Just fur fun l Sep-Oct 2009

All About My Buddy:
My Name is:Bronessa Das
My Buddy’s Names is: Bruna
My Buddy’s Breed is:Labrador
My Buddy’s Age is: One year
My Buddy is : Female She is adorable
My Buddy’s Favourite Treats :Bread and Pedigree food
My Buddy’s Funniest Habit: Always tries to catch her tail and has a fancy for cats
My Buddy’s First Love : My mother and me
Celebrity my Buddy Resembles the Most : Underdog
Character Certificate to My Buddy will Say : Playful and greedy
A Song to Dedicate to My Buddy :How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
BUDDy and ME: (Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing the Most : Playing with the ball
What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Racing together
What is the Best Trick I Have Taught her : To catch the ball with two hind legs