Just fur Fun | Jan Feb 10

All About My Buddy:

My Name is: Mira Rajput

My Buddy’s Names is: Google

My Buddy’s Breed is: Labrador

My Buddy’s Age is: 7.5 Weeks

My Buddy’s Weight is: 6 kg fatty

My Buddy is : Male

My Buddy’s Colour: Golden White

My Buddy’s Favourite Treats : He’s a dog ! He likes all kinds of food, especially my other dog’s meal.(Whatever it is).

My Buddy’s Favourite Game: He loves running after anything that moves, like chunnies, My dog’s tail and even the pochchas.

My Buddy’s First Love: Jenny, he met her at the vet.

My Buddy’s characteristics that make them so lovable: He’s so small yet so handsome.

Celebrity my Buddy Resembles: He’s celeb himself!

Character Certificate to my Buddy: Googlie Woogly Woosh & Cute Pie!

Songs to Dedicate to My Buddy : The cuppycake song – you’re my honey bum, sugar plum

BUDDy and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of Activities We Like Doing the Most : Playing soccer with his plastic toy!

What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Lying around and eating

What is the Best Tricks I Have Taught him : He’s too cute to be trained!

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