Just fur Fun | July Aug 08

All you kiddies out there, we would love to know more about you and your dog. Do write in your poems, short stories or anecdotes of your loving doggy and see them splash here. Here’s the checklist of information we would love to have.

Just Fur Fun!All about my buddy :

My Name is: Meghana Pampapathi

My Buddy’s Name: Krish

My Buddy’s Breed: Lhasa Apso

My Buddy’s Age: 9 months

My Buddy is: Male

My Buddy’s favourite treats: Dog chews

My Buddy’s funniest habit: When I, my mum and sister dry his fur using a hair dryer after bath, he tries to bite the air coming out of the hair dryer!.

My Buddy’s first love: Food, treats, me and more treats!

My Buddy and food: Pedigree

Celebrity my Buddy resembles the most: Hmmm…. not sure he’s unique!

Your character certificate to Buddy will say: Extremely loving, playful, amazing, naughty and excellent guard dog!!

A song you would like to dedicate for your buddy: Who let the dogs out!

BUDDY and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of activity we like doing the most: Sleeping, playing tug-of-war and of course eating!

What both of us indulge doing on most Sundays: Playing with each other

What is the best trick I have taught them: Hmmm… nothing as yet!