walk. He just loves swimming andPaws & their Star 1 we both go together for swimming in the sea. He also loves to play in water,” he shared. Their fun and adventure is not just confined to Mumbai, he often travels to new places with him, “We often go to Goa, and he accompanies me in the car. He just loves Goa. And whenever, I go to my parents’ place, he just loves to spend time there with his other furry pals. They all have a gala time together.”


Chewy bites!
On asking about uniqueness of this pooch-pal bond, he told that every relationship has its own specialty and uniqueness as he shared, “One thing which I find really strange about him is that Daku just loves to chew my hand, though he never bites or hurts me. It’s really strange to see him enjoying while doing so. Sometimes he sleeps while chewing my toes…he is so adorable.”


Smarty kiddo!
While sharing more about intelligence of his four-legged companion, he mentioned, “He is very sharp and intelligent dog. He learns things quickly. While training him, it’s very easy to make him understand things and he just learns any new thing in just 2-3 days. Whenever I am talking to him, I feel he just understands everything.”


Message to pet parents…
“Be responsible to your pet. We can have many pets in our whole life, but our pet will have just one parent for life. Get a dog only when you are prepared for it,” he concluded.

To the tune of Monali Thakur’s pooch love

Monali Thakur, an Indian playback singer and actress, rose to popularity after appearing in Indian Idol 2 top 10 contestants. Her songs for the film Race in 2008 helped carving her niche in Bollywood. Recently she won Filmfare Best Female Playback singer award for the song Sawaar Loon from the film Lootera for year 2013, which further confirmed her strong foothold in the music industry. She recently made her Bollywood debut in Nagesh Kukunoor’s Lakshmi and will also be seen in Abbas Tyrewala’s multi-starrer Mango. In her life there are only two loves…one is music and the second one, no prizes for guessing…it’s our lovely furry pals.


Monali Thakur

Monali Thakur

Monali Thakur comes from a musical family; her father Shakti Thakur is a renowned Bengali singer. She was trained in Hindustani classical and started singing in school and college competitions and performing at local functions at a very young age. She received the Best Playback Singer award at the Anandalok Awards for the serial Sri Ramakrishna when she was 14. And in all her growing up years, she had one pet dog, who was there with her for 16 years.
“I literally grew up with my pet dog Suzie–white Spitz. She was with me for 16 years and it took me five years to recover her absence. We were inseparable; she was my best friend and a companion for all my life. And even today, I miss her so much,” she narrated.


Partners in crime – Suzie
Getting nostalgic about the sunny days with her, she shared an incident, which is really close to her heart, “There are so many stories about both of us…she was my partner in crime. As a young girl, I used to steal flowers from my neighbour’s house in Kolkata and she always accompanied me. The strange thing was that she sat on my bicycle back seat with complete stability. Nobody taught her how to balance herself; on a moving cycle…it was natural. And people just admired our companionship. While I was stealing flowers, she would never make any noise and moreover acted as a watch dog for me. Sometimes, she got also hurt in the process, but she never left me alone. Whenever I moved out of home, she would just follow me.”
Not only this, when Monali practiced music or singing, she would just keep looking at her admiringly. “I was amazed with her expressiveness, I wonder how without uttering a word, she could communicate so much with me. No words can describe our companionship; we were together as a child, teenager and youngsters. It was a great feeling to have a pet companion. Luckily, I grew up with lots of pets…we had 18 cats and a goat too.”


Dude of the millennium – Daithy
Once a pet lover, always a pet lover…she could not keep herself deprived of pooch pal for long. It was a great emotional setback for her to lose Suzie and it took her five years to accept her absence. And today, she has a powerhouse of energy at home – Daithy – a one And a half years old Beagle who is full of starry tantrums. “Suzie and me were like nice girls…growing up together, whereas Daithy is a total brat. He is my spoiled son. He has so much of energy…woof!” she shared.
Sharing more about his crazy antics, she laughed out loud for a minute, as she showed umbrella to Daithy – the super brat. “He is my cutest champ. He challenges everyone at home, and does all the things he wants to do, but the moment we will open an umbrella, he changes instantly and follows all the commands like a nice obedient chap. It’s really strange, but very funny. And whenever I am moving out of home, he will pick my things and keep it in front of him and starts giving me a look ‘If you go…I will mess up with this’ and if I try to ignore him, he will just rush to the door and sit in between my legs. After pampering him for a while and promising him a coffee and walk together, he allows me to step out of the home,” she explained.
Another interesting antic she shared, “One day my father was playing my song on YouTube, he came rushing to the living room as he recognised my voice. But I was sitting on a sofa quietly, he was amazed and nobody can imagine his confusion. He was jumping here and there as if he was asking how it is possible.”
And here comes another one, “He is a city boy, who spends most of the time in peaceful atmosphere. Even when he goes out for walks, there’s not much noise within our locality. And the moment he hears auto-rickshaw noise, he gets frozen with fright,” she added.


Spending time together!
Being a busy celebrity, Monali sometimes has tight schedules but still she manages to spend time with her pampered pooch. “If I am in Mumbai, we have a blast together…we play together, go on walks, and sing together…it’s a great fun.”
“Moreover, I take good care of his nutritional requirements as well. He loves to gorge on chicken rice, which I give him as a treat,” she added further.
“Like most of the moms, I too can never be harsh to him. As he is growing up, I appointed a trainer for him, and personally see to the training,” she added.
“Be nice to animals, don’t pretend love…express it. And never harm any animal, be it your pet or a stray…. they make our world beautiful… love one, love all,” she concluded


Wagging all around with Randeep!

An intensely handsome actor who has begun to draw attention after his impressive performances in movies like  Imtiaz Ali’s Highway, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster, Jannat 2 and Murder 3, little do people know that Randeep Hooda is not just an intense actor but an equally passionate animal lover. Interestingly, Candy (Randeep’s pariah pet) accompanies him to shooting locations…. And there’s no moment when she is not around as she’s jealous of Randeep’s female friends… especially with a handbag! Read on to unfurl this wonderful tale of poochie-pal.

Randeep’s pets…
Randeep spent early years of his life with his grandmother and always had pet since childhood. The story of how he got his first (own) pet is really

Randeep and Candy

Randeep and Candy

wonderful, he exchanged two-in-one music player for a pet dog with his school security guard. “I was so happy that I got my pet but when I reached home, my nani was terrified, when she realised what I have done,” he disclosed. This is how this pooch-pal companionship started. “Since childhood I had pets, my first pet was a Pomeranian – Duke.”
In addition to acting in films and theatres, Randeep regularly participates professionally in equestrian sports such as polo and show jumping. But for him the biggest relief is to be with his pets as he finds solace in animals. Besides dogs, he also has horses as pets. “I have very meaningful names of my horses and I call them Ranji, Johnny Walker, Simply Supreme, Rommel and Atillay… I can recognise them and so can they,” he said while introducing his five horses.
Guess who’s the most wanted and loved companion in this macho domain… no point for guessing… it’s Candy, a stray dog who is omnipresent. On asking more about having Candy as a pet, Randeep shared with a smile, “I always imagined having a dog follow me around, a big Rottweiler or Doberman called Butch or Don and here I have this white little thing called Candy. That’s what life gives you, be happy with it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have Butch in the future. Right now I’m very happy;
Candy has been my best pal. She was there even on the sets of Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster.”

Candy: God’s gift…
Randeep feels it was God’s plan to gift this bundle of joy to him, “One day while waiting at airport, I saw this sweet little puppy and watched her antics for a while. My parents were with me and I told my mom that if nobody is adopting her I am taking her home. She was amazed while I picked her up and brought her home.” And today Candy and Randeep are best buddies. She rides in his jeep….travels with him to places and accompanies him to stable as well. So, how horses treat our furry angel? “They all are really best buddies and it’s strange to see Candy going gaga with these big macho players. She gets open spaces to play around and she is very good with the horses,” he added.

A well-behaved pooch is a delight…
On asking about the antics, he added, “Candy is a great pooch… she’s well-trained and disciplined. She goes with me on movie sets but has never created any fuss. Interestingly on hearing ‘Action!’ she stands still like a statue.”
“She is really scared of ladies with handbags. She just can’t handle that. I think there might be some bad memory associated with a handbag,” he shared. Randeep feels proud of Candy as she is really obedient and well-behaved furry friend, and he remarked, “Candy is trained so well. She will never jump on sofa or couch. Moreover she won’t sleep or sit in my bed too. So, always train your pooch.”

Saina Nehwal’s pooch Love

There is something more than badminton in the life of Indian shuttle queen Saina Nehwal.  That’s pooch love which this world badminton champ shares here.

Saina Nehwal's

Saina Nehwal’s

Saina Nehwal’s brilliance in badminton has made India proud for giving birth to such a young sportswoman of exceptional talent. Saina achieved her first shot to the fame when she ranked 2nd by Badminton World Federation in December 2010. She is the first Indian badminton player who bagged an Olympic medal which she accomplished at London Olympics 2012. In addition, Saina is the first Indian shuttler to win the World Junior Badminton Championship held at Pune in 2008 and the first Indian badminton ace who won a Super Series Tournament in 2009. Besides all her adoration and achievements in badminton, what she reveals here is her love for her pooches – Macho and Chopsi.

First pet: Black-coloured Macho, who lived with us for good 13 years.
Worst pet parenting moment: When Macho died, I was in China and I wept bitterly.


Current pet: Chopsi
What’s special about your pooch: I like them profusely. They are innocent and try to elevate your mood by playing with you even when you are not well.
Special paw moments: It happens when I return from a foreign tour, Chopsi will not allow me to enter the house, unless I love and pet him for 10 to 15 minutes.
Special moments that touch your heart: Chopsi sits outside my room till I come out.
Daily pooch time: About half an hour everyday.
What you love about your pooch:  Their affection towards me. Sometimes, Chopsi licks my toe to show his love and will keep on doing it until I scold him.
What your pooch loves about you: We are family.
Exercise for your pooch: We take him out 4 times a day for 6 to 8 km walk daily.
Your pet’s favourite dishes: Pedigree Dentastix, rice with curd, milk.
Special treat for your dog: Tiny shoes for him.
Message to pet parents: They keep us happy, it’s our responsibility to keep them happy too.

John Abraham

A calendar with pictures of celebrities and their tailwaggers! Wow! What a lovely way to start a new year!!!

The 2014 calendar of World For All features 12 celebrity pet parents with their stunning tailwaggers. John Abraham is the

John Abraham

John Abraham

cover of the calendar, endorsing the adoption of stray animals in Mumbai. The eight-week-old sisters – Moon (white) and Lolo (black), and one-year-old Undi, who make a softie of tough-guy John, are up for adoption.

John Abraham supports World For All in the agenda to take care of stray animals in Mumbai, be it cats, be it dogs, be it any kind of animals. “I appreciate the effort they’re putting in and I wish them all the best. I wish all pet lovers to do their bit for the welfare of the stray animals,” adds John.

Featured celebrity pet parents…
The calendar features 12 celebrity pet parents: Nimrat Kaur, Mukul Deora, Sapna Bhavnani, Priyanka Bose, Bruna Abdullah, Ankur Vikal, Paresh Kamath, Harish Iyer, Anju Mahendru, Vikas Bahl, Ahana Deol and Gargi Gogoi. All these pet parents have adopted Indian breed animals.

Each pet parent has a different story to tell. Bruna picks up stray cats from neighbourhood and gets them neutered. The cats in her shot are hers. While, Nimrat Kaur has two cats – one of them is nine years old. Harish always wanted to have a pet but his parents refused. So, one fine day, he brought home a pet and named him Shiva, so that his parents do not throw him out.

The brains and hard work
behind the calendar…
The calendar is shot by photographer Sahil Mane and produced and art directed by Tara Kaushal. They have four dogs and two cats. They are all Indian breeds. “Our dogs are called Janis Joplin aka Jana, Naomi Wolf aka Num-Num, Steven Tyler aka Cheelu and Ervin Olf aka Oli, all named after people we really admire in the art’s spheres. Mama cat is Britney Spears; her daughter is Chini Chairman Mao, named after the building cat Chinchin who was probably her father,” tells Tara.
“I believe discrimination against strays is a bit like believing in the caste system – that where a dog/cat comes from, who his/her parents are, etc determine what they’d be like inside. Adopting strays takes a certain level of cool – when you can go beyond lineage and pedigree, and see an animal for the love he/she has to share. The calendar contains celebrity pet parents –people you want to be or know – who love their Indian dogs and cats,” tells Tara.
“People say Sahil and my animals – four dogs and two cats – are lucky to have been rescued. In actual fact, we are lucky for the love they give us every day,” adds Tara.

The welfare organisation…
Founded by Ruchi Nadkarni and Taronish Bulsara, World For All ( is an animal rescue organisation that encourages people to adopt stray dogs and cats from Mumbai’s streets and runs an active spay-neuter campaign.
(You can pick up a calendar by mailing at: or

Transforming pets into models: My assistants were engaged in keeping the animals interested… making noises, offering food, meowing and whistling just out of the shot!
Dogs vs cats: Cats are static and shy, so it’s harder to get an interesting photograph; though sometimes they prove to be easier as they stay still.
Special shooting moment: Every one of the shoots has been special, but the shoot of animal-lover John Abraham, the cover of the calendar, was especially so. The puppies he’s shot with are up for adoption through World For All– were beautiful. And then, it’s John!
Advice to pet parents trying to get the perfect shot: Patience, Patience, Patience! Create interesting pictures by exploring lower angles and getting down to their level.

Paws and their stars

Ashok K Banker

How does a writer express his pooch love? Well, it has to be emotional, loving and from the heart…here, reputed mythology writer Ashok K Banker shares his pooch love. Excerpts.

Ashok K Banker with Willow

Willow is my boss lady. She knows when I’m writing and waits me out patiently (with a few impatient interruptions!). But when I’m home and free she knows it at once and demands attention. I work from home except for meetings and travels and she is so used to me being around most of the time that she can’t stand me being away for a whole day…,” says the talented author Ashok Banker. Before you think who Willow is…he adds, “She barks and scolds me terribly if I come back late. But if I’m away on a trip (she knows because she sees me take a carry-bag or suitcase) then she lathers me with love when I come back.”

Yes, Willow is the beautiful Basset Hound in the life of Ashok, an internationally acclaimed author of mixed-race based in Mumbai. His Epic India Library is a lifetime writing plan that aims to retell all the major myths, legends and history of the Indian sub-continent in an interlinked cycle of over 100 volumes. This includes the Ramayana Series, Krishna Coriolis, the Mahabharata Series, the contemporary Kali Rising thriller series and other works. His books have sold over 1.85 million copies in 13 languages and 58 countries worldwide. No wonder he is credited with the resurgence of mythology in Indian publishing.

Pooch love…

And the tale of Ashok’s pooch love is also interesting to share. “Oh, I’m a born animal, bird and nature lover. How can anyone not be? We are just two-legged animals too after all. We share this world, we don’t own it. We are all siblings traveling on this great Ark called Earth and we should respect and love our fellow travelers. It’s not just selfless love either. This entire planet’s eco-system is based on loving one another. Only by co-existing symbiotically can all our myriad species prosper and proliferate and keep the planet flourishing. As for dogs, someone once said – Dogs are human beings at their best. That is so true. They are such beautiful lovely creatures,” he shares.

First pet…

“When I was a boy I had a Cocker Spaniel named Tippu who died before he became a year old. It broke my heart and I never owned a pet afterwards. But during the brief time that Tippu was in my life, it was wonderful. As an only child raised by a single mother who was often away for weeks or even months on end, it was great to have a companion who was loyal to me to a fault, played games all day without tiring, and followed everywhere I went. I miss him even today, the little fellow. He got tick fever and had to be put down as he was suffering terribly but I cried and didn’t want to let him go,” he shares sadly.

Another pet…decades later…

“Once I was married, my wife disliked animals so refused to have one in the house. It was only when our son and daughter were in their late teens and pleaded with her for one that I chipped in and convinced her. That was how Willow came into our lives. She’s a pure-breed Basset Hound with a strong genealogy going back several generations but by some genetic quirk her litter inherited more Hound qualities than Beagle or Dachshund (those are the three breeds who were interbred by the French aristocracy in medieval times to create the Basset Hound for hunting). We don’t really care about breeding. We love strays equally. But Willow has a beautiful red coat and gets many admiring looks and compliments from other pet parents. She is not just a part of the family, she is like the matriarch! She bosses over all of us, especially me. And we love it,” he shares with a twinkle in his eyes.

On asking about who Willow loves most, Ashok replies, “She’s closest to me because I have always been her primary care-giver. I’ve stayed up all night sleeping by her side when she was sick, no matter how messy it was, and I am as loyal as a dog to her. She, on the other hand, being a Basset Hound is notoriously stubborn and snobbish and rarely comes when called – a Basset only catches a ball if it’s coming towards her, doesn’t like to chase it! It’s always a challenge to keep her exercising because they tend to get very lazy and fat but it’s good for me too and I enjoy it. Even at six years old, she is one of the most active and playful Basset Hounds.”

And that’s not all, Ashok keeps watching on Willow’s health, exercise, diet but his wife oversees her feeding and nutrition now because she’s a very fussy eater. “My wife, daughter and I take turns brushing, grooming her but I always bathe her and keep her free of ticks or infections and mostly it’s I who take her to the clinic for nail clipping, checkups, shots or health related visits,” he adds.

Spending time with Willow…

“I probably spend too much time with her! That’s one of the upsides of being an author, self-employed, and working from home. She loves going down by the stairs – all 20 floors of them right to the lower basement of the building, then sniffing around the parking basement, walking up to the garden, doing her thing, maybe playing with a ball. Then we go for a drive, I drive, she in the shotgun seat, looking out the window, cruising slowly so she can ogle the hunky dogs – she has a fondness for young muscular yellow Labs and literally collapses at their feet if she encounters one. We stop to socialise sometimes with other dogs but she mostly prefers to just cruise. We have a favourite route I’ve been driving since she was a puppy and she knows it by heart and always turns to lick me ‘thank you’ when we take the last turn towards home. At home, after she eats, she likes me to throw an empty plastic bottle around while she chases it. She tries to catch it and bite the cap off and I have to take it away before she can catch it. Then she gets a treat or two and settles down,” tells Ashok.

Crazy antics…

“Bassets are pretty sedate but when she was younger she used to have this tendency to go diving into any water body she saw. She jumped into puddles, potholes, a swimming pool at a resort once! The swampy pond on the Lokhandwala Back Road. The ocean of course but that’s different,” he adds playfully.

What Willow likes…

“I’m always there for her. I never pass the buck or hand her off to anyone. I’ve avoided long trips because of her for years. I have never kenelled her or left her with anyone else. I don’t believe in punishment training; only in positive reinforcement. I trained her using love,

making her realise that behaving well would please me and make me happy,” he quips in.

On vacations…

Ashok has taken Willow on vacations for a few times but he laments that good pet friendly resorts are so hard to find. “She gets a bit tired of long drives as she’s getting older but when she was young she loved them. One time we all five went to a resort (me, wife, son, daughter and Willow) and there was a small pool there that was not meant for pets of course,” he remembers.

On responsible pet parenting…

“Your pet is as much your child as your two-legged children. Treat them the same way: with love and respect. They will always reward you with more than you give. Dogs yield the highest return on investment of love you will ever make!” concludes Ashok Banker.