Wockhardt:keeping ahead of times

Wockhardt Limited today is among India’s top research and technology oriented pharmaceutical companies, with a global presence. Meet Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Director of Animal Health, Administration Division and Mother & Child care at Wockhardt. Wockhardt is amongst the 50 most valuable companies in India. It has an employee strength of 2700 people. Established nearly four decades ago, Wockhardt Limited today has emerged as a leading player in domestic as well as international markets. Wockhardt believes in R&D and has over 300 scientists developing innovative technologies and new drug discoveries. The R&D is rated amongst the top 3 in the country with R&D spend being 7% of sales – one of the highest in the country.

Through quality, increasing investment in R&D and its people- Wockhardt’s vision is to be the most admired pharmaceutical company in India.

The animal health business primarily comprises of livestock, poultry and companion animals. Mr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Director of Animal Health, Administration Division and Mother & Child care at Wockhardt, is instrumental in maintaining profits in the animal health division inspite of industry recession. A commerce graduate from Mumbai University, Mr. Khorakiwala is a qualified MBA (Masters of Business Administration) from Yale University (USA). With his business acumen, down-to-earth approach and compassion, he has won respect from people of all quarters.

The animal health business of Wockhardt was started in the early eighties and in 1998-99, they acquired Merind. “Since then, we have written many success stories in various segments,” added Mr. Khorakiwala. “We launched the Pet division in the year 2000.”
On enquiring about the trends in Indian pet care, Mr. Khorakiwala replied that Indian pet care market has undergone tremendous changes in the last decade. According to him, the main drivers for this growth are companionship, urbanisation and growing economy. “The stress levels in today’s age are very high. One looks for love,companionship and affection from one’s canine friend. Pets have become a part of the family, hence expenditure on them is done in a similar way as it would be done on any other member of the family. A lot of people have started keeping pets and are spending on their welfare. This is in accordance with the growing disposable income in the middle class. Urbanization and growing economy are other factors affecting the pet care market.”

The pet care range of Wockhardt is called “Sam Brow’ne.” As per Mr. Khorakiwala, this is to have more focus and to establish their brand, besides giving other benefits such as top-of-mind recall and umbrella branding. In the therapeutic segment, the main brands include Meriquin Tablet (antibiotic containing Enrofloxacin), Prazisam Plus (dewormer), Wokazole (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory lotion), Endact (Endoectocide), Samodin Spray (broad spectrum germicidal spray), and Reltix (anti-tick shampoo).

In the Nutraceuticals segment, the main brands of Wockhardt include Merical Pet Liquid (calcium tonic), Merical Pet Briskit (calcium chewable briskit), Nutisam-365 Briskit (vitamin and mineral supplement) and Samfur (nutritional supplement with egg protein). In the cosmetic segment, the main brand is Samglow soap and shampoo.

Since its inception, Sam Brow’ne has been registering a constant growth. More recently, the company has launched Samolac infant pet food. It has a unique combination encompassing all nutritional requirements for puppies. It is also the first weaning food for puppies. It contains high fat for extra energy requirement and is enriched with amino acids, besides having high quality proteins and all the essential fatty acids. It can be given to pups from 19-45 days. “Pups are often given Cerelac (human infant food) but the requirement of the puppy nutrition is very different from a human baby nutrition. Samolac completes this gap,” added Mr. Khorakiwala.

Wockhardt is an organisation with a cause. They are dedicated to animal welfare. “We are sponsoring various research projects in veterinary colleges and research institutes throughout India. Moreover, we are committed to the cause of stray dogs’ welfare and we are providing support to various organizations like SPCA etc,” told Mr. Khorakiwala.

A member of the Confederation of Indian Industries, Young Indians, Rotary Club, Mr. Khorakiwala is also committed to a cause and has started a non- profit charitable organization called-“Friend of the Poor”?-?an organisation which provides the poor with basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, health and education.

Whenever he is at home, he is a complete family man and loves to spend time with friends and family. He enjoys travelling to places of natural beauty and historical importance. His favourite pastime is reading books on spirituality, philosophy, theology and religious studies. This is Mr. Khorakiwala – a noble man from a noble organisation.

Bharat Tandon: The “Petcare” man

The passion to innovate, the zeal to care, a burning desire of quality — all come together in making of the Managing Director of Petcare — Mr. Bharat Tandon. With a vision to provide the best for one’s beloved canine, led to the founding of “Petcare”, India’s first company taking care of pet nutrition and therapy. Meet Mr. Bharat Tandon, the man behind Petcare. Mr. Tandon has been a dog lover since childhood. His favourite pet being “Zero”, an apso from the Dalai Lama’s kennel. His childhood fantasy was to become a scientist. Till date, he feels one’s pet is one’s complete companion – the whole world can be angry with you but your pet can never be. Mr. Tandon believes that man’s best companion – the dog – deserves all attention and pampering and therefore his health, hygiene and vigour matters as much as that of human beings.

Mr. Tandon started his career with Astra, a pharmaceutical company in Bangalore and later shifted to the agribusiness unit. But, he had something else in his mind, his drive to do something more for his childhood love – the dogs, motivated him to enter the pet nutrition business and soon started Petcare in 1984.

The division’s main motto is “Your pet. Our care”. As a company, Petcare believes in quality, innovations and caring for the canines and the products conform to the highest international standards. Being market leaders and innovators, they launched the “Notix” talc, a product that was first of its kind in the country and a product that actually worked! At that point of time, there was no drug approved formulation, Mr. Tandon’s pharma background gave them an added advantage and with the help of extensive research and with the desire to satisfy the consumer along with all the necessary approvals- Notix talc was launched. Mr. Tandon reinforces, “As a company, we always want to be innovative, and take pride in being the first company in India to have a pet division. We also very early invested in an Extruder (to make dog food), and started out with snack and launched Nutribix biscuits and dog rolls”.

Mr. Tandon’s quest for quality has led Petcare in 1999 to partner with a Dutch company Provimi, who are market leaders in animal nutrition in Latin America, Brazil & Europe. Petcare now benefits from their technology and global experience and expertise.

As per Mr. Tandon, the market for pet products have opened up, consumers have become more demanding and sophisticated. “We now have to keep ahead of the market.

We have to keep up with the times and fulfil the desire of the consumer”, he says. To meet their vast needs, the company offers a range of products including Provican Soup, Notix Forte, Notix Green Pet Soap, Food Booster, Nutricoat, Provilacc, Nutribix Economy, Nutripet, Seledruff, Praziplus, Notix Talc, Notix Scrub Liquid and Ridd. And consumers are absolutely satisfied with the products as the company not only delivers quality products, but also care for the needs of their pets.

Says Mr. Tandon, “Because we care, we believe in giving out information. Thus, Petcare has Nutritional forum that facilitates exchange of valuable information among pet lovers”. Petcare has also instituted Petcare Award for Canine Excellence (PACE) – an award to veterinary doctors to honour and encourage valuable contribution made by them in the field of pet industry.

Being aware of their social responsibilities, Mr. Tandon has been actively supporting various animal welfare organizations, for example CUPA.

To match international standards, the company invests continuously in R&D, high-tech production infrastructure and a strong sales network. According to Mr. Tandon, “quality is not an event but an ongoing process in our team”.

Mr. Tandon says, “We as a company do not only deliver quality but care for our customers canines”.

Mr. Tandon’s family consists of his wife, his son Angad and his daughter Mithali, who are the proud owners of Duke, a Swiss Mountain dog, who is a big and sturdy dog and the family, especially the kids, love to play with him. The maids love to call him “Duka”. Needless to say, only a dog lover can care for a dog’s need. One has to be a dog lover to give that special touch, that special approach towards any pet product and Mr.Tandon is the living example.

Ebrahim & Sons – Committed to all doggy needs

Mumbai based Ebrahim & Sons (pet shop), dating back to 1928, claims to be one of the first pet shops in India.  An organisation committed, caring and catering to all doggy needs! An organisation of quality and substance, which identifies the need of the consumer and feels happy in delighting them.

The Ebrahim & Sons pet shop was established in 1928 by Mr. A R Ebrahim, an animal lover and a visionary in pet needs’ identification. At that time, people used ropes for their pets. Only a few imported collars were present. Seeing the demand for collars in India, Mr. Ebrahim began getting collars locally manufactured for its customers. Today, the company boasts of being a one-stop shop for all doggy needs.
Mr. R R Merchant, the second generation owner of the shop told us the reasons why people keep dogs. He informed that some 15 years back, people kept dogs as a status symbol, but now they have pets for others reasons, of which companionship and security are the main purposes. Mr. Merchant, however, narrated some funny reasons for keeping a dog as well. He said that he had one customer who kept a dog to scare away the guests as he had a lot of guests visiting him very frequently!!
In this jetsetting lifestyle, the demand for prepared doggy foods is fast increasing as people find it more convenient and less time-consuming. Personally, Mr. Merchant insists that the pets should be given a mix of home-cooked food, dry food and tinned food.
The pet shop also offers galvanised iron kennels for transportation which are accepted by all airlines. These are customised and manufactured as per the requirements of the customer.
Being in this business for almost 75 years is an achievement in itself. And their major USP is the personal touch they extend to their clients and their innovative ideas. Mr. Merchant believes that the organisation belief was incorporated by his father, who believed that a rich person is a man who has sufficient resources, and if one has in excess, one must give it to others.
“To this day, we follow his teachings and values and are contended with what we have created. My father was always very agile. Even at the age of 75, he used to come to the shop and judge the need of the customer. He even climbed ladders to get the stock for the customer. My father had it all – good health, good mind, wealth and we are here because of his teachings, blessings and love,” Mr Merchant fondly remembered with love and affection.
The organisation completely adheres to quality standards and identifies customer needs.  Their motto is not only to sell a product, but to sell an idea. “Whenever I get a new client, I take time to ask his exact requirements and then bring out a solution for him. An owner takes care of his one or more number of pets, we take care of the needs of over 1000 pets,” added Mr. Merchant. This way, Mr. Merchant knows each of his customers personally.
“We have been successful because of our integrity and selling genuine products. We never force our customers to buy anything that their dogs do not need. In all, we sell the right product at the right time at right price in right place and in sufficient quantities. If something doesn’t sell, we sell it half the price and that is the trick,” added Mr. Merchant. As a value-added service, they also provide home delivery of the products, so that the clients get the products conveniently at home. But Mr. Merchant is of the view that it is disadvantageous for the client as he misses to see the amazing new products available in the market.
The organisation has always been flexible and open-minded to inculcate new ideas. As Mr Merchant puts it, “To conceal ignorance is to increase it. And because of our value system, our customers have faith in us and believe that they will never be cheated.”
Ebrahim & Sons stock both foreign as well as Indian products. Mr. Merchant believes that people are more inclined towards foreign products and do not realise that Indian products are also superior in quality and come with an added advantage of being lower-priced.
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The shop also takes feedback from his customers and extends it to doggy product manufacturers so that they can constantly improve their products. So Ebrahim & Sons is a shop with a difference and personal touch. Only an animal lover can take such extra efforts to provide such intensive solutions for all doggy needs.
As an organisation, they have always tried to delight the customer by fulfilling and exceeding their needs, which has kept them going for the past 75 years and this would certainly take them into future as they are totally committed to all doggy needs.
For more info, contact Ebrahim & Sons at Kwality House, 1-Hughes Road, Kemps Corner, Mumbai-400036, Tel : 022-23805513, 23806278.