Just Fur Fun! | July Aug 10

All About My Buddy:

My Name is: Rosh

My Buddies’ Names Are: Nikki, Bruno & Renee

My Buddies’ Breed is Labrador Retrievers

My Buddies’ Colour is: Fawn

My Buddies’ Age Are: 5 Years (Nikki), 3 Years (Bruno) & 3 Years (Renee)

My Buddies’ Favourite Treats: They love to gorge on chew sticks & Ice Cream

My Buddies’ Funniest Habits: Every night after dinner they are the first ones to book their place on the bed which leaves me totally confused.

My Buddies’ First Love: Any day it’s me even though everyone at home loves three of them.

My Buddies’ Foods: They love anything made with chicken and simply adore any kind of fruits.

Celebrities My Buddies Resemble: They are the best celebrities around the house

Character Certificates to My Buddies Will Say: Always playful (Nickki & Bruno), Very very caring (Renee)

A Song Dedicated to My Buddies: Any song dedicated to friends’ Coz I love them so much

BUDDIES and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of Activities We Like Doing the Most: Playing outside with tha ball and goimng for the walks

What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Going for long drives in car with their heads held outside the windows

What is the Best Tricks I Have Taught Them: They are too cute to be trained

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