Just Fur Fun l Nov-Dec-2014

All About My Buddy

Varun with Simba

Varun with Simba

My Name is: Varun
My Buddy’s Name is: Simba
My Buddy’s Breed is: Labrador
My Buddy is: Male
My Buddy’s Age is: Eight Month
My Buddy’s Colour is: Fawn
My Buddy’s Favourite Treats: Nutribix treat biscuits
My Buddy’s First Love: Honey – a female Golden Labrador
My Buddy’s Character Certificate Will Say: Cute friendly, playful and obedient
A Song Dedicated to My Buddy: ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the movie The Lion King


(Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing The Most: Rides on Activa, car drives, playing fetch and run, training him and sleeping
What We Indulge on Sundays: Everyday is sunday for us
What is the Best Trick I have Taught Him: ‘Say sorry and ask’, He looks so cute when he asks for something.