Just Fur Fun l Mar-Apr 2014

All About My Buddy:
My Name is: Pramit Kumar Dash
My Buddy’s Name is: Prince
My Buddy’s Breed is: German Shepherd
My Buddy is: Male
My Buddy’s Colour is:Black and tar
My Buddy’s Age is:Four years
My Buddy’s Favourite Treats: Ice cream and anything made of chicken.
My Buddy’s First Love: My parents – papa & mama.
My Buddy’s Funniest Habits: He takes a ball and runs away from us and turns back to see whether anyone is after him. If somebody is approaching him, he runs like an express train and plays hide & seek with us. Further, when he hears any new sound, his head and ears are alerted like a robot for encounter.
My  Buddy’s  Character Certificate Will Say: Very playful, naughty and intelligent.
(Few of our favourite things)
List of Activities We Like Doing The Most: Spending time together to play, watch TV and working.

What We Indulge on Sundays: We go for long walks, eating and sleeping.
What is the Best Trick I have Taught Him: To find out anything, catching ball, crawling and salute.