Dogs and Pups, March April 2014 Issue

+ You & I: Pawsome Twosome!

Dog Breed Profile
+ Protective and Fearless The Central Asian Shepherd!

Dog Training
ABC of Dog Training

Dog Health
+ Battling cancer Effectively!
+ An insight into Breeding – which is important for all!
+ Find out about Pet Poisonous Plants
+ Revealed – common household substances which are Poisonous for your pooch

Dog Grooming
+ Steps for the perfect groomed look

Dog Nutrition
+ What Makes Your Dog’s Kibbles Taste So Great ?

Fun & Features
+ Return from freaky freedom!
+ Yes! Your pooch enjoys Pampering, Perks & Privileges
+ KPS way to rename your pooch

Care 24*7
+ Waltham S.H.A.P.E Guide for Dogs
+ Home alone!
+ Be Cautious with Collars: Learn to make an informed choice!

Paws and their stars
+ Wagging all around with Randeep!

Book Review
The Dog Who Healed a Family

+ Events

Readers Write In
+ Just fur fun!
+ Picture Perfect
+ Ask the expert
+ ‘wags’ for the wonderful vet