For the love of Amy…

For-the-love-of-Amy...Although I am a dog lover, I restrained from keeping a dog at home as I had experienced the agony of losing a dog when I was a kid. But, as they say, destiny knows the better of you – I got married to Richa, an ardent dog lover and a big time dog enthusiast. The first gift she asked post marriage was a dog on Valentine’s Day.

We decided to get an easy maintenance dog but again, destiny had different plans. When we entered the pet shop, we were fascinated with two small teddy bears playing with each other. Without checking our suitability for the breed (St Bernard), we decided to get home the baby girl and named her Amy. Amy was like a baby to us and we actually had to rear and care for her like one.

The second day we got her home, Amy started to show some signs of cough and cold. We took her to the vet and to our shock he told us that she has canine flu and she should be vaccinated twice a day with antibiotics. We spent sleepless nights for entire one month before she recovered. We used to wake up in shifts to take care of the baby. It was hectic and at one point we even thought that we made a mistake but we couldn’t do anything about that as we were so much in love with Amy by then. Sending her back to the breeder was totally out of question, so we decided to fight with the situation and finally Amy recovered miraculously.

Now, it’s been one and half years since that incident and Amy is a grown up St Bernard. But she is not one of those lethargic saints; she loves to play all the time. If you show her the leash even at 12 in night, she would be jumping with joy.

We love her to the core of our heart as she has brought so much happiness to the family.

Most pet parents are reluctant to keep a female dog due to the problem of heat cycles. What they probably don’t know is that if you consult your vet beforehand, this problem can be solved. Besides, we cannot ignore the fact that female dogs are more sublime and loving in temperament as compared to male counterparts. But it is important to do lots of research before bringing home a dog to match your home size and financial aspects of maintaining her. Always consult your vet before taking the decision to bring the new member in the family. Happy pet parenting!

–Abhishek & Richa, New Delhi

My pets choose me!

My-pets-choose-me!Six years ago, we acquired our first pet, the breeder showed us litters of different breeds…but we immediately fell in love with a brindle Boxer pup – as we went to pick her up, another head popped up from under the basket – it was a fawn colour Boxer pup. The breeder told us that these two were the last of the litters left, a pair of sisters. We adored both! When we went to take them we only got Cookie (our fawn baby)–which made us sad but as we were leaving something brushed against our legs – looking down and a beautiful Rottweiler pup had found us, he chose us and became a part of our family. He was named Tarzan our new member…

We are now blessed with three pets all of whom were destined to be with us and all of them choose us to do so …

My adorable Apsos!

My-adorable-Apsos!We are blessed with two adorable angels – Chicky, chocolate brown and Casper, pearl white Lhasa Apsos. They live life king-size and attract attention by their innocent and peculiar ways. In winters, you may find them lazily snuggled up in their beddings while in summers, they will cushion right below air-conditioner. Try and shift them from their spot and they’ll stubbornly fight their way back with all the righteousness in the world.

Chicky was two months old when we brought him home and it was a move to help my grandmother cope with depression after my grandfather’s death. He soon became the apple of her eyes and helped her fight depression. Whereas Casper was adopted from a relative when they were no longer able to look after him well; and he was just four years old. He got his name because of his colour after the cartoon character Casper, the friendly ghost. An absolute opposite to Chicky in many of his personality traits, Casper is a mild, docile and peaceful dog.

Intelligent, as what Apsos are known for, they very well know what to ask for and from whom. For example, they would always go to dad when they want to go for a stroll because I am too lazy to take them; grand mum is from where they will get stuff to eat which they are usually not allowed to. And when they don’t get what they want, the first lady of the house – mommy is where they complain about all of us. Both of them love car rides but they are conceptually very clear as to who in the house would be the right person to take them out on a long drive, by virtue of all of our driving abilities.

Trauma for Chicky and Casper is their bath. On a Sunday when my sister would walk out with a towel around her neck, and call out for the two, they would vanish as if they never existed. Though they were not really nurtured together since infancy, it is very satisfying to see both of them sharing their private space. They eat and drink from each other’s bowl with no offence. There are times, after a tiring playtime, when one can spot them in some corner of the house sleeping on top of each other.

They express every human emotion so clearly that they really connect to them in our daily chores of life. They actually understand things you say to them word-by-word. Both of them are extremely social beings. They hate to be alone! I recall how once Chinky jumped onto my study table and sat on top of the book I was reading, to protest and compel me to play with him.

On the road, these two handsome creatures make million heads turn. Passers by, especially children, treat them amusingly as eye candy. Chicky and Casper have become a part & parcel of our lives. They are the centre of everyone’s attention and our home has become a paradise since these angels arrived.

Rover –the royal canine!

Rover-–the-royal-canine!They say that New York City is so loved that it is named twice over – ‘New York – New York’. The same with our dog Rover who is so lovable that he is known as ‘Rover Rover’!!! Rover is a St. Bernard from Patiala who is the best birthday present I have ever received.

Rover is so very elegant and dignified that we feel that he is reborn from a royal family. He is handsome, good natured and very loving. He is attracted to strangers and also loves to play with other dogs, big and small – I have never heard him growl at anyone/any dog.

Rover has three passions in life: me, car rides and a swim in the lake. He is a one man dog and follows me everywhere. My day starts with a welcome from Rover in my bed. After he has drooled all over me and my bed we go for a long walk. In the evening he waits outside for my return from work and then I get a grand welcome. He loves car rides. He feels that I have to chauffer drive him around on Saturdays. He loves to swim in a lake that is around a kilometre away from our residence. He swims beautifully! I cannot imagine my life without him!

Sylvie – the black beauty

Sylvie is the most beautiful and loving dog I have ever come across over the years – she is full of energy, mischief maker and the most adored and loved member of the family at Friendicoes SECA. Anyone who sees her today will never believe the torture and pain she had to endure few years back.

Almost five years back, Sylvie was a part of a family living in Vasant Vihar and she had everything any dog would like – a warm and loving family, kids to play with, plenty of place to run around, bowls full of food and water and a warm bed to sleep. All was going fine until one day the family realized she was getting to be a handful and was not their exact idea of a family dog. Being at an age where every dog is naughty and playful she would bite the edges of sofas, tables, chairs, shoes, etc and litter the place with paper, shreds of ball, etc which after a period of time was not liked by the family. Being a working family they would all be out and when they came back they would have to face an over energetic and enthusiastic pet. Anger and outbursts began and soon Sylvie’s life became a hell. She was left tied up all day long; sometimes without food and water, no more walks, or toys to play with, and in due course of time she became nothing more than a watch dog left out of the house with no one to care for.

Once, when the family decided to go for a holiday for 15 days, they left the poor miserable dog tied to the window of their garage with no water, food, light or air. One of the neighbours became a little suspicious when he heard a dog whining continuously… on approaching the garage and by climbing up to the small dirty window he managed to see a black form lying senseless on the ground. He broke open the window and found Sylvie lying in her own shit and urine and an unbearable stench. When he tried to approach her, she got scared and crouched, he just couldn’t recognize the same Sylvie who used to jump around and play with his pets. After much coaxing he befriended her and took her out. The once healthy dog was reduced to bones now, the chain had been tied so tight that her entire neck was cut and festered. He gave her food and water and then called us at Friendicoes SECA. We sent our team to rescue her and bring her home.

I still remember that day when Sylvie first came to us –she was scared, wary, wounded and in a pitiful condition, any loud noise or raised voice would scare her and she would follow me and others like a shadow. At night, I made her sleep in a warm bed by my side and after a nice warm bath, and stomach full of food. In a few days time she began regaining her strength and soon we were all glad and happy to see her mix around with her other friends, playing with them, stealing their food, going for walks, etc. It was heartening to see a scared, hurt dog transform herself to a healthy naughty bundle of joy. We were grateful to God for having sent her our way she was one of the lucky ones to be rescued in time and she is still the happy mascot of Friendicoes SECA today.

Bruno’s fun@camp

Bruno’s-fun@campIt’s always good to spend time with our cuddly canines and believe me, when they accompany us on a trip, the fun increases manifold. Bow! I was one of a few lucky ones, who had such great fun. Me and my pet Bruno simply went ballistic on our two-day camping at the outskirts of Mumbai.

Our morning started with swimming sessions, while I enjoyed it with other pooches; Bruno found some gorgeous females more appealing and loved chasing them. He wooed them at his best…alas! He didn’t get success. Then we went to our room for breakfast and lazed around for a while, conserving our energies for rocking evening sessions of interesting games…and our four-legged companions won some wonderful gifts as well.It was all good, then better and finally best for Bruno, as it was his birthday, we had a huge bash. All the doggies came dressed up, wearing a birthday cap to the riverside…it was the party venue and soon after cutting the cake…the fun knew no bounds. We also went trekking at the Karnala fort, which turned out to be the most enjoying trek. We wished, we had more such incidents of unadulterated fun, frolic and festivity…together.

They are the world to me

They-are-the-world-to-meMy best friends are my two pooches – Dolly and Gold. Dolly is very playful and naughty while Gold – a big daddy, is simply adorable and loves to take bath. I take both of them out for a walk. They are my life and God’s fantastic gift to me. All three of us are blissful together.

I am really fond of dogs and have been taking care of my five stray dogs who live near my house. I love them all and dream to open an NGO for stray dogs as I want to help them, love them and be with them.

My Adorable baby

Bujoe is a sweet little darling, who entered my life in January 2004. He was hardly a month old. Faced a tragedy and Bujoe’s presence gave me strength to carry on.

He expresses all his feelings through his eyes. Bujoe loves to play a lot. He is the typical Lab who wants something in his mouth. It can be anything, for instance, broom, socks, coconut, ball or even a simple stick. He has a typical habit, if he wants someone to play with him, he will touch the person’s leg with whatever he has in his mouth, just to say, “Come play with me”. Bujoe loves if anyone pulls the stuff out of his mouth, so that he can pull it back himself.

One bad habit which Bujoe had in the past, was shredding shoes to bits and pieces. I remember I had purchased a pair of shoes which I had only worn once. This fellow tore it off. I was in tears seeing the sight of it. Sitting down on the floor, I said to him, “Bujoe what’s this?” I don’t know whether he understood or not, but he came near me and started licking me as if he wanted to say sorry for what he had done. As a matter of fact, from that day onwards, Bujoe stopped tearing shoes permanently.

Bujoe is my best companion when I am alone or if I feel upset. He realises it from my facial expressions and he just keeps licking me or sits beside me quietly. He is also very obedient, only when he is in a mood to play then he cannot be controlled. He runs about in our garden picking up whatever he finds on the way, wagging his tail in the air.

I am really very lucky to have such a wonderful companion in my life.

They are the world to me

My best friends are my two pooches – Dolly and Gold. Dolly is very playful and naughty while Gold – a big daddy, is simply adorable and loves to take bath. I take both of them out for a walk. They are my life and God’s fantastic gift to me. All three of us are blissful together.

I am really fond of dogs and have been taking care of my five stray dogs who live near my house. I love them all and dream to open an NGO for stray dogs as I want to help them, love them and be with them.


Nawab – the light of our life!

Nawab-–-the-light-of-our-life!I still remember the day my little black bundle of love and joy entered my life. Nawab was a four months old Labrador pup, and the moment I visited him for the first time, he came running to me wagging his tail. At that moment, I knew I was in love and that I had to take him home with me that very moment. Nawab was probably not taken care of at his first home and had fleas, dandruff and itchy skin but despite all odds, he was an instant hit in my house… my husband, son and my helpers all fell in love with him.

In just a few months, Nawab’s coat was shining and glossy and he was turning out to be a handsome young man. Our house resounded with his playing, running and his antics. It was such a sight to see him entertaining and showering us with his love and affection. For his walks, we bought him a nice red collar with bells, a cute red jacket and he looked like little red riding hood in it. He just enjoyed his walks and hated coming back home. He loved to sniff, investigate every pole, nook and corner and pee on every car tyre in sight. In just a matter of days, he became the love of everyone, young and old, in the park, playing with them jumping, barking, and chasing everything in sight.

There’s never a dull moment in our life…he is full MTV unlimited for us. He hides under the table where no one can reach him, when he does something wrong. When he wants attention, he brushes himself against us. Sometimes, he just picks up a rag and stands in front of us, as if saying- ‘Hold the end and let’s play tug of war.’ He loves to be tickled in the stomach with his legs up. The latest craze in his life is plastic bottles; he has to have one daily and will not rest until and unless he has flattened it.

A very loving loyal friend; he is like a baby for us. The look he gives us in the morning when he waits for someone to take him for a walk is touching. He knows when to approach us with a sad mournful face and when to jump around and wag his tail, and knows whom to go to get his work done. He is very expressive and naughty…our true bundle of joy.

Sometimes I wonder that our life would have been so dull, boring and monotonous without a pet and I thank God for sending Nawab my way. Believe me a pet can change your outlook of life… I have a real example in my life … my husband who was never too fond of dogs is so attached with Nawab today that without him he would be lost…I am glad I got the chance to teach my husband and people around me to love animals and make them a part of our lives.

Maggie-my sounding board!

Maggie-my-sounding-board!Relationship with Maggie has been more or less pre-destined. I still remember one fine day, when my mother received a phone call from her sister that a female pup is ready to be adopted. She inquired if my mother was interested in adopting her. My mother at first was reluctant but with me and my brother’s persuasion, she agreed. I drove eight miles to see her. She was sooo…naughty. I took her in my arms. From that day I have a true buddy with me who has been with me in all my ups and downs for 10 long years. Everyone has bad times, when I had my share, it left me in despair, but my Maggie was with me always giving me motivation and love to walk through the life. Today, I am a successful man but will never forget the love, motivation, and warmth that Maggie has given to me. My love will be always for you Maggie.