Choose your pawfect breeder

Before you look for a breeder

Looking for a good breeder comes after determining the lifestyle changes in accommodating a pet in the family. After evaluating your lifestyle and knowing exactly what sort of dog you’re looking for (for example, a high energy dog to go running with, or a more sedate dog to lounge on the couch with), and you know that you need to seek out your desired characteristics and the Pup’s individual characteristics.

Ethics- top priority

Too often, unsuspecting people buy puppies from places where the pups have not been bred ethically. The result is puppies in poor health or with temperament problems that may not be discovered right away. A dog who has genetic health problems due to poor breeding practices or who develops significant behaviour problems due to the lack of early socialisation can result in grief and heartache as well. So, it’s well worth investing some time now to be sure you find a reputable breeder who breeds healthy, happy dogs and keeps them in clean and humane conditions.

Identifying a good breeder

Here’s how to find a good breeder who will want to support their dog’s best interest at heart:

  • You can find reputable breeders by asking for referrals from your veterinarian or trusted friends, by contacting local breed clubs, or visiting professional dog shows.
  • Good breeders don’t sell their puppies to the first person who shows up with cash in hand.
  • A reputable breeder will ensure that the puppy is a good match for your family and that you will provide a responsible lifelong home.
  • A good breeder takes a call and makes a waiting list for their upcoming litter.
  • He is knowledgeable about the breed.
  • A good breeder will let you personally visit the facility where your puppy was born and raised.
  • He also shows you the place where the dogs spend their time. See that it is clean and a well maintained area.
  • A good breeder also encourages you to spend time with the puppies and a little with their parents.
  • He keeps the pups healthy by feeding them right.
  • A good breeder shows you individual record of the puppy’s veterinary visits.
  • He also insists that the puppy stays with the mother for a minimum of eight weeks.
  • He will advice you about the pup’s routine and the general Do’s and Don’ts.

The single best indicator of general health, good behaviour and temperament is the overall life expectancy. Conscientious breeders will have telephone numbers readily available of previous puppy buyers and breeders of other dogs in your prospective puppy’s pedigree. If the breeder is not eager to share information regarding life expectancy and the incidence of breed-specific diseases, ‘look elsewhere’. You will eventually find a breeder who will accommodate your concerns. Before you open your heart to a young pup, you certainly want to maximise the likelihood that the two of you will be spending a long and healthy life.

If your breeder meets all the above criteria, congratulations, you have found the right one who will help you chose your friend for life!

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