Kainaz Motivala

Kainaz MotivalaKainaz Motivala has been seen in popular Bollywood movies like Ragini MMS, Wake Up Sid and Paathshaala. Here is the animal welfare sentiment of this aspiring actress…

Kainaz Motivala, a model, aspired to become a journalist but eventually switched to acting. Besides, she is a published writer, and above all, an animal lover too! Woof! Surely a multifaceted personality.

Pooch love…

Kainaz is not just an avid animal lover, she has been passionately serving the furry angels too. She has adopted around 100 dogs from her locality, who she feeds and also takes good care of these pariahs’ health, vaccination and hygiene. And she loves doing all this. “I think I have been in love with these animals, especially dogs, ever since I was a kid. My mom is also an animal lover and I think she passed that down to me. I grew up in a small town, where people had lots of animals: dogs, goats and chickens and I always found that very interesting,” she said.

Though she has a great compassion for animals, surprisingly, she doesn’t have one at home…but she really wants to have one…. “I want to do work that I believe in and it is my plan to get myself a little puppy on my birthday,” she told. It would indeed be a sight to see her as a proud pet parent!

What inspires her…

Her unconditional love for pariahs is so strong that helps her to weather all odds. “There are people who don’t like animals and don’t understand basic animal behaviour. They disapprove of the things we do to help these animals in need. I’ve got into problems with some people because of this, but it doesn’t deter me at all,” added Kainaz.

She feels highly motivated by the fact that animals give ten times the amount of love we give them. This feeling has provided a spark to her compassion for animal welfare and she started her own initiative to help street animals, and she shared, “I haven’t done half as much as I’d like to, but I do try to help out in my own little way. I’ve volunteered at WSD (The Welfare of Stray Dogs) and I try to raise awareness about the work animal welfare NGOs do. I along with other residents of my complex take care of stray dogs in our society by feeding, bathing and getting them medical attention when required.”

The unconditional love…

Being a celebrity, how does she manage to steal time to follow her passion for animal welfare? “It doesn’t take too much time to show your affection towards an animal. Even a pat on the back earns you a lot of brownie points in doggie world. And being with them also acts as a stress buster for me. We lways find time for things that make us happy and being with dogs is that thing for me,” she replied. “They ooze so much love and can always uplift my mood. And I love their energy, sensitivity and playfulness. They just love me unconditionally, no matter what,” she added.

Games she plays with pooches…

“I love to play ‘Catch’ with them and they love my company as well. Together we have a lot of fun,” she told. On a lighter note, she added, “My friend’s Lab is probably the laziest dog in the world, but when you sing ‘Happy Birthday’ he’s by your side in a flash because in his mind, there’s a direct association between the song and cake. And I just burst into spells of laughter…every time we sing Happy Birthday.”

Tips for readers…

“I would just like to appeal to people to show more love and empathy towards animals. There are so many animals in need of help all the time. If you can’t provide a home to them, at least try to feed them or provide them with medical attention when required and you will have a true friend for life,” she concluded.

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