Dream come true! Coton de Tulear

A Coton de Tulear possess many endearing qualities. The extraordinary intelligence, versatility & spirit of the Coton de Tulear will never cease to amaze you!


E B Narieka

E B Narieka

The Coton De Tulear is a member of the Bichon family of dogs. They share ancestry with the Bichon Frise, the Maltese, the Havanese and the Bolognese.The gentle spirit of the Coton de Tulear shines through in their beautiful face and expression. Their soft cottony coat invites you to come and cuddle. You’ll instantly fall in love with these lovely beings.


General appearance…
The Coton de Tulear is a sturdy small dog and never appears fragile. The head is short and triangular in shape when seen from above while the neck is well-muscled and slightly arched. The body is longer than its height. The front legs are upright while the lower arms are vertical and parallel. They are well-muscled with good bone. The feet are small and round, with tight arched toes. The pads are completely pigmented in shades of black.
The range of weight is approximately 8 to 13 pounds (3.6-5.9 kg) for females and 9 to 15 pounds (4.8-6.8 kg)for males. Their height is approximately 8.5 to 12 inch at the withers. The ground colour of the coat is white. A few light shadings of light grey colour (mixture of white and black hairs) or of light tan colour (mixture of white and fawn hairs) are permitted on the ears. A Coton, however, is often born with heavy markings of dark colour on the head and body. This colour usually fades as they grow.


Happy go lucky…Untitled-11
Cotons exude a happy temperament. They are stable, and very sociable with humans and other dogs. They are extremely affectionate, playful, alert, inquisitive and sturdy. As a family member, a Coton is a dream come true! They’re happy, loyal and adapt well to every activity. Their talents extend far beyond the joy of being your best friend. A Coton will delight you with their ability to participate in a multitude of activities… and excel at everything they do.


Exercise needs…
The Coton requires a mo d e r a t e amount of exercise. Daily walks and playtime filled with activities, such as playing fetch are ideal. When trained properly, they make wonderful companions for long walks, jogging and hiking. The Coton excels in agility and obedience pastimes.


Pup care…Untitled-10
A Coton de Tulear is a very intelligent dog. That characteristic makes them easily trainable. Early socialisation and training classes for young puppies are encouraged to develop a well balanced dog. Particular attention will be needed with the coat between the age of 9 to 14 months when the adult fur is coming in. Consequently, it is very important to teach the puppy good ‘grooming table’ manners at an early stage so that when this critical period starts, your fluffy friend will cooperate fully during the brushing sessions or visits to the groomer.


Grooming needs…
The Coton de Tulear’s hair is soft and fluffy to touch, non-oily, and light as the cotton flower. Gentle brushing three or four times a week with a special pin brush (without balls at the end of the pins which tear and damage the coat) will help alleviate matting that can occur especially behind the ears, legs and elbow region. Because of minimal shedding and no dander, the Coton is a good choice for people with allergies. A Coton is considered “hypoallergenic.” But that’s not panacea for all!


Games they love…
Cotons enjoy a good game of catch and any activity that encourages them to engage in the use of their curious and sharp mental skills. They love the opportunity to learn something new and fun.


Healthy breed…
A well-bred Coton is relatively a healthy dog. As with all animals, they do have genetic issues, but no single issue is widespread throughout the breed. Testing of parents for patella, heart, and eye certifications help assure the good  health of the puppy.


On a concluding note…
A Coton de Tulear is an extraordinary breed. Please carefully research your breeder to insure the quality of temperament, health and beauty that you should expect from a well bred Coton.


(Eileen Boyer Narieka is a member of the Breed Education Committee of the United States of America Coton de Tulear Club, AKC Parent Breed Club. She as been actively involved with Cotons for over 16 years. Her achievements include owner, breeder handler of top Cotons in Rare Breed Show Systems and Coton de Tulear Clubs in USA).