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Pet parents often feel guilty when they cannot take their pet along for a vacation. The constant worries for the well-being of their pets make a dent on their minds all the time. Luckily, pet boarding facilities have come up in major cities to solve this problem. Here, you don’t just leave your pets in caring hands…they too enjoy their vacation…amongst other furry friends… a home away from their home.

Summers are here and so are the summer breaks…kids wait for this time to go for a vacation with their parents… Check out pet boarding facilities in your city.

These places have helped many pet parents to ensure their pets are taken care of while they are away. Besides, it helps them to learn the important lessons of socialisation.

Here are the details of a cross-section of pet resorts in different parts of India:

Peppy Paws Pet Resort, Pune

“When I thought of setting up a pet resort, I only had my passion to support me. Nevertheless, I started pet-sitting from my tiny one-bedroom apartment to earn some money. In no time, I received a good response for my service and I had to move into a big bungalow where I could house more pets. At one point I was boarding 15 pets at a time,” shares Priya Poduval of Peppy Paws Pet Resort. “By 2010, I had saved up a good sum of money to begin my venture. I took up a loan to construct a resort on a 4000 sq ft barren land in Mundhwa which was leased by my uncle. Today, Peppy Paws Pet Resort is a place in Pune where you can hang out with your pets,” she adds.

The environment is fun and lively, where at any given point of time, one can find around 30 different pets staying and playing together. “Pets enjoy with their furry friends and get to socialise. The best place is the pool where my furry babies enjoy the most. It is quite big and about five feet deep where pet parents can also swim with their pets. We even celebrate birthdays where we have pool parties for the pets. While constructing the resort we made sure the pets have maximum open space to run and play,” shares Priya.

Not just a kennel… “We have not constructed many kennels as we do not follow the traditional approach of kennelling the dogs and just taking them out for walks. The pets at Peppy Paws Pet Resort are given a chance to socialise and live in packs as they are pack animals. And the pack leader is my Lab – Tyson – because of whom it all began.

Services offered… Peppy Paws Pet Resort’s services include boarding and daycare with home pick and drop facility for Pune and Mumbai pets. They also have pet friendly suites to cater to the needs of different pets. Besides, they also provide Skype facility with which pet parents can check on their pets while they are away. “We provide pet grooming services for pooches and cats at our Pet Spa at our camp branch in Pune. Our grooming services include complete grooming, pet hygiene, nail clipping, hair trimming and de-matting, massage, tick and flea bath and much more,” adds Priya.

All pet parents availing these facilities need to provide health certificate from their pet’s vet, tick and flea treatment prior to boarding and up-to-date deworming. They also do a trial session for the first time boarders. “Depending on whether the pets are friendly with us and other pet dogs, we decide to leave them in the pack or keep them separate. Besides, we also conduct various pet events like pet fashion show and dog care workshop. We also counsel and help pet parents to solve any pet related or behavioural issue,” adds Priya.

Food & treats… “At the time of trial, we ask the pet parents about their pet’s routine and food habits. And we normally follow the same. Otherwise, we generally give fresh and healthy homemade food to our own furry kids as well as our boarders who opt for the same. It includes boneless chicken, seasonal veggies and oils with rice/or broken wheat. We also introduce boiled eggs and curd once a week,” shares Priya.

Medical facilities… “We have a vet on board. We also have a vet coming to the resort weekly for routine checkups. Also at the time of emergencies, we take them to their vet since he would know the pet’s history. Else, our vet is just a call away,” tells Priya.

Message to pet parents… Love and pamper your pet but at the same time discipline, socialise and train them according to your schedule so that you have a healthy happy companion throughout your life.

For more info, call at: 08805989128, 08805989129 or visit:

PETS 101, Chennai

It is a complete one-stop solution for all pet needs, right from pet stores to dog training to, of course, boarding facilities. The area is 5000 sq ft built up area which is completely air-conditioned; 3000 sq ft open area (compounded) and 30 sq ft kennel space for each dog. They also offer 24×7 CCTV coverage and Skype facility for pet parents to see their dogs when they are away. At any point of time, they can board 25 pooches.

“Pooches here can enjoy indoor and outdoor plays, in-house toys, daily grooming, baths, to name a few. We are also adding aroma therapy massage for the dogs very soon,” tells Arunodaya Reddy, Founder & CEO, PETS 101. “In fact, we built this facility where we would love to board our own dogs and enjoy our vacation with peace of mind,” he adds.

Services offered… “I source products personally and make sure all the products are of the best quality/brand and sourced from the right source,” shares Arunodaya.

Coming to the dog training, he shares that every dog needs basic obedience training. “We use reward-based training methods to train the dog. I have been working very closely with all dog welfare groups in Chennai and we rescue lot of abandoned dogs. One of the reasons of abandonment is dog behaviour. Most of the dogs who have not gone through basic obedience training tend to have some behaviour issues. Pet parents do not understand the fact that it can be corrected. We counsel such pet parent and help them to correct the dog,” he tells wisely.

For dog grooming, they have signed up with Cho Chweet as their official grooming partner. “They have lot of expertise in the area and they run four stores across Chennai,” he shares.

Food & treats… “We rely only on dog food (dry/wet). We do not entertain cooked food. It is practically not possible to keep up the quality standards,” shares Arunodaya.

Medical facilities… There is a doctor on call and consultant doctor while our employees are trained in basic first aid. “Our premises are completely hygienic…our consultant doctor frequently visits the facility to check the hygiene of the place,” adds Arunodaya.

Rates per day… The small and medium sized pooches can be boarded at Rs 500, large at Rs 600, giant breeds at Rs 700 per day. Check-in and check-out time is strictly between 10 am and 5 pm.

What next… “Our goal is to provide best quality services for all pets and pet parents. As a part of this, we are set to open five more stores across Chennai in a year. We have brought in a new concept called Pet Management – a complete solution for pet care,” tells Arunodaya.

Message to pet parents… Please be responsible towards your pets. Try to understand their needs. Don’t just shop in a store or see a vet only because they are in your neighbourhood. Read about the quality of the products you buy, ask questions, analyse the brand, make sure you are buying the best.

For more info, call Shravan Krishnan, Partner & Operations Head at: 09176878969 or visit:

PetStepin’, Bengaluru

“From boarding and daycare… playdates and socialising sessions…to pet parties and spa grooming, we pamper these pooches like our own!! We also help in organising events like the Pet-a-thon, health awareness camps and various pet education camps for kids,” tells Dr Nezhat Belgamvala of PetStepin’.

“At PetStepin’, we entertain all species to stay with us; although we primarily have dogs and cats boarding with us, we have also had quite a few birds, squirrels, rabbits, hamsters, guinea-pigs as our guests so far. Thus we work out our spacing depending on the type of animals boarding with us at a time. At peak season, we have boarded 30-35 pets at a time,” she shares.

When designing PetStepin’ all aspects of safety were taken into consideration – from a double-gated entrance to prevent dogs from running out…to ‘time out pens’, where the dog is separated for sometime when he gets into other’s business or if he starts acting aggressive.

Services offered… “As our guests for boarding, pets get to socialise, interact and play with different breeds and sizes throughout the day, instead of being crammed or chained up. They get to choose their best pals, make mischief to their hearts-fill, pick their favourite spots and bask in the sun for hours together, share a snack in the open grounds (under vigil of course) and get pampered to bits by every member of our team comprising Sai and Aparna. If this was not enough, they get free belly-rubs, truckloads of bear hugs, a nice brush down after a muddy ordeal and plenty of space to be themselves! Clean, warm blankets/bed sheets for them to cuddle into at nights, is our highest priority! Finally, we make sure each of our guests go back home smelling fresh, after a good warm-water scrub and a much needed brush,” she tells.

Apart from overnight stays, they also offer daycare and puppy crèche facilities where doggies are dropped off for the day and picked up in the evenings. They also organise socialising sessions and Play Dates where pets and their pet parents interact with each other and other dogs. “With our Pet Parties, we go beyond all limits to make the pet’s special day just pawfect…with decorations, snacks, birthday games, take away gifts and the special birthday cake. Of late, we have introduced another fun segment to PetStepin’ and that’s our Grooming Spa called ‘Paw’lished’ with various exciting packages and aroma therapy massage. From basic haircuts and styling to special medicated baths for various sensitive skin types…from pawdicures to aroma therapy massages…we just want to give pet parents another reason to pamper their precious pooch,” adds Dr Nezhat.

Food and treats… Pets get freshly cooked meals twice a day (8 am and 4:30 pm) and a snack in the afternoons (1 pm). “We cater both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets and also make arrangements for pets with allergies or special requirements. For pets who are used to only a commercial diet, we provide a branded dry food diet and if pet parents are particular of a special brand then we order the same at an additional cost. We also administer medication and food supplements to pets based on their requirements,” mentions Dr Nezhat. Fresh water is available round the clock in clean bowls placed all over the open grounds.

Rates per day… The rates range from Rs 350 to Rs 450 per day, based on the age and size of the dog. Discounts are given for more than one pet from the same family as well as long stays.

Medical facilities… In case of health check-ups, vaccinations, de-worming or injuries, their vet is immediately informed and either he drops by at the facility or the pet is taken to the vet hospital for treatment. “In case of any emergency, the managers at PetStepin’ have been trained in first aid care, thus after stabilising the animal, he is immediately rushed to the vet hospital,” adds Dr Nezhat.

Message to pet parents… It is very simple to be a pet parents but responsible pet parenting takes some work!! At PetStepin’ we try to share a bit of this responsibility and make pet parenting an actual pleasure even though you may be bogged down with a hectic work schedule.

For more info, call at: 09886584925, 09742279644 or visit:

Canine Elite, New Delhi

Canine Elite is a professional kennel specialising in boarding and lodging of dogs and cats in their very own suites. Canine Elite aims to provide a ‘home away from home’ for canine and feline guests so that their pet parents can relax, secure in the knowledge that their beloved pets are receiving the best possible care. “Only vaccinated pets are admitted so that we can be sure that our facility is a safe and healthy environment. We also work for the benefit of Delhi’s street dogs and are active in encouraging responsible adoption of street dogs or dogs abandoned by their pet parents,” tells Sonya Kochhar of Canine Elite. Canine Elite can accommodate upto 50 dogs and 30 cats.

Facilities offered… Canine Elite provides clean spacious rooms with heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer. The rooms are tiled for easy cleaning. If two dogs from the same house are being boarded together, they can be accommodated in the same suite. “We also have extra large kennels for older or larger canine guests. Our canine guests enjoy regular walks and regular grooming to keep them in tip-top condition. And if any of our guests have training issues we have full qualified trainers on hand to help,” shares Sonya.

“Dogs are social animals and we encourage socialising among our canine guests. Our kennel has a swimming pool and doggy swims are organised on a regular basis. We also offer pet-grooming events and doggy celebrations such as birthday parties,” she adds.

Canine hydrotherapy… Canine Elite also offers canine hydrotherapy. “We hold weekly dog swimming sessions at our Mehrauli facility. At our Sunday Swims, both pooches and their pet parents have a lot of fun, and the dogs get an excellent workout. For those who prefer to remain poolside, our trained staff is more than happy to swim with the dogs. Just as swimming benefits people in many ways, it is great for dogs too. Consider, for example, the buoyancy of water. Not only does it reduce the stress on joints, it also encourages free movement while providing a safe environment for exercise. And while your pooch is exercising and building muscle, he’s also having great fun!” explains Sonya.

“Besides having fun and getting a good workout, playing in water helps aging dogs and those with arthritis, paralysis and other mobility issues. It’s also wonderful in fighting obesity and improving balance, coordination and muscle tone,” she adds.

Food and treats… “We provide a wholesome cooked diet as well as commercial food like Pedigree, Royal Canin, Eukanuba or any other dog food our guests enjoy. Special diets can be provided if required,” she tells as a matter of fact.

Medical facilities… Vets are on call 24×7, so any health emergencies can be immediately taken care of.

What next… Canine Elite will soon be opening branches nationally and internationally. For more info, call at: 09871397179, 08860084587 or visit:

Pet boarding…

PetSitters, Pune: Yet another facility where you can check-in your pooch for a cosy stay is PetSitters in Pune.
For more info, call at: 09881076677 or visit:

Pooch Holiday Home, Bengaluru: Pooch Holiday Home is designed for the pet parents who wish to leave their pets at a safe and homely environment.
For more info, call at: 09986734843/ 09916988553 or visit:

Pooches N More, Kolkata: This Kolkata-based pet resort is known for its homely ambience where dogs are neither caged nor chained.
For more info, call at: 09836595229/ 09831549221 or visit:

It’s Pawssible, Pune: It’s Pawssible offers exclusive small breed dog boarding with full undivided attention.
For more info, call at: 09422002408 or visit:

ALFA 11, Gurgaon: ALFA 11 is a destination where your four-legged family member can enjoy its boarding, playful and other activities.
For more info, call at: 09911434472 or visit:

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