Groomer’s Glory

Manvi is certified dog groomer and stylist graduated from Nash Academy in Lexington. She runs Wag n Wash in Pune. They offer services like oral, eye, ear, foot and sanitary cares as well as deshedding, skin and coat treatments.

Groomer Glory


  1. Grooming also is a bonding process for you and your dog. It soothes your dog and it’s a known fact that stroking your dog will lower your own blood pressure.
  2. Get your puppy accustomed to grooming early in life. Begin gradually by handling your puppy often, touching its ears and paws gently. Start with short grooming sessions and reward your pup with treats so it associates handling these areas with pleasant outcomes.
  3. By grooming your dog on a regular basis you can usually find any skin growths or hot spots before they become large and a problem
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