Fun at Canine Fest 2011

Canine Fest 2011 organised by Pet Club India in collaboration with Max Vets multispecialty hospital and German Shepherd Club, Delhi on 24th December 2011 in New Delhi was meant to pamper pets with loads of playful activities including a fashion show in which they got the chance to socialise and enjoy all day long!


Pooches need activities to keep them busy. In case of failing to direct them to appropriate activities and keep their mind stimulated, any intelligent and healthy dog will eventually find things to do on his own. “Normal dog behaviours including chewing, jumping, digging, chasing, etc should be redirected into appropriate activities. This was the objective of Canine Fest 2011,” said Karan & Kunal of Max Vets and Pet Club India.

Socialisation begins early…

Socialisation starts between 3-12 weeks and it is a continuous process. It helps our pooches learn to relate to different people, dogs and others through direct experiences. “If you make trust and openness, your puppy’s foundation will benefit him in all his future interactions,” told Karan & Kunal. It determines the personality of your dog and helps your dog become happy, healthy and well-behaved member of your family.

Lack of socialisation in India…

In India, there are no puppy schools and very few places where dogs can go and interact with other dogs and people. “It is very common sight to see dogs lunging at each other while walking,” said Karan & Kunal. “Canine Fest is such an event which helps in bridging this gap and getting pets and people close. Such activities also keep behavioural problems at bay,” they added.


Socialisation activities involving games help our dogs increase their level of obedience; control their aggressiveness; experiment different things in life; and most of all, an opportunity for competitive games and so on.

Fun at the event…

Various activities and games at Canine Fest 2011 enthralled the pets and their pet parents encouraging them to spend quality time together.

Game you can play…

“Socialisation can be taught at home in the form of a game,” told Karan & Kunal. They suggest to call your pet friendly friends to play Musical Canine.

  • Pet parents to run in a circle along with their respective pets when music starts.
  • As soon as the music stops, pet parents to instruct their dogs to sit.
  • Doggies who do not sit are disqualified.
  • You can do the same with chairs where pet parents have to sit on the chairs.
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