Just fur fun l Nov-Dec 2010

All About My Buddy:
My Name is: Alena
My Buddy’s Name is: Mischief
My Buddy’s Breed is:Pug
My Buddy’s Colour is: Fawn with black highlights
My Buddy’s Age is: 4 years
My Buddy’s Favourite Treat:Banana
My Buddy’s Funniest Habits:He tries to bite and nibble my ear
My Buddy’s First Love: Only me
My Buddy’s Foods: Roti and fruits
Character Certificate to My Buddy Will Say:Sleepy head but loving
BUDDy and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of activities we like doing the most: He loves to sleep by my side as I sing for him
What we indulge doing on Sundays:Sleep
What is the best tricks I have taught him: To bite my grandfather’s socks!