I am the best

Hello everybody!
Are you ready?
I’m going to tell you,
About me and my family.

My name is “PANTHER”,
And for strangers, I’m a danger.
As my name suggests, my nature,
I have a royal gait and posture.

I’m a German Shepherd male,
When I charge, everyone turns pale.

In my family,
I’m the youngest.
My parents love me and say that,

I’m always ready to fight,
No matter it is day or night.
I’m always alert and bright,
Whatever I do is always right.

I’m caring and a sincere boy,
I give my family love and joy.
I’m their darling cootchie coo,
I will always be a loyal pooch.


I’m blessed!

Cookie is my name, Playing ball, my favourite game,
I love barking, Be it night, evening or morning.
I am a Boxer female,
With the most expressive eyes and a cute tail
A very long tongue –makes everyone around me tease,
This is our most adorable defective piece.
In my family, I was the first dog to come aboard,
And that’s why I am pampered to the core,
I am loved, spoilt and have been given everything,
That’s why I can get away with anything.
When I came to my parents–I gave them happiness,
But soon my life became a painful stress,
I fell sick but soon recovered,
With all the care and love they showered.
As I grew, my sickness came time and again,
I was operated on now and then,
Life for me was not a pleasurable pack,
My parent often wondered why
I had to go through Hell and back.
But now I am hale-n-hearty,
Had it not been for their care and loving,
To my parent – I’ll always love them too,
For making my journey so beautiful.
No matter what, they all love me,
I’ll always be their darling cookie,
I’ll always be their best companion and a faithful friend,
And I’ll remain like that – ‘TILL MY END’
– Vinita Patil


Dot & Me

I am six years old.  My name is Jishu. I have a younger brother called Dot who is two years old. Here is a poem dedicated to my furry buddy:
This is my brother Dot
I love him a lot
I take him for a walk,
With all his bark, he doesn’t let me talk
He lazes around all day
And doesn’t get up anyway
This is my brother dot
I love him a lot.

Snoopy- be my pet today and all tomorows

As the day was dawning, I saw a bright enthusiastic light. It came to me and was just like a shooting star in the night. His eyes were shining bright, In his posture was might. I was touched by his beautiful sight, I was delighted, I named him life. He took the dark side of my life, And brought joy. His furry fur was white as snow, His ears soft as foam, His move was gentle as wind His nose was wet as rain. He won my heart by these things. He made an aim for me to live in this world, We both promised each other to live together forever. And we both have spent these many years together, In talking – playing – enjoying and doing things, which we both like a lot. If there is rebirth, then I wish for having Snoopy as my pet in all my rebirths. Having a beautiful dog like Snoopy is just ‘AWESOME’.
–Rashmita, Hyderabad (Winner of the Softas Creative Kids Contest–Intas)

Before I was a dog mom

I made and ate hot meals unmolested,
I had unstained, unfired clothes.
I had quiet conversations on the phone,
even if the doorbell rang.

Before I was a dog mom,
I slept as late as I wanted.
And never worried about how late
I got to bed,
or if I could get into my bed.

Before I was a dog mom,
I didn’t worry if my plants, cleansers,
plastic bags, toilet paper, soap or deodorant
were poisonous or dangerous.

Before I was a dog mom,
I never had been peed on,
pooped on, drooled on, chewed on,
or pinched by puppy teeth.

Before I was a dog mom,
I had complete control of
my thoughts,
my body and mind.
I slept all night without sharing
the covers or pillow.

Before I was a dog mom,
I never looked into big,
soulful eyes and cried.
I never felt my heart break into
a million pieces
when I couldn’t stop the hurt.
I never knew something so furry
and four legged could affect
my heart so deeply.

I had never held a sleeping
puppy just because
I couldn’t put it down.
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night
every 10 minutes to make sure all was well.
I didn’t know how warm it feels inside to feed
a hungry puppy.
I didn’t know that something so small could make
me feel so important.

Before I was a dog mom,
I had never known the warmth,
the joy, the love, the heartache,
the wonderment, or the satisfaction of being
A Dog Mom.

The little black dog

I wonder if Christ
had a little black dog,
All curly and wooly,
like mine;
With two long silky ears,
and a nose round and wet,
And two brown eyes so tender
that shine.

I’m afraid that he hadn’t because
I have read,
How he prayed in the garden alone,
for all his friends and disciples
had fled
Even Peter, the one called a stone.

And I am so sure that
the little black dog,
With heart so tender and warm,
Would never have left him to
suffer alone,
But creeping right under his arm
Would have licked the dear fingers in agony clasped,
And counting all favours but loss.

When they took Him away,
Would have trotted behind,
And followed Him
right to the cross.
– Anonymous (Sent by Eileen, Agra)

My Best Friend

In our quirky new section, witty kids and their equally smart dogs share their eccentricities. Join us kids to tell everyone why you are so happy with your buddy, confirming our doubts of being Pawsitively Pawkids.

‘My Best Friend’
A dog loves one,
Without asking questions
Without wanting an explanation.
I can talk, talk and talk,
He listens, listens and listens.

A friend listens and loves,
But also wants to question,
It’s a matter of give and take,
One has to do something, For each other.

We need both-
One to give solutions, To think and to reason
To support and help, This is my friend.

But we need a dog, To give solace –
Someone, whom we know,
Who will just love and love,
Slurp! Lick! Jump! Wag!
– Vrinda Sant, Delhi

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Your Valentine friend

Big beautiful eyes and
a sweet little nose,
I will give you all my love
if you keep me like a rose.

Love and care is all I need,
Being alert and chirpy
is in my stead.

With you I love to run and play,
I will always be with you
I will always stay.

If ever you wish I will run
like a horse or jump like a frog,
I am none other than
your faithful friend,
I am your loving Valentine.

There is no one like my baby

Goofy does a million things
That no one else can do.
He’s someone I can always trust
And tell my secrets too.

His heart is filled with love
That he is always glad to tell,
And no one in this world
Can tell it half as well.

His love can chase the clouds away
And can cause the sun to shine,
There is no one like my baby
And no baby quite like mine.