Just fur Fun | Sep Oct 10

All About My Buddy:

just fur fun

Gold and Dolly

My Name is: Neha Kanchan

My Buddies’ Names Are: Gold and Dolly

My Buddies’ Breed is Labrador Retrievers and German Spitz

My Buddies’ Age Are: 1 Year (Gold) & 1.3 Years (Dolly)

My Buddies’ Are: Male (Gold) & Female (Dolly)

My Buddies’ Colours are Golden (Gold) and White (Dolly)

My Buddies’ Favourite Treats: Biscuits and Curd

My Buddies’ Funniest Habits: They keep running all around me while I am doing any work

My Buddies’ First Love: It’s me for both Gold and Dolly

Character Certificates to My Buddies Gold very adorable and dolly very naughty and my sweetheart

BUDDIES and ME: (Few of our favourite things)

List of Activities We Like Doing the Most: Playing, walking and jumping and Gold loves to take a bath

What We Indulge Doing on Sundays: Playing with toys and of course eathing!!

What is the Best Tricks I Have Taught Them: Fetch the ball and the bone

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