Dogs and Pups, Sep Oct 13 Issue

Sep-Oct 2013

+ Sparkle Struck!

Dog Breed Profile
+ Stunning Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Training
+ Sports for the pooch
+ Dos and Don’ts for avoiding dog bites
+ Prevent fireworks fear
+ Inspiring tail

Dog Health
+ Key kidney knowledge
+ Find out about kidney emergencies
+ Why does your dog eat grass?

Fun & Features
+ Facebook friends
+ King of my castle
+ The more the merrier
+ Doglicious delicacies for all occasions

Dog Grooming
+ your essential shampoo guide
+ Secrets revealed -to bond with your groomer

Paws and their stars
+ Ashok K Banker


+ Events
GC-‘Primo Companio’ fashion show at Kolkata
Prime Animal Care Hospital opens at Noida

Readers Write In
+ Just fur fun!
+ Picture perfect
+ Ask the expert…
+ ‘wags’ for the wonderful vet
+ ‘paw ’ – tales
+ Remembrance