Kps way to Bust Shedding

Pets shed old, damaged or extra hair from their coat, which sometimes becomes a problem for pet parents. Here’s how to take care of shedding problem:

  • Regular grooming: It is very important to groom your pet regularly. Brushing his hair daily can make his coat soft and clean and less likely to shed. Bathe him as and when required.
  • Choose the right brush: For brushing your pet’s coat, choose a brush specifically designed for the type of coat he has.
  • Proper nutrition: A dull lifeless coat means that your pooch is not getting proper nutrition. Contact our vet for his breed-specific, age-specific nutrition needs.
  • Beware of ticks and fleas: Regular grooming will also help you identify skin infestations. Contact your vet for any infestations.
  • Regular check-ups: Take your pooch for his regular veterinary check-ups.
  • Keeping the place clean: A tape roller can be used for removing hair from surfaces.
  • Vacuum your house: Frequent vacuuming will help you to keep your house hair-free.


Kps way to Bust Shedding
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