Before we realize, the last and festive quarter of 2004 has crept up upon us. The party time has begun with family, friends, lights, goodies and presents. While we celebrate, our canine friends whether at home or on streets, get nervous and anxious. This year, let’s celebrate with a difference! Let’s make it a point to take extra care of our canine friends and be sensitive to their problems. Say no to crackers! Talking of celebrations, it was heartwarming to receive calls from Vandana and Manju, who were planning to celebrate the birthdays of their lil’ doggies. Both were certain that the love they got from their ‘babies’ was beyond compare and they want to celebrate the special day with the pomp and zest as any other family member’s birthday is celebrated at home. Reminds me of Sparkle’s birthday, we sure had a great time romping around, not to forget the gifts he got from all; he sure was sparkling.

Another special way to celebrate is by adopting the E1L1 (Each one leash one) concept – an idea my kid sister had to give a stray a home. What better time to start than the festive season! In this issue, we carry  a story of an abandoned  dog currently been given shelter and care by two kind hearted ladies — will someone open their home and heart to this deserted four-legged stray. A start to E1L1 would be an e-mail to sun_joshi@hotmail.com

From under my bed Sparkle pokes out his nose to wish you all ‘Season’s Greetings’. He is scared of crackers and whimpers ‘why do you guys have to be noisy to have fun’? True, celebrations should be pretty and not eardrum shattering experience! Don’t worry Sparkle, we will be together once the fireworks starts.

With that — both two and four legged animals – let’s crawl out from under our beds and go have some fun together this festive season!

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