Just Fur Fun l Mar-Apr-2015


Zo-Zo and Tigher

All About My Buddy

My Name is: Deepanshi Mishra
My Buddies’ Names are: Zo-Zo and Tiger
My Buddies’ Breeds are: Pug and German Shepherd
My Buddies’ Ages are: 3 years & 7 months and 2 years
My Buddies’ First Love: Me, my mother and my aunt to whom Zo-Zo and Tiger are like their children.
My Buddies’ Character Certificates Will Say: For Zo-Zo who thinks he is very smart and nobody will ever come to know about his pranks – ‘Naughty, fruit lover and very cute.’ For Tiger – ‘Innocent, intelligent, faithful, smart and very loving.’


My Buddies’ Funniest Habits: When Zo-Zo sees his favourite food in plate he is into ghapad-ghapad (gorging on it so fast so that he can get more of it). And sometimes when he poops at home he quickly comes to his basket and pretends as if he has not done anything.
Tiger is a quite boy but when both of them are together he always licks Zo-Zo. In fact, Zo-Zo is very small in size than Tiger, so he gets totally wet after getting licked by his brother and consequently we have to give him bath right then.
BUDDY AND ME (Few of our favourite things)



What We Indulge on Sundays: Bathing which they don’t like, going for a walk and spending quality time together.
What is the Best Trick I have Taught Them: I haven’t taught Zo-Zo any trick, it comes naturally to him. Whenever I say, “Zo-Zo le (Zo-Zo take this), he thinks that I’ll be giving him something (food or gift), so he comes running to me. For Tiger, whenever somebody teases me and I call, “Tiger bachao (Tiger help), he barks at that person (teaser), no matter he/she is a family member or someone else.