Dogs & Pups, Nov-Dec 2013


Nov-Dec 2014

+ Beginnings & Happy Memories

Dog Breed Profile
+ Funtastic Bull Terrier

Dog Training
+ Brush Up on training essentials!

Dog Health
+ Otitis Causes, treatment & Management
+ Understanding Common ear problems
+ Timely treatment of Dry Eye Condition
+ Pearly Whites: window to your pooch’s health

Puppy Care
+ Bringing a pup home: a first day guide
+ An insight into the stages of puppy development
+ First day puppy parenting

Dog Grooming
+ Learn all about Paw Protection

Dog Nutrition
+ How the right diet can get life off to a good start…

Fun & Features
+ Pooch movie mania magic!
+ Recognise our pooch’s style statement!

+ Waggy New Year gifts

Paws and their stars
+ John Abraham

Seasonal Care
New Year resolutions for a pet parent – the KPS way

Pawssionate Profession
+ Love thy pet, Love thy profession

Paw store

+ Brett Lee launches Pedigree ADULT Senior in New Delhi

Readers Write In
+ Ask the expert…
+ Just fur fun!
+ Poem
+ ‘wags’ for the wonderful vet
+ Shining Star
+ Picture perfect
+ ‘paw ’ – tales + Remembrance