Jadu: Your magic is missing!

I go to gym every evening at 6 pm. One day I noticed a black-coloured stray dog sitting outside the door of theRemembrance gym. I named him Jadu. One evening I found him surprisingly missing from where he used to sit regularly. I asked the gym receptionist about the dog’s whereabouts. He said that a car hit him. I searched around and finally found him crying in pain at a corner of the road. With the help of the receptionist, I took him in my car to a vet who examined and told that the dog has fractured his hip bone. The vet gave him some tablets and advised me to feed the dog mutton soup. That’s how my friendship with Jadu strengthened. Since then, I brought mutton soup and dog biscuits everyday for him and his injury improved. He resumed his normal way of running and jumping. He started recognising my car’s horn and came to greet me every evening. He sat at the gym’s doorway, waiting for my workout to get over. He understood the word ‘race’ and used to run along with me upto my car. But today, Jadu is no longer sitting at the door of the gym. He got hit by a car again and I have lost Jadu forever. I miss you a lot Jadu!

–Kriti Kapur, Delhi

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