Just do it – RIGHT!

Time to do the right thing and most importantTIME to say NO!Shweta

As pet parents, we often go overboard in pampering our pooches. In our attempt to make them look smart and trendy, we dress them up with spectacles or human clothes. Though they may look cute and make up for some sweet pictures, they are actually very uncomfortable in human dressing.


Another major mistake we do is to give them a human treat – especially chocolates…they are overtly harmful to your pooch.


Some even go to the extent of spraying them with their favourite perfume, which is not at all suitable for them. Remember they are not humans and they do not need human things.


And that’s not all. We even treat them like humans. We hug them, which most of the dogs dislike. We confuse them by not giving the specific commands and then expecting them to understand us. They can sense our body language – dogs know when you are happy and when you are sad. Another thing which they dislike is being patted on head/face. It disturbs them.


As pet parents, we would have come across situations where we want our pooches to meet and greet strangers. Let them become comfortable and then introduce them.


Whenever you go for a walk with your pooch, let him smell and explore his surroundings. He loves to do that…do not pull his leash every time he stops to smell something. Give him time…he appreciates it.


Just to summarise the points, there are many more….
Say NO to dressing your dog – with spectacles or human clothes.
Say NO to chaining your dog
Say NO to giving chocolates to them
Say NO to abandoning your dog
Say NO to table scraps
Say NO to throwing Holi colour on them
Say NO to cruelty towards strays….


Your pooch has a short life and he deserves your love in return of the unconditional love, loyalty and faithfulness he bestows on you. Let’s equip ourselves with the right knowledge to do the right things with our beloved pooches.


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Happy Pet Parenting!