Just fur Fun | March April 10

All About My Buddy:

My Name is: Shanmugan S

My Buddies’ Names are: Jenny & Scooby

My Buddies’ Breeds are: Labrador Retriever & Doberman Pinscher

My Buddies’ Ages are: 4 Yrs (Jenny) & 3.5 Yrs (Scooby)

My Buddies are : Female (Jenny) & Male (Scooby)

My Buddies’ Colours are: White (Jenny) & Black & Brawn (Scooby)

My Buddies’ Favourite Treats : Biscuits & Ice Cream

My Buddies’ Funniest Habits : They keep running all around me when I return… from office

My Buddies’ First Love: It’s me for Jenny & mom for Scooby

Celebrities my Buddies’ Resemble: Manisha Koirala (Jenny) & Vijay (Scooby)

Character Certificates to my Buddies : Jenny : Very adorable and Scooby : very naughty and darling

BUDDY and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of Activities We Like Doing the Most : Playing, walking, jumping and Jenny loves to bathe

What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Playing in the lawn

What is the Best Tricks I Have Taught them : Fetch the ball, hide & seek and fetch the bone

just fur fun

Jenny (Left) & Scooby (Right)

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