Big Loss!

Our daughter daisy came to us on September 5, 2009 when she was only three months old. She was abandoned on railway tracks with fractured hind legs. We took her in and immediately she stole our hearts with her crazy antics. She was leader of our ‘puppy pack’, carried her toys wherever she traveled, guarded food during feeding time… the list is endless. She was always in her antics making everyday brighter during the period she graced our lives. She taught us how to love and live.
On the unfortunate morning of June 20, 2010 she breathed her last and left us for the heavenly abode. She has left a huge void in our home and hearts. Daisy was a source of comfort and companionship of unconditional love and joy. We are devastated by the big loss. With her, we have lost a piece of ourselves as well. Daisy, wherever you are, I hope you know that mamma-papa will love you always and you are in our hearts forever and ever. RIP dear one.
–Ankush and Aparna, Hyderabad

The unforgettables!

There are a few pooches who would be remembered for time immemorial! Nipper is one of the most popular Remembrancedogs recognised by millions of music lovers. For those who have forgotten Nipper should pick up the record label for HMV (His Master’s Voice), which features a picture of Nipper listening to his master’s gramophone. Whew! Did it stir a few happy memories? I think yes.

A flashback into the history digs out that Nipper was a mutt from Bristol, England. Part Bull Terrier and part Fox Terrier, he was born in 1884. One of his human friends painted a picture of him listening to the gramophone, which eventually became the trademark of the Gramophone Company, London. Well, HMV is one of the most well-known and respected music and video retail brands around the globe and the dog and trumpet symbol, in particular, is instantly recognisable.

Paws for thought It’s tough-when it’s time to go…

Bruno, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever, was not fine and his pet parent called me for a home visit. Bruno was


Dr. Pradeep Sheoran

suffering from chronic renal failure, I patted his head and he made a brave effort to wag his tail. Bruno’s sufferings were unbearable. His pet parent couldn’t see his miserable condition. She patted his head and started crying. It was a tough time for me as well because I was emotionally attached to Bruno, we lost Bruno. I came back to my clinic with a heavy heart. After a few days, she called me again. When I reached there, I found someone barking at me. “Oh! That’s a really sweet Golden Retriever puppy. What’s his name?” I exclaimed. “Bruno-2” came the quick reply and then I realised life moves on and when it’s time to say Goodbye, one should let go.

Dr. Pradeep Sheoran, a pet practitioner based in Chandigarh

Why did you go, Nancy?

The proud heritage…

Nancy was a lovely white-brown stray dog who came into my life during my internship in a village. We loved to



spend time with each other in the evening, during which, she used to chase goats and look for words of appreciation from me. Those were the golden moments gradually, Nancy became possessive; she would not let any other dog come near me. She trusted me blindly.

When it was time for me to leave the village, I just couldn’t leave her alone and brought her to Baroda and got her neutered and vaccinated. I was happy of our life together. But fate had something else in store for her. Prior to the sterilization and vaccination, she must have been in the incubation stage of canine distemper. Thus, a 7 in 1 vaccine was completely ineffective on her. After the diagnosis, she was put under medication, but her condition worsened. I could feel her pain. The doctor advised that she should be put to rest as her condition was worsening day by day.

Finally the day came, which no animal lover wishes to see. Nancy sat on my lap, keeping her head on my chest, with the same trust in her eyes. Her soul left her body. Nancy was no more.

The glimpses of Nancy sleeping on the truck tyre, chasing goats to impress me, trusting and following me blindly, being possessive for me and moments when death came to her, are memories which I can never forget.

Renee reminiscence

Our doggie friend Renee was so sweet and ever smiling but we weren’t destined to be with her any more. Hit by a fast moving vehicle, she met her end on the same road where we first met and fell in love with her. Me and my friends, who have been guardian angels of Renee, miss her a lot and here is a poem and messages from my friends for the departed soul.

Appeared from nowhere into our lives one day,
Your friendly disposition kept us all happy and gay,
Your cheekiness and your pranks were quite a few,
But all these were from your puppy days due.

We all enjoyed loving you from our hearts,
From children to watchman thought you are a sweetheart.
You wore a smile and conveyed a lot,
Can’t measure all the simple joys we all got.

Oh! Why did God make your life so brief?
To leave us all with tears and so much grief!
I request you all to please be careful while driving as your rash driving can take away precious life of a beautiful and sweet animal.
– Sujaya Jagadish, Bangalore

If ever a dog smiled, it was you Renee. That image
I will treasure for life.
–Tina, Ishita and Nikhil

I’m going to miss your jumping on me. Renee we are going to miss your smile.
– Rijual and Kireeti

Want to see you at the bus stop again.
– Karthik

She used to make my day special. I will remember her forever.
– Rishi

We will miss you every time we drive in and out of
Sobha Apartments.
– Liz, Ashwati, Niki and Leah

Renee was the ever smiling stray dog that all of us fell in love with. She would rush eagerly to meet us every morning on our way to the bus stop. We will certainly miss our enthusiastic doggie darling.
– Kavita and Karthik family


Friend, partner, inspiration!

“Padman was my brother (cousin), it was the love for dogs that bonded us together, that’s how was born. If I had to describe one quality of Padman that I most admired it was his sincerity and how he just could not tolerate people who weren’t sincere. I lost a Brother, Friend, Mentor, and most of all a person who taught me values in life.”


–Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh

“Padman was introduced to me just a couple of years ago and I saw a true friend in him, always ready to help. He was genuine and very good hearted. People never know how special someone is until they leave. Some people come into our lives and quickly go, leaving footprints on our hearts. And we were never, ever the same.”

–Dr. Balaji

“I had the honour and privilege of knowing Padman for over 12 years and over time came to consider Padman as an elder brother. Padman spent a fortune importing Dachshunds from across the globe, to improve the gene pool and breed in India. The secret of Padman’s success in Dachs was his consistent thirst and desire to continually learn.

Padman, your loss leaves me with a great void in my heart. God bless you my dear brother and may you rest in eternal peace. We love you very much and thank you for all you did for Dachs and pedigree dogs.”

–Gopi & Christine Krishnan – Hacienda Dachshunds, Malaysia

“I met Padman in 1992, little did I know that this would be the turning point of my life. From that point on each and every move was only ‘Anna’, the only person I know who was helpful to EVERYONE in life. All that I am today is ONLY thanks to him. Anna’s place can never be fi lled by anyone, he is with me with all my ‘Padpranpark’ ventures and with Anna’s family we will make sure that we carry on his legacy.”


“Padman was the one I always turned to for all fi nal and major decisions in my life. We all have heard of the poem ‘Footprints in the Sand’ where we question God asking him that during the most difficult moments in our lives why was there only one set of footprints in the sand instead of two (HIS and ours)? God’s answer was that in our most challenging times he was carrying us in his arms and that was HIS footprints we could see in the sand. In my most difficult moments, it was Padman’s footprints and not that of God.

I will miss him dearly but in the same breath I will also thank God for having given me the honor of having him as part of my life for 8 years.”


“I was in search of a friendly pet for my only son – Spandan, sometime during 2002. My fi rst meeting with him was in his residence when I purchased my fi rst dog ‘Bruno,’ who was just 43 days old. In the process, I came very close to him and our interaction became a daily ritual. On his encouragement, I started going to dog shows with Bruno and fi nally titled him too. I am yet to see a more down to earth, straightforward and kindhearted gentleman like him. 12th December will remain a Black Friday for me for ever. The Dachshunds and the Dachshunds lovers lost their dear father to God.”

–Subrata Banerjee, Vice President,
Jaypee Residency Manor, Mussoorie

“There is no way to describe in one word, a person like Padman, he was a dynamic human being, extremely supportive when it came to friendship or just a helping hand. I never knew him to turn anyone away.There will be a hole in KCI, now that he is no more…..Padman was an avid dog lover and a KCI member whose approachability stood out.

My eyes well up with tears…still can’t believe he isn’t around. U will be missed in so many countless ways, but never forgotten.”

–Your friend always & forever Mili

I will always love you Tipsy

My life has always been surrounded by dogs. My first partner in crime was a beautiful Cocker Spaniel named Tipsy, who entered my life when I was tipsyfour years old. It was always comforting to know that after a long and tiring day at school, someone would be waiting for me at home. Even though I was too young to realize it, but in retrospect, I have realized that dogs are the most beautiful friends to have; their unconditional love is not bound with expectations in return. There are numerous memories of my childhood spent with her, playing football with her on the terrace, taking her for long walks and the car rides that she always looked forward to. I cannot forget the look in her eyes when I was angry with her. It made me revoke all the feelings of anger, and within moments, we would be playing once again.

We all know that everyone ages with time, so did Tipsy. Her youthful charm got snatched away when the doctors detected that she had a kidney failure. Those last few trips to the veterinary surgeon’s, the painful blur of syringes and the desperate measures taken to hold on to Tipsy, indeed taught me a lot about life. There I saw, the limp and almost lifeless body of my dear friend, who I could not help anymore.The ten years of her companionship came to an end with one life-changing decision. It was too hard to watch her suffer. She slipped into coma a day before she died. As I called out her name, she just stared into vain, unaware of everything happening around her. It was hard thereafter, to come back home and not find her waiting for me. Sometimes I’d enter the house calling out her name, forgetting that she’s not going to respond to all my calls.

This experience taught me something that human beings never could. The end always comes, but life has to move on. The only way to deal with losses is to remember the good times. There are countless memories of her that will keep me smiling for a lifetime. It has been five years since she passed away. My family has increased three-fold, with the inclusion of another Cocker Spaniel, also named Tipsy, and her kids, Kajol and Nepu. My life is complete once again, and I have learned the virtue of loving unconditionally from my experiences with them.

Sometimes people ask me how I managed to move on. It’s simple, those cherished memories of Tipsy are relived every time I enter my room, greeted by my dogs, the background provided by my room’s wall, with Tipsy’s portrait and her last collar.

– Aditi Ghosh

My best friend – Cheryl

If Diamonds are girls’ best friends… then I am an exception. Because Cheryl – Alsatian, is my best companion, come what may. We have grown up together and shared our lives together. Her role in providing support and companionship during my lonely teenage is unforgettable. She taught me how to deal with pain and be patient. She instilled the value of faith in our relationship. Losing her is the biggest emotional turmoil for me… I miss her every moment. When my parents entered the house screaming ‘surprise’ on a chilly December evening, I did not have the faintest idea that a ‘surprise’ could mean aremembrance palm-sized, black ball of fur! For a fourteen-year-old longing for a pet, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this tiny Alsatian pup bundled up in a towel, staring up at me with her big, beautiful eyes. Dad told me that she was a “girl” and put her down. To add to my joy, she moved towards me and we bonded instantly. I knew she would grow up to be a gorgeous pooch and I christened her “Cheryl.”

I willingly took up the duty to feed her and take care of her needs. We grew together and became bosom pals. She did not seem to be shaken up when I bantered endlessly with ‘teenage issues’ and always had a look that said ‘I understand honey, everything’s gonna be fine.’ She licked my face when I cried and stood by me in times of need. She was simply the best- intelligent, sensitive, agile and of course, curvy! She was truly the hottest female canine around. She would race against my “scooty” at sixty kmph and swim like a pro in the dirty pond near my house.

I was still stuck with the “teenage” tag and it was time for her to find a mate. Sure enough, she chose a handsome stud from the same species. And then she became pregnant. I eagerly awaited for the puppy squeaks. Finally, the big moment arrived and tumbled out her very first babies! I was overwhelmed and a bit scared to handle those tiny, delicate babies. Cheryl sniffed out my apprehension and nudged one of them till he landed onto my palm.

I lifted him immediately. I helped her raise her kids and babysat for her when the toddlers annoyed her with their I-want-mama attitude. I was fascinated by the way she fed ten babies all at one time. In due course, the puppies found themselves new homes and new people. After motherhood, Cheryl became a lot softer and careful when around human kids.

After a couple of years, I went off to college and we met only during vacations. Everytime I came home, she greeted me with immense fervor and clung to me as if there was no tomorrow. As the years passed by, her energy levels drooped and I knew she was growing old. I just hoped she would live to see my wedding day. She was a weak, old woman by that time but the passionate twinkle in those doe-like eyes had not dwindled. She was given all the honours that a bride’s sister deserved and even got the best ring (the one given by the groom to the bride’s sisters). I was happy that she was with me on the most special day of my life but somewhere deep down inside I knew I was seeing her for the last time. When she was fifteen, she parted with us in a silent and peaceful way- the news of which shattered me from within and weighed my heart down with grief. Why couldn’t she wait for me this one last time?

As I recuperated from my loss, I was glad that she lived a long and happy life. Today, she lives within my heart and her sweet memories bring a smile to my face and sometimes tears in my eyes too. She has taught me to be a good listener, irrespective of language barriers and to be true to those who truly care. She was an epitome of unconditional love, endurance, patience and loyalty. She has been my baby, my friend, my sister, my teacher and my companion and each time I think of her, I realize that a woman’s best friends are defi nitely not diamonds….

Thought for food!

When destiny portrays her darker side, she gets extremely unfair. As it happened with us, when we lost our 13-year-old Labrador named Ginger. We all curse that moment, when we bought her local chews that cost her life and left us bereaved.

Ginger was suffering from a kidney infection, and was operated on and was showing good signs of health gain. Her most recent blood report showed all positive signs. Unfortunately, her end came with a packet of chew sticks, which caused severe dysentery and her immune system and kidneys collapsed, and we were advised by doctors to put her to sleep.

We have not only lost a pet but a part of our family. I would strongly suggest all pet parents to buy only reputed brands for our precious canines…our loss is completely irreparable.

Adieu Tina, my love!

re1For me, perfection is a mix of loyalty, courage and gentleness combined with majestic beauty and rare intelligence – all the qualities we find in the Great Dane. I can never bring myself to call a Great Dane a “pet.” They are loyal friends to whom you are always right. They are willing to endure hunger and discomfort if they can just stay with the ones they love. Fear and loneliness are unknown when you have a Great Dane. It is a great satisfaction to know that your dog is capable and willing to handle any situation and with Great Dane, this satisfaction is guaranteed.

I am lucky to have been blessed with Tina, a Great Dane. Alike all Great Danes, Tina was a family dog in a true sense. She was very close to me but was equally generous in her affection to the rest of the family. Her eyes lightened up when she heard my voice and she leaped with joy on seeing me. She was dignified and I loved the way she responded to a greeting. She used to put her head on my lap for petting and raised a paw to shake my hand, a dozen times each day.

I can never forget her statuesque beauty and the graceful movement of her powerful body, which was a joy to behold. She was intelligent and I admired her ability to learn quickly and her willingness to please. She responded to my mood and constantly tried to please me. We both shared the perfect understanding between us.

Today, Tina is no more with us. It is impossible to find words to express the joy and comfort derived from her companionship. Her eyes expressed the devotion of her love for me. With deep humility and thankfulness, I am happy that I have known the devotion of a Great Dane. May her soul rest in peace!