Just fur fun! l Mar-Apr 2009

All about my buddy
My Name is: Tanmay Kulkarni
My Buddy’s Name: Jhunnu
My Buddy’s Breed: Samyoed
My Buddy’s Age:2 Years
My Buddy is: Female
My Buddy’s favourite treats: Everything that’s Delicious
My Buddy’s first love: All yummy food items
Celebrity my Buddy resembles the most: Tuntun (Uma Devi)
Your character certificate to Buddy will say: A combination of beauty and wisdom
A song you would like to dedicate for your buddy: Mukhda chand ka tukda

BUDDY and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of activity we like doing the most: Playing and eating

What both of us indulge doing on most Sundays: Playing together

What is the best trick I have taught her: come here seat down and shake hand