Just Fur Fun l May-June 2014

All you kiddies out there, we would love to know more about you and your dog. Do write in your poems, short stories or anecdotes of your loving doggy and see them splash here. Here is the checklist of information we would love to have, e-mail it to us at: info@dogsandpups.net

All About My Buddy:

Just Fur Fun

Shuchita Bhardwaj

My Name is: Shuchita Bhardwaj
My Buddy’s Name is: Duke
My Buddy’s Breed is: Labrador
My Buddy is: Male
My Buddy’s Age is:Three years
My Buddy’s Favourite Treat:Choostix
My Buddy’s First Love: ‘Snowy’
My Buddy’s Funniest Habit: To chase laser dot.
My  Buddy’s  Character Certificate Will Say:Born Duke

(Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing The Most: Playing football and chasing bubbles.
What We Indulge on Sundays: Go for ride in Duke’s favourite car Verna
What is the Best Trick I have Taught Him:Saying ‘Sorry’