‘Dog Beings’- our Friends 4Ever

Untitled-1Truely our best friends, our ‘Dog Beings’ give us unconditional love. They also go through varied emotional moments and it’s our responsibility to understand and respect them.


To help us co-exist and understand our little furry friends, we at Dogs & Pups have introduced Friends 4Ever campaign in schools across Delhi. Interactive workshops are conducted with school children, helping them understand dogs better. We are trying to make children empathise with them and love them.


A code of conduct with our furry friends and give them love and respect they deserve. Hence, our aim is to teach children this code of conduct to be around dogs for their safety and better co-existence. Friends 4Ever informs children on how to treat their pets, others pets and even strays. We basically help them understand situations that are safe to touch a dog and when not to, Dos and Don’ts and their basic wellbeing. With edutainment and fun children will understand their furry friends better. We know that it is our responsibility to create a harmonious relationship between human beings and dog beings. And, their unconditional love and faithfulness only inspires us more to do our best.


The New Year has begun, with a promise of new beginnings and relishing the old ones. May this New Year bring all our readers fun, joy, adventure and happiness. Let’s all celebrate the bonds we cherish in our lives and nourish them further.


Sparkle wishes you a Fantastic & Fabulous New Year!

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Pet Owners need to be TRAINED to become Pet PARENTS

A pet parent thinks that his dog is an obedient dog, but does things at his own will. This is not the case. Here, a dog trainer shares what the actual problem is.


A typical conversation that happens between a pet parent and a dog trainer: Pet parent: Hi, I have a dog to train.

Pratheek Premkumar

Pratheek Premkumar

Trainer: Sure, how can I help you? What breed is the dog?
Pet parent: I have a Labrador. She is 8 months old.
Trainer: Fine. Could you please let me know your requirement?
Pet parent: Well, my dog is super cool. She does everything I ask her to do. She is obedient.
Trainer: Good to hear that. How can I be of help to you?
Pet parent: Yeah, the issue is that she does everything only when she likes.
Trainer: Don’t worry. I will help you. Before that, please let me know your actual requirement. For what purpose you bought the dog? How much space do you have in your home for the dog?
Pet parent: I bought this dog for guarding purpose. She is good at that.
Trainer: Oh! Really? Then why doesn’t she bark while seeing me? Have you trained her for that?
Pet parent: No No… But she does bark when a stranger enters home.
Trainer: Are you keeping the dog inside a kennel or inside the home?
Pet parent: Inside the kennel. My wife doesn’t like dogs and can’t keep her inside.
Trainer: How many hours a day is she free (released from the kennel)?
Pet parent: We release her occasionally. May be once in five days or a week.
Trainer: Oh!


This conversation – I have frequently with people. What is important is pet owners should become PET PARENTS- and understand that their Dogs are Social BEINGS- they have emotions, and want to be loved and cared. Dogs should be kept in homes- as family members.

dogsTrust and respect the dog: In the ideal world, the dog should obey the pet parent. For that the dog should have the feelings of respect and attachment towards the pet parent. This can’t be done overnight by hurting them or intimidating them. This can be achieved only with patience. Dogs, too, are prone to making thousand mistakes. But we should patiently correct them with the proper training methods. Also the word “trust” is an important keyword when it comes to dogs. If all the above are done without “trust,” then dogs would just try to escape from the pet parent.


Match your requirement with the breed: Before selecting a breed, we need to reconsider our requirements – such as the purpose of having a dog, the space in the house for the dog, the capacity to spend for the dog etc. Only after giving proper thought to all these, select a breed which is suitable for the home.


Mental stress: Another mistake is that the dog gets a release outside the kennel occasionally. A dog needs a minimum of 3 hours to be left free outside his kennel every day. Otherwise there are chances of mental stress for the dogs, as in humans. In the above case, the dog barks because of that. Actually, he is pleading even to the strangers, trying to get their attention and to release him. But the pet parent can’t understand or communicate with his dog. Pet parent is content that the dog is doing his duty.


Family@pet: Pets should be kept at home as an another valuable and precious member of you family. Also all the members in the family should agree before getting the pet in. The responsibility of taking care of a pet is of each member.


Positive Training & Partner with your Trainer: be the leader of your pets pack- this will make her look up to you. Treat her kindly with love and respect. Train Positively, set a desired action of good behavior- and whenever your pet does it reward her with her favourite treat. Always partner with your Trainer and work together in training. Depending on your dogs age initially keep training session short and ensure to have fun with your pet. The pet responds to the tone of your voice and excitement level. Be patient with your pet. Look at the world from your Pets perspective. Always make her HEART HAPPY, in return you will get years of unconditional love, joy, happiness beyond compare.


Exercise, Walks, Play is a necessity: This is mandatory without it the dog gets depressed. Spend quality time with her and physically and mentally keep her active. You have the world but for your pet you are her world. Become her world and become the PERFECT PET PARENT!

(Pratheek Premkumar is professional dog trainer based in Kerala; since early years he has been fascinated by animals of all types and sizes).

Celebrating 12 Years of Pawsomeness!

Shweta“After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.” –Robert McCammon, author of Boy’s Life


As Dogs & Pups celebrates 12 Years of Pawsomeness… we look back and see how much paw love we have shared with our readers and vice versa. Things have improved and our people and organisations are working towards making a better place for our pooches.


Lab animals get a new lease of life: It was a pleasant news to know that under the Beagle Freedom Bill, the dogs and cats used in research institutions will be put up for adoption, rather than euthanising them. So many dogs have found warm homes, food and love.


Dog meat festival banned in China: Yulin Dog Meat Festival has been banned in China. In this festival, thousands of dogs and cats are slaughtered and eaten. The residents of Yulin stood against this festival as they found it brutal. Besides, more and more Chinese are now having dogs as companions, after the one-child policy was implemented and children went out for studies and jobs, leaving parents alone and lonely.


Social media: An amazing tool to find lost dog: Thumki, a stray dog, ran away from her pet parents on a visit to the vet. But the family did not lose hope and put up posters and also posted on social networking sites. Thumki was found by a person, who had seen the posts and he handed her over to the pet parents. It was heartening to see so many dog lovers trying to help the sad family.


The Bark Ball for finding love: Washington Humane Society and Washington Area Rescue League organise an annual Bark Ball, where dogs come together to find their prince charming or lady love!


Pope blesses the gentle giant: Magnum, a Saint Bernard dog from the Barry Foundation in Martigny met the pope in Rome recently on a visit to prepare the Great Saint Bernard region’sUNESCO candidacy. Pope was happy to meet Magnum and he blessed him. Our pooches know how to impress one and all!


Sniffer dog Sultan gets a warm adieu: During the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai, Sultan helped detect explosives, along with three other sniffer dogs. After retirement, he was living at the farm of Fizzah Shah, an animal activist. Sultan was buried, wrapped in the Tricolour.


There are so many more incidents which have really empowered our pooches and celebrate the great bond we share with our canine. In this issue, we also bring you 12 of the most popularcanine cine stars in the article Terrific Twelve Canine Movie Stars, besides other regular features.
Happy reading!


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MARS International India launches brand ‘Eukanuba’


MARS International India, a leading pet food manufacturer and marketer of a range of renowned international brands,



has introduced the brand ‘Eukanuba’ in India at a recent launch event in New Delhi. MARS acquired IAMS brand as well as Eukanuba and Natura from P&G last year, which subsequently added IAMS, Eukanuba and Natura to the company’s robust pet care portfolio, which also includes renowned brands like Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Banfield and Nutro. Speaking on the occasion, PVV Srinivasa Rao, MD, MARS International India said, “MARS is driven by the passion for service, pet care and responsible pet parenting. We believe that pets make our world better and our vision is to make a better world for them. Eukanuba has a wider portfolio in terms of variants, textures and flavours for special needs of the pets. With Eukanuba coming on board, we hope to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering them high quality products.”mars
PVV Srinivasa Rao mentioned that the manufacturing of Eukanuba pet food now in India would help MARS International India to distribute the products faster across the country. On quality control, he said the (Eukanuba) products manufactured in India will be approved by IAMS. Eukanuba enjoys 69 years of experience in scientific research in pet nutrition and manufactured pet food across 70 countries. At the launch event, a gang of well-trained dogs from Commando Kennels (of course, who are fed with Eukanuba products) showcased their endurance and skills that enthralled the crowd.

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WAHL unpacks a complete line of grooming tools
WAHL, which has helped shape the pet grooming products industry several decades ago, introduces a full line of tools to help pet parents groom their pets at home. To address the need for good quality tools, the company unpacks Five Must-Have Grooming Tools consisting of Large Double Sided Brush, Curved Nail Clipper, Slicker Brush XL, Undercoat Rake and Detangling Comb. For more info, contact at: WAHL Toll Free No 1800 3000 0765 or visit: www.wahlglobal.com


Merial introduces
Rabisin and Dermoscent productsmerial 1
Attended by veterinarians from Delhi and NCR, Merial (a Sanofi Company) has recently launched Rabisin and a range of Dermoscent products in New Delhi. Keynote speakers at the launch event were Nilekha Desai, product manager, Merial Animal Health; Michel Bichard-Breaud, international VP, Dermoscent, among others. Nilekha explained about the anti-rabies drug Rabisin, which offers long-lasting protection from a single dose.Merial
In the followed-up session, Michel Bichard-Breaud unfolded a range of Dermoscent dermo-care products. French company Dermoscent’s advanced and natural skin-care solutions are distributed in India by Merial. For further details, write in at: nilekha.desai@merial.com


Khanal Foods launches Dogsee ChewKhanal
Packaged food company Khanal Foods, run by Bhupendra Khanal in Bengaluru, introduces Dogsee Chew. Talking about the newly launched dog food brand, Bhupendra says, “My love for dogs helped me identify the fact that there were no natural treats for dogs, which in turn led to the inception of Dogsee Chew.” Dogsee Chew is a hardened cheese made of yak and cow milk, healthy  alternative to synthetic bone chews. For more details, contact at: bhupendra@dogseechew.com or 9901988577.


Pet GPS tracker from Oliver Pet Careoliver
Why should our pets be left out? In this, Oliver Pet Care Solutions brings Tractive pet GPS tracker, which helps pet parents to know where their pet is. In case of looking for a lost pet, this GPS tracker can narrow down a search area. Some salient features of this tracker (35g) include LIVE-tracking, integrated light, 100 percent waterproof, etc. Available along with the tracker is Tractive Motion (7g) to check ‘activeness’ and ‘laziness’ of your pet while you are away. To know more,  contact at: support@oliverpetcare.com

Canfel Pet Clinic in Hyderabad
A one-stop pet care corner, Canfel Pet Clinic provides diagnostics, in-patient and surgical facilities, grooming and others. This pet clinic located at Plot #74, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta in Hyderabad also provides an exclusive puppy care unit. For more info, contact Dr Praveen Kumar at: 9848046171 or canfel1@rediffmail.com


Dogs come in so many different shapes, sizes, colours, breeds, Pedigrees, stray friends… but they have one thing in Shwetacommon—LOVE, which is TRUE and ETERNAL… one cannot ask for more… because you get LOVE, which is UNADULTERATE, pure and in ABUNDANCE. It surrounds you, fills your heart and soul with joy. Eyes do say it all and there is no room for words!
Dogs are truly special and have always stolen our heart since time immemorial. They protect us and with their amazing skills, they help us in more ways than we can think. Their nose power, hearing abilities, brave-hearts enable them to do and perform so many activities, which I would say is not only HARDWORK but HEARTWORK. They feel happy in performing and pleasing us. They leave no stone unturned to help us—from jumping off a helicopter to save a life, working as search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, mobility assistant dogs, police dogs in war zones, etc.
Learning with our Friends4ever is funtastic too, because they teach us everything so naturally. With children, they have one of the best bonds – children learn so much – compassion, kindness, responsibility, communication, friendship, so much more… and most importantly, to give and get LOVE.
We have recently launched a workshop to sensitise kids to dogs’ special abilities and also how to be safe around them. Children were truly amazed on seeing dogs perform so many different activities. It was heartwarming, exciting and encouraging to see the little ones learning, laughing and enjoying… when they saw how capable their furry friends are.
We look forward to spreading more awareness and knowledge about our Friends4ever. MK Clinton (author of the popular book The Returns), truly said, “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
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Sparkle & the team wish you a SPARKLING festive season ahead! May the eternal HAPPINESS, HEALTH, JOY, PEACE, SUCCESS and MORE…always be with you!
Happy reading!