It is not miracle, It’s Magic!

Sidhant Bhatia and Magic

Sidhant Bhatia and Magic

Here’s an insight into a fascinating story of every emotion known to human involved, thus making me believe that ‘My Dog is My God’. MAGIC is the name! Yup you read it right. I call him MAGIC because he is ‘magical’ in every sense of our journey so far. Now, know how this ‘magic’ happened to me. It was on 6th July 2015, with the help of a clutch and a friend, I was very reluctant going out of my home after almost seven months, because on 5th December 2014 I met with an accident in which I almost lost my leg, thus lost my job and finally lost all my social life and leading me to depression.


Going out of home after such a long time was something else and on the way I saw a pet shop. So limping I entered and saw a cage with four black pearls. I asked for few biscuits from the attendant to feed them. As soon as I poked one inside the cage a pup just took a leap and snatched it like any other pooch. But unlike any other pooch his took that biscuit and gave it to his sister who seemed unwell, this repeated thrice before he ate one and that moment he took my heart and I decided to take him home.


I still remember the moment I entered my home and I told mom, “Here’s your grandson.” She laughed after seeing me happy after so many days. I was going through loads of physiotherapy sessions, so I was not able to play with him much. One-day my physiotherapist did not come and this little furry kid who merely weighed around 8-10 kg picked my ankle weighing about 4 kg and started dragging towards me, bringing tears to my eyes. The same time I decided that day I will work hard and the only thing which was missing was the motivation and reason that this kid gave me.


Doctors said it would take another year for me to recover. But my kid pushed me hard and every time I did lack my motivation he used to push me to walk, forcing me every evening standing with his leash in his month, staring straight into my eyes and telling me no matter what I am. Within no time I started walking, even running. By November I was fine and doctors said it’s just a miracle, but I said, “No, it’s MAGIC!”


Naughtiest Lab
MAGIC is the naughtiest Labrador on the planet who socialises with every dog and at the same time is very intelligent at the age of six months. He won six prizes at pet fests including the ‘Cutest Dog’ in big breed category. Now I fear nothing, because I know I have a dog who blessed me and blessing me every day.


He is just a rollercoaster ride who has given me goose bumps and joy at the same time. To conclude, I would like just to say there no love which can be compared to a dog’s love for his pet parent. And today I am proud to say that I am a parent of such a ‘magical’ creature created by God, because he cannot come personally to give love to everyone. Signing off a proud pet parent Sidhant Bhatia and his cutest kid MAGIC! WOOF-WOOF!


-Sidhant Bhatia, New Delhi

All in an extra-large furry family of eight

Badari Prasad

Badari Prasad

When my wife insisted on having a furry friend we brought home a Lab puppy of three months who was round and very naughty. That’s why we named him Robbie Williams! He is very playful and loves to go for drive anytime! In fact, it’s mandatory that he must be taken for a drive daily around the block. When Dr Elizabeth Thomas of Pet Oasis was instrumental in suggesting a partner for Robbie Williams, we chose a gorgeous Lab girl whom we named Kylie Minogue! Very composed very thankful she is! It so happened as they both got really friendly and she gave birth to three puppies at Vet Hospital in Al Ain. We named the pups Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks (two black Labs) and Bella Donna (a beige Lab). We name our pooches after famous personalities because it is easy for us to remember their names. Moreover, they match their characteristic features incidentally with the celebs. At

Dr Arati

Dr Arati

last, I got a Golden Retriever pup from a neighbour. Seeing the cuteness in the eyes of the pup my wife Dr Arati said, “He’s going to stay with us.” Then I rescued a Golden Retriever pup, who was abandoned; we named him Tom Cruise and he is the most active, very playful and a cute rascal. Another rescue was for a small size Papillon breed I had rescued from a treacherous circumstance and we named her Tina. That’s how we ended up having a family of eight dogs—a bow wow family! We love them to death.  Yes, we also do feed five cats who are our123 regular daily visitors and they do bang on time when we feed our pooches. Unfortunately our doggies hate them so they are always behind our villa but I have made a separate comfy arrangement for them.  –Badari Prasad RS, Al Ain, UAE

Our strays need our care, compassion & love

Last year, a street dog gave birth to six young ones, out of which only one female puppy survived. I gave medical care to the pup when she got hurt. Since then, she and her mother became friends with me. I named the little puppy Choti (which means ‘younger’) and her mother Mothi (which means ‘older’). Few months later, Mothi again gave birth to six young ones. It was amazing to see that both Mothi and Choti were taking care of the young ones. Soon, the litter became one and a half months old.


On the festive day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the mother dog visited our house during night. She seemed to be different…she took a roti from my hand and

Mothi and Choti

Mothi and Choti

went away. Next day, I noticed some movement in my backyard. On looking closer, I found there were four pups. Mothi had shifted four of her pups to our backyard, I wondered what happened to the other two. After three days, Mothi stopped coming to see her pups while Choti continued visiting them. I tried to look for Mothi in the village but could not find her. The pups were crying to be fed. I gave them a bowl of milk, which they happily lapped up. Two days later, Mothi returned. Though I was happy to see her alive, I was very disturbed to see her in a very bad shape. I tried to feed her but she did not eat or drink anything. She spent some quality time with her pups and then left, never to come back again. She died the same day.


It was a shocking moment and I suddenly remembered the other two pups, who might still there at the original place. When I went there to pick them up, I was shocked to see them gone. It left a feeling of void in my heart. Soon, the four pups became a part of our family and became friends with my parents and grandma. Choti kept visiting her little siblings everyday and it was amazing to see the older sister taking care of the younger ones. That time, I also remembered the instance when Choti used to give her share of food to Mothi so that she could feed the young ones.
The puppies grew and were three months old when a little girl came to our yard to collect flowers. She saw the pups and fell in love with the white pup. She wanted to adopt the pup and my dad relented. Next day, a little boy adopted the white and chocolate spotted puppy. We were left with two puppies – Lucy (female) and Debu (male). Few days later, Lucy and Debu were also adopted by loving families.


Now, I know why Mothi left the pups in our backyard, she somehow knew that she will soon leave for her heavenly abode and she trusted me to take care of her pups. Let us all be kind to our stray dogs as they too deserve to live happily.
-Shantanu Ravindra Kuveskar, Raigad, Maharashtra

Zozo taught me Real meaning of love!

My pet Zozo is one I care most after my parents. He taught me how you love others and he taught me the Untitled-4real meaning of love. There are so many things I want to own in life, such as good job, house, car… the list is endless but Zozo just wants to be loved and that’s it! For him, I’m his whole life and this is how we truly love each other. Zozo came to my life on 15th August 2011. He was very naughty but very cute. He was like a small baby. Today, I realise how a mother first scolds their children and calms down to love them. Zozo is a foodie and loves to gorge on food. One-day he slyly went to our pooja ghar and he then sat in his basket very quietly, pretending as if nothing had happened but we got to know as his mouth was all oily with ghee. He is the best gift I’ve ever got and very thankful to my brother who bought Zozo from Bengaluru. A thought that we will have to part someday really scares me but one thing is for sure I will remember him till my last breathe. Love You Zozo!

Baxter the prankster!

BaxterHere introduced is our little boy Baxter the prankster. He loves biting wood. We had plain furniture before we had Baxter and now we have a carved one. Usually trees have roots underneath. But trees in our garden have their roots above the ground. Credit must go to Baxter. He’s nothing other than a chalta-firta soft toy. We love him a lot. He’s a family member, not a pet or not just a dog. Our life is incomplete without him. Muahh… Baxter!

Destined to be with Buzo

Swati Meena

Swati with Buzo

Meet my Buzo. He is approximately six years old today. I rescued him from a bunch of gypsies in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR). I wanted to foster him and give him a good home but never knew that his new home will be with me. Every single day I want to go home at the earliest so that I can play with Buzo. With him I feel he is my handsome boy for life. I treasure him more than anyone. He is Swati’s special.

– Swati Meena, Gurgaon

Paw Tales

A dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun, Too faithful to leave, to frightened to run 
He’s been here for days now with nothing to do But sit by the road waiting for you 
He can’t understand why you left him that day He thought you were stopping to play 
He’s sure you’ll come back and that’s why he stays How long will he suffer? How many more days? 
His legs have grown weak, his throat’s parched and dry He’s sick now from hunger and falls with a sigh 
He lays down his head and closes his eyes 

I wish you could see how a waiting dog dies.


These are a few of my favorite things……..


  • I am sparkle a  3 year old great guy(spaniel)… I love my Mom and Dad and ensure that they dance to my tunes –  I certainly have trained them well.
  • I love my morning walks specially the times when I meet my friends sasha(lab) & pixie ( pom).
  • I make it a point to keep people around me busy and insist that all my needs are met- specially my walks- for me every moment is a walk moment I enjoy the outdoors. If people around me are busy- I just don’t take no for an answer- I am very vocal about my needs- I go to my dad- throw a tantrum and ensure that he understands.
  • What I really love is our holidays together- the best thing I learnt was swimming at a stream in Jim Corbett- we were playing a game of fetch when I discovered this inborn talent and boy I loved the experience- I would just dive in the water, swim, fetch the stone, enjoy my self and best part is everybody else loved watching me too-so I simply put my best paw forward and had a splash……
  • I also have a fetish for stones of all shapes and sizes- inspite of all my toys- I just adore them and every walk time make it a point to pick a precious one and  get it home.
  • I love the word “Lets go”- I guess it gets out the gypsy spirit in me as I love to roam.
  • I love a good romp too- nothing like running  in an open area, that’s the reason I love my holidays in the hills as I can run to my hearts content.
  • Hey I don’t want to miss out my squeaky toys.
  • And I definitely love people and parties as I can smuggle in a scrumptious snack or two. My mom keeps an eagle eye on me but  to tell you the truth the soulful looks to guests always work…..
  • Last but not the  least my bed with my spider man pillow is the best to cuddle in specially in winters……



By Sparkle & Shweta

Naughty but awesome Simba!

Simba! That’s what my family and I decided to name him. He is an awesome guy from the day he came home. He gelled with his new home the day he Naughtystepped in. Ever since he came home our home is filled with joy and happiness. This is my first paw pet and the journey so far has been so incredibly awesome. Simba goes to school where he gets to socialise with his friends. I make sure Simba meets at least three new friends every week or two. Simba is trained by me and his trainer and listens to almost 30 commands in the form of tricks and obedience. The commands which he follows are: Sit, Down, Rest, Sleep, Roll, Hands Up, Ask, Heel, Turn Left, Turn Right, Speak, Look, Come Here, Stay, Sorry, Shake Hand, Hi-fi, Kiss, Hug, Fetch, Drop, Search, Sing, Attack, Jump, Over, Pull, Salute, Guard, No, Sit Properly and Hunt. He is naughty at the same time. When he is left behind at home, he messes up the place by ripping off the wood from table, bed, doors, windows and piecing up his pillow and bed. He takes away my shoes when I get dressed to go out and dodging against me so that I stay with him. Simba sleeps with me on my bed and wakes me up at 5 am so that I take him to his training school and  also follows me whereever I go and many more stories as such. Simba has many visitors in the neighbourhood who come, meet and spend time with him every day. The funniest part is most of them come and call out Simba’s name at my door instead of mine. Simba has been an important part of my family and my thoughts and concern on him is always in anything we do. Simba is home! Simba is family!

Bonzoi the struggling stray!

Bonzoi (circled) in the picture

Bonzoi (circled) in the picture

The poor soul Bonzoi, most of the time is hunting for food, fresh water and shelter. He is deprived of all these. Having no
other option, he usually picks unhygienic leftovers from public eating places. Subsequently he falls ill. To add to his
problems he has a large family, consisting of his female partner, who is locally known as Timmie and their six pups. The human world is pacing in speed day by day without even noticing the agony of these creatures. People are always shooing the strays away. A little kind gesture of ours towards Bonzoi and his family and millions of other strays like them, cannot change the world but can change the world for that very animal.